Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War Crack Plus Activator

Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War All is not quiet on the Western Front in 1917 high above the trenches and scarred No Man’s Land the sound of piston engines can be heard, the chatter of machine guns fill the air and the bark of flak bursts echo across the countryside. During the First World War a new breed of warrior emerged, reminiscent of the Knights of old, inspired by chivalry and pushed to their limits by modern technology, they fought a new kind of war an air war. Welcome to Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War. [777 Studios]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 79 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1781
Genre Simulation, Flight, WWI, Combat
Company / Developer
777 Studios / neoqb
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Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War reviews ( 7 )

Yammo, Sep 7, 2013

After a dodgy release... 777 Studios have kept working on their product and have ended up with what I think is THE best Flight Simulator on the market to date. Operating word here is "Simulator" It is not an arcade game, so don't even for a second think that you will get anything out of this masterpiece without a joystick. While I do find the graphics in Rise of Flight to be absolutely stunning for a flight-simulator it is the flight model and physics of the simulator that makes me love it. A single tear in somewhere on the plane will change the characteristics of the plane... If you like simulators this is a must have... Even though I prefer the WWII planes, I enjoy just flying around in the beautiful world that 777 studios has created. Preferably you should have the full setup with: - Joystick (Force feedback recommended) - Track IR (Natural Point, Freetrack, Face Noir, etc) - Rudderpedals (Not essential but will help a lot) Background: I have controlled a Piper single prop for real a few times and I am a long time simulator fan flying great simulations as: - IL2 Sturmovik 1946 (Stunning simulation for its time, that holds even today) - Microsoft Flight Simulator (Great for IFR but flight model isn't great) - DCS Black Shark & A10

PatrickAWilson, Sep 6, 2013

The best WWI flight sim out there. So many details. Beautiful planes, flight model, and so many details. Fly either single or two seaters. Two seater missions as never before. Call in artillery. Fly armed escorts. And, of course PWCG. What's not to love:). (Visit the forum and this will make sense). It's not quite perfect yet. A few more planes, a few more tweaks and it will be there. This is a sim for true flight sim lovers. It is not casual, so don't expect to play it with a mouse. But f you like flight sims and you like your action up close and personal, nothing beats it.

EdwardR, Apr 24, 2011

Rise of Flight is a first rate flight sim and probably the best all around World War One sim currently available. The graphics are outstanding, and the developer has included a number of scaling options to fit a wide range of PCs. Any standard joystick will work fine for controls. The flight model is very good, with each airplane having its own unique personality - none feels generic. Overall, Rise of Flight recreates the sense of flight better than any sim I've ever played. Just flying the planes is great fun. With a new campaign mode scheduled for the next (free!) update, Rise of Flight is a worthy successor to Red Baron. NOTE: The DRM system has changed substantially since the early reviews. Apart from logging on to install the game, download updates, or change your in-game profile (the nationality of your pilot), the game can be played entirely offline. I go weeks without ever logging on to the server; there's absolutely no need to for day-to-day single-player play.

Joris, Sep 5, 2013

Rise of Flight offers the purest propsim flying that you can find. You find yourself high up in the air in a wood and canvas biplane, with a very basic engine humming in front of you, ready to perform deadly combat where you can see your opponent's white in the eyes. The sim was released in 2009 with just 4 planes, and it has come a very very long way since then, it has been improved in ever possible way. There is a lot of DLC available, but even the free to play version at riseofflight.com is breeming with content that will last you weeks if not months. The amount of fidelity you get in flight models, graphics and game modes is unparallelled. And you can experience it without having to spend a penny, so there's no reason not to be your own judge on it!

vongrube, Aug 26, 2012

I have ROF, and I am here to tell you WITHOUT A DOUBT that the Fokker Dr1 flight model is NOT accurate! And before you say "how would you know that?" , let me just say... Because I own one! I am the owner of a full size Fokker Dr1 Triplane that I have been flight testing for the past three months. Look up "vongrube" on YouTube and you can watch my flight videos. The ROF Dr1 flight model is horrible! Watch my videos. You don't see the nose pitching up and down, or the plane skittering all over the sky. If my plane acted that way on the first test flight, I would probably not have survived the experience. Granted...my plane IS touchy, and unstable...just like the original. But no where close to what ROF depicts! In 35 years as a fixed wing and helicopter pilot I have NEVER flown any aircraft that flies the way ROF depicts their triplane! I wish these game designers would actually sit down with REAL pilots of these classic planes and interview them intensly. Then, allow them to fly the simulator and listen to their input. If you really want to know how a plane flies, talk to an actual pilot OF that plane. Stop taking second, third, and fourth hand stories from magazines and books, and then try to interpret the meanings. There are plenty of pilots who fly actual and replica warbirds out there (including myself) who would be more than willing to help out with an accurate flight model simulation.

SimonF, Aug 28, 2009

Compared to Over Flanders Fields...this sucks! Buying additional aircraft, being logged onto Russian Servers,..little in the way of atmospherics...I feel cheated!

minijedimaster, Dec 27, 2013

I think this developer gets the most greedy award for 2013. That's saying a lot considering who they compete against for said award (EA, Ubisoft etc). As of this writing this game is on a flash sale on Steam for 75% off. If I were to purchase this game at that discount with all of it's "DLC's" it would cost me $60. That's at 75% off. why do people support devs who act like this? Boggles the mind.