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Rise of Prussia Rise of Prussia is the latest release from AGEOD, and is a follow-up to their successful historical strategy games Birth of America, American Civil War, Napoleon's Campaigns, and Wars in America. Rise of Prussia covers the European campaigns of the Seven Years’ War (1756-1763). [Paradox Interactive]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 56 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1206
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Historic, General
Company / Developer
Paradox Interactive / AGEOD
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Rise of Prussia reviews ( 2 )

Acidbath420, Aug 30, 2011

The learning curve can be a bit daunting, so maybe it wasn't casual enough for the reviewers. A very solid and deep turn based strategy game that takes place during the 7 years war.cmon reviewers, suggesting Empire total war over this? suggesting Empire Total War for any reason at all, really?!? E:TW has been a broken piece of **** since it was launched and will never be officially fixed by CA.LOL, just... lol.

SOE_88, Sep 18, 2011

"Napoleon: Total War or even Empire: Total War do what Rise of Prussia does, but better..."How a reviewer with even the slightest clue about strategy games could make this comparison is beyond all reason and common sense. The only vague similarity between (at least with) Empire Total War and Rise of Prussia is the period setting. Now, I enjoy the Total War games just like the next guy, so please don't consider me prejudice.Rise of Prussia is not difficult to grasp...unless that is you expect triangle, square, circle and "x" to have it all covered. There are three tutorials which took me about fifteen minutes to run through and by then I had enough of an idea to know how to play the game. It couldn't be easier.Here is a game which, unlike Empire Total War, doesn't attempt to do and be everything. Players are only concerned with manoeuvring troops, building forts if you see fit, constructing supply depots as march further into the fog of war and fighting the enemy. That's it. This really isn't the grognard-only, inaccessible game the critic's opposite have unfairly made it out to be.Empire (if the online multiplayer is anything to go by) is about custom battles with half a stack of artillery and getting pissed at your opponent for ignoring the house rules. Rise of Prussia is about moving the pieces into place and beating an AI enemy, which is smart enough to brush aside the Xbox kids who ruin Total War multiplayer for the rest of us.This is strategy where strategy is actually required to win. Total War (as much fun as they are) is a "strategy" game where no strategy is required, just a few elite units...and if that somehow fails, reloading those handy automatically saved games.