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Rise of Incarnates A free-to-play action game blending fighting and shooting in a 2v2 battle arena. Feel a rush of power as you awaken latent character abilities and string together combos, all while working strategically with your partner to dominate opponents.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 69 / 100
User rating
Downloads 812
Genre Action, General
Company / Developer
Bandai Namco Games / Bandai Namco Games

Rise of Incarnates reviews ( 4 )

Predator_GK13, Jul 29, 2015

Love this game got totally hooked on it right away its way underrated, fighting genre lovers should definitely try it out. I don't think you can find any other fighting game like it on PC, its gameplay is original, each character has amazing moves you will have a hard time choosing your character because of it and the 2v2 is what makes this game so amazing. Another great thing about this game is that it has 3 type of modes single player, coop and multiplayer so when you are in mood to play alone you can play vs bots and improve your skills while if you want to improve your tag team skills play against bots with you friend coop and once you think you are ready to face some competition start playing multiplayer mode, you will never get bored while playing it even when you playing single player vs bots its fun in its own way.

Xcite, Jul 28, 2015

This will be the first review on Metacritic for this game, and since this game is much better than is advertised (both on Steam reviews and Metacritic "critic" reviews), I feel it deserves a solid user review. This game is a lot of fun and extremely competitive; while the controls do not seem intuitive at first, you will quickly adapt and be a fighting machine in no time. Pros: - Competitive - Strategy/Team -oriented - Solid graphics/visuals with jaw-dropping abilities - Characters are "free-to-play" for first two weeks, and then can be purchased with in-game currency afterward - First character is free with 2 characters being "free" on a weekly rotation basis - Skill based on timing/prediction rather than raw button-mashing combos that leave you unable to have precise control over your character Cons: - Feels "clunky" with a keyboard/mouse; controller is highly recommended - Currently has small community as of this review; the more people that play, the better the game will get -- the sky is the limit This is really a game that deserves much more attention than it is currently getting. BANDAI NAMCO has never been the king of advertisement, but they have put out some stellar games in the past that really show unlimited potential -- this game is one of those games. Please give this game a few hours of your time if the trailers interest you at all. You might find exactly the type of fighter/arena game you've been looking for. =)

Kail, Jul 28, 2015

At first, I was very skeptical about Rise of Incarnates. However, my skepticism was quickly washed away within a few battles against other players. The battles are fast paced and more tactically challenging then almost all other fighting games you can find. Additionally, the 2v2 coordination, battle music, and combat mechanics all work well together to give a very satisfying victory after a difficult confrontation. The reviews on Steam have not been updated by players during early access, due to its initial pay model. Now, almost everything can be earned in the game without much hassle. The only cash shop items you have to pay for are costumes for your characters. 9/10 until the character lineup, battlegrounds, and custom matchmaking are explored further.

Hardycore, Jul 28, 2015

After some start up trouble, the game really starts to shine. Rise of incarnates is a game I haven't experienced before. In Japan they have the gundam series; the origins from Rise of Incarnates, but here there isn't really a game like this. It mostly is a hack 'n slasher. You fight against two human players, with a teammate on your side. Communication and cooperation is a must, if you want to win. Sure, you can both just fight whoever gets nearby (which is what usually happens), but to play effectively you really need to work together. For instance, there are tag combos: one of the players does an attack that throws an opponent into the air. The other player can finish this with a unique move. Other than tag combos, it is also important to keep an eye on your teammate, both opponents and the battlefield. If your teammate is getting combod, you need to hit the opponent so you can save him from more damage. The fighting it self feels like devil may cry. You're locked onto an opponent at all times and depending on the direction of your movement stick/key + melee attack button you do a different attack, There also is an ultimate, two special moves and awakening. Some character have even more. Each special move but every melee/ranged move as well is very different, making every character unique. Some are characters that fight up close. Others fight at range. There are those who are good at running around, dodging everything and striking unexpectedly, and those who just don't give a damn and jump into the fight. The game got some bad reviews, because you had to pay money for each new character at first. Luckily this has been removed and each one you can now get with LP, an ingame currency. Getting LP is easy; just play the game and you'll get there fast enough. Within a few days you should be able to get all characters, with all the boost available. Personally, I believe this game to be the next big game. Among the likes of League of Legends, even. However, the game is still very new and does have issues. One of which is the matchmaking, You're matched with players that are so far apart it doesn''t get interesting at all. As a level 20 rank (practically the highest rank) you can get matched against level 1. This isn't fun for either. As if this isn't bad enough, there is also the issue of points given after having won a match. If the game is terribly laggy, or your teammate is afk, or whatever the reason may be, and you lose against those level 1, you lose 32 points. Winning a match gets you 1 point and you get practically 1 point every single match. This makes leveling a pain and doesn't feel very rewarding. Other than this, the game has some more issues. Still, the game is very fun and extremely addicting. If you like hack 'n slashers and think yourself to be good at games: give rise of incarnates a try!