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Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends evolves the franchise's trademark features such as borders, large-scale battles and city-building in innovative ways. Players are able to transform small villages into powerful civilizations and lead vast fantasy armies into strategic battles using formations, unit control and heroic abilities to destroy the enemy. The popular Conquer the World (CTW) Campaign returns in Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends with exciting updates. The new CTW Campaign guides players through a new world of heroes, monsters, loyalty and betrayal. Gamers follow a story through multiple campaigns with fascinating subplots and heroic characters. The campaigns immerse players in an ever-changing three-dimensional world with terrain and cities that evolve as civilizations grow. [Microsoft]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 86 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2034
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Fantasy, General
Players 8 Online
Company / Developer
Microsoft Game Studios / Big Huge Games

Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends reviews ( 3 )

Dan, May 17, 2006

What is Gamezone talking about? the factions aren't different enough? What similarity is there between flying battleships and muskets; magic,swords, and bows; and Egyptian dudes with laser beams and shields? Answer: none. By the way, I think that the developers of the game are watching Sci-Fi's Stargate series, because the Egyptians w/lasers race is just like the Goa'uld. Both races have used their uber-tech to set themselves up as gods for the the other races, and their cultures are similar to the ancient Egyptians. Awesomely diverse. Each race uses an entirely different unit set and strategy.

JG, Aug 18, 2008

In my opinion this game, that came and went like a flash, is a good successor to Microsoft's Rise of & Age of games. It truly combines the best features of all of them. It answers the question of, "What if Rome never fell, and Leonado had become the great inventor -- rather than Edison or Newton, etc.?" It answers the question of "What if the Age of Mythology existed & never ended?" Finally, it answers the question of, "What if we add some aliens into the mix?" Rise of Legends has gameplay that is very similar to Rise of Nations. It continues to use the concept of national borders. When enemy units cross these borders, they suffer attrition. In addition, one can't normally build any buildings outside these borders. This should be familiar to those that have played Rise of Nations. However, Rise of Nations also adds in a town center system similar to Age of Mythology's where you are only allowed to build a city after occupying an existing city. All cities not occupied by enemies or allies are guarded by neutral parties. In some cases, you can buy the allegiance of these neutral sites. In addition to cities there are also other types of neutral sites that have various benefits to your nation when captured. Another aspect of Age of Mythology that was incorporated into this game is that each civilization has three unique heroes that can be summoned during gameplay. If you play the campaigns, you might have even more than that at your disposal. The final aspect of the game that was borrowed from the "Age of" series, are some well written campaigns. There are three campaigns that have multiple scenarios, and a story in the background -- along with a final goal. Like Rise of Nations, you choose your scenarios from a larger world map. Unlike Rise of Nations, a story was developed that guides you through the map. The result is that each game has familiar characters -- even the "random map" games. There is enough variety in the technologies that you could play the same game over again a few times, and it wouldn't necessarily turn out the same. For one civilization in particular, you have to choose from three different technologies when you upgrade. You can only choose one. Random map games are also made more interesting, because occasionally, the map will be rotated. Not only might you start in a different location on the map, the orientation might also be different when you begin playing. I know this game is a little old now, but it is a game that I have found to be enjoyable, and I continue to find it enjoyable. The campaigns are nice, and they have some interesting cut-scenes. The story would probably never make it to the theater, but it is good for a computer game. It's enough to sustain the game and give one an excuse to keep playing, in my opinion.

imperialblade, Oct 3, 2013

it is an awful game compared to the other ron games the only good thing about him was his graphics but all the other aspects of the game ar just some garbage it doesn't compare to the gameplay from ron throne and patriots it is a waste of time