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Rise of the Argonauts Rise of the Argonauts immerses gamers in a gladiatorial adventure, set in wondrously imagined vision of ancient Greece. With deep exploration and epic quests, players live a life of brutal combat as they lead a team of iconic warriors - including Jason, Hercules and Atalanta - through a world ruled by mythological gods. [Codemasters]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 61 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1597
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Company / Developer
Codemasters / Liquid Entertainment

Rise of the Argonauts reviews ( 7 )

Oberrill, Apr 21, 2014

Great voice acting. Meaningful conversations which produce semi-accurate to accurate glimpses of Greek mythology. Graphics are high quality for the time and better than a lot of games produced now. The game is quite linear when moving but that is common to this style of game. The combat, with a few exceptions, is pretty easy. I consider this a plus because it allows a larger audience to enjoy the game. For those who might complain about the lack of challenge it can be made more challenging simply by fighting as if Jason is really you and doing your best to avoid any injury. This will require the player to use strategy and all the moves available. The stories in the game are interesting and well-written. This would be a good game even without combat. Give this game a try.

chatins, Mar 6, 2014

This game was ahead of its time. Critics seemed to have taken the high production values for granted. This is an epic tale worth exploring for the story alone. The artwork is amazing. Very few bugs. Great voice acting. If anyone was to make a game to explore Greek mythology today the game would probably not make money.

Deracial, Oct 31, 2014

Really interesting game, if only for the progression mechanics. You dedicate feats to the a god and gain skill in that god's skill tree. Very well planned and implemented. The story is interesting if a little predictable. The voice acting is very good and the set pieces and locations are beautifully drawn and animated. I really got the sense I was in a much larger world. The game is very linear though you can choose in what order to do things, however this serves to keep the game moving towards its eventual destination. Boss fights are difficult and varied, though occasionally difficult to figure out. I found myself heading to Google a couple of times. Attention to detail is good and the game is mostly bug free. Some infrequent CTD's annoyed me towards the start of the game but they went away later. Overall I would reccomend this game to anyone who enjoys RPG's, Greek Mythology and tight, linear story telling.

TanerY?ld?r?m, Dec 31, 2008

It's neighter a God of War nor any other RPGs. This is something like a movie whose director is just you. You make your own choices, you make your own history, you make your own story, you choose and follow your own fate. This game is absolutely fantastic. Yes, it has some bad flaws such as dated textures, stiffed animations expecially on characters' faces, no mini map, a little stuttering and frame drop. But the goods definately outnumber the bads. Excellent sound design, voice and music that suit the characters and whole story. Excellent story that sucks you in and provides you choices to direct your own movie. Excellent cut-scenes that suit the story. Excellent fighting system with lots of varieties and choices and finishing moves with a good use of slow-motion. Excellent, innonative skill tree and experience system. By the way, remember, strong stories in the games is the future of the gaming industry. I have been in PC gaming for 11 years. Now i can clearly see that how a strong story completely changes all of my feelings about a video game. I was almost crying in some parts of ROTA. A must buy. Eagerly anticipating the next Argonaouts story with a little more action and bug-free gameplay.

SoullessPotato, Jul 22, 2016

This game was released in 2008, wasn't very popular at the time. But it's still a good game. The voice acting and characters are great, everyone did a great job despite recycling a bunch of the same people. The conversation options don't normally have any effect on the game like games such as Mass Effect, Dragon Age or The Witcher do. But they do make you feel as though you are creating your version of Jason. If you choose all Aries options as Jason then you feel like you have an aggressive war driven Jason, Athena you feel like your Jason is wise etc. The combat is also fluent and fun, though it is a little too easy. I play on Legend all the time and I normally beat the game without dying. But the combat is still fun, especially when you're able to stab people and cut their heads off with a shield. But the combat against small enemies such as soldiers, bandits, satyr's and all that aren't really the main thing. The main thing are the harder boss battles. They're all unique and don't feel re-used in any way unlike all of the previous RPG's I've played. Each battle has their own weakness that you may have to exploit a few times before you get it right. Achilles, Docon, Medusa, Hepna'je (no spoilers here) all great boss battles that I died so many times on at first. ESPECIALLY Achilles, Docon was kind of easy. There is also semi bosses like the minotaurs or the weird Tartarus beings that are a slightly stronger and smarter than your standard soldier. But the combat in the game isn't what you focus on, the main thing is the story. The story is great, forget the original Jason and the Argonauts story you may or may not have read about as a child or an adult, this is how the story should have been. It's the same basic concept but a different drive. There are so many plot twists and turns that you can't keep it all together. You have to remember almost every detail of the conversations to get what everyone is saying. And aside from the main story, there is a bunch of side activities that you can do that not only might reward you with a weapon or a piece of armor but they also give you deeds in which you can turn into skills. And this game has so much replayability that after beating 12 times like I have, you still haven't seen it all. But that's just the thing, this game has flaws. Since it's a pretty short game and sometimes I feel like in order to actually get to experience even a fraction of what the game offers, you have to do EVERYTHING! Other RPG's let you go on playing the game and normally don't limit you to when you're about to encounter a battle, you can roam around the map and find a bandit camp to fight in. This game doesn't have that, the maps are pretty small (though detailed, give credit where credit due) and they don't have random encounters. If you've played them enough times you know exactly what's going to happen at a certain time. All battles are staged and sometimes after running around talking to people and activating things you get bored because you haven't mutilated an Ionian in forever. Your followers are also pretty much useless in combat -[{SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!}]- Scroll past this part for no spoilers Achilles was a hard boss to fight, but when you unlock him as a follower, he's just terrible. He dies easily Spoilers over. So the followers are bad the maps are small, the game is short. But the combat is fun, the story is amazing it has great voice acting, lovable characters, AMAZING soundtrack! Great weapon and armor design. Which brings me to another point - this game doesn't have leveling up or XP gain. Instead, when you do certain things like "Discover the Herms of Saria" or "Execute 50 soldiers", you gain a deed. These deeds can be spent in 4 different gods, Aries, Hermes, Apollo and Athena. They grant you specific passives that are useful and will give you god powers that will save your life. The gear in this game is awesome, I don't know why more games don't do this. No gear has a higher armor or damage rating than another. Instead, they each have their own enchants and effects added on them and sometimes those effects can be god powers themselves. The armors come in different sets, the customization is limited there. And your shield can't be swapped out, there is some lore behind that. But the equipment is so detailed in its own right, nothing is just a reskin and everything has it's uses. But, all together, this game is a great game. It's an 8/10, meaning it's still a good thing. It's missing 2 things that it needs to be 10/10. Random encounters, bigger maps. If you like RPG's - You'll like this game, If you like Hack n Slash's - You'll like this game. Some of my friends even prefer shooters and they still like this game. You should try it out, no matter what type of gamer you are. It's on every platform except for next-gen consoles. And I hope to god that it will get a remaster in 2018 or so. OH, and, the graphics aren't amazing. So you can play this on a laptop. gg :)

AaronGoodman, Jan 21, 2009

Well, I have not yet finished this game, but it has been a very enjoyable game from my perspective. I'm not a huge RPG fan, but this game hits a nice balance between just enough RPG and Action to keep me hooked. Even though I have had my share of dialog related crashes with the game, it is still a very well done game and looks fantastic on my gaming rig at 1680x1050. I get around 85 fps average for the whole game.

middleramen, Feb 8, 2014

There's nothing particularly wrong with this game, other than some graphical hiccups, but there is nothing in this game that hasn't already been done better in other games, even back in 2008. Play God of War to see this concept done better.