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Rise of the Triad The 1994 shooter returns with a full Unreal Engine 3 remake featuring a classic arsenal and online modes.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 69 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3006
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Modern, Arcade
Company / Developer
Apogee Games / Interceptor
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Rise of the Triad reviews ( 6 )

ZioYuri78, Aug 2, 2013

Capolavoro di giocabilit?�, frenetico, violento, irriverente! Bambinetti dalle mani paccioccose sporche di nutella, statene lontani, qui si fa sul serio.

Suicidemoon, Jul 31, 2013

Launch day Video issues are a common thing now a days...My 6990 has a few problems getting 60...But turning off a few things and it works great. This Game is nuts! AND the first game i think since 2002 to have DIRECT IP CONNECTION FOR MP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME. WHen you log in (Gog and steam MP servers for all) It says welcome to the master race!

Chubzdoomer, Aug 1, 2013

(SINGLEPLAYER REVIEW) THE GOOD: Very, very challenging. Oldschool level design including keycard hunts and deadly obstacles. Super fast movement speed. No regenerating health. Unlimited ammo, no reloading required (just like in the original). Collectables and hidden areas. Gore galore. Awesome remakes of old songs, including the ability to listen to the classic versions. Tons of graphics options. THE BAD: No manual saving. Poor A.I. that doesn't always react to your presence. Small enemies that blend in too well with the environments. Widespread performance issues (frame rate drops and stuttering). Mouse smoothing that can't be disabled through the menus (plus when it's disabled via config edits, the movement still doesn't feel quite right). OVERALL: A fun game that stays true to the original in many ways but also lacks polish. It's fast, furious, and challenging, but makes one wonder just how great it could have been had the developers spent more time optimizing the performance and kept a classic "save anywhere, anytime" system. Thankfully, for $15 it isn't much of a gamble and if you're a fan of shooters from the "good old days," go for it. Just expect your moments of glee to occasionally be interrupted by those of disappointment or thoughts of "what could have been."

JamesBoink, Aug 2, 2013

Why 5/10? Because of optimization. I've got Asus Radeon HD 7770 Graphics card and amd phenom II x4 945 processor 8 gb ram and this game is frapsing on LOW.... i can turn off EVERYTHING and set EVERYTHING to low and it gices a sh**.... I like this game for humor style fast moving but graphics it destroys EVERYTHING. I played on my brothers card geforce 550 titanium.... and it was a lot better than mine card. So 2 capabilities NVIDIA gave them money for worse optimalization for radeon cards or the messed up something.

QOO, Nov 16, 2013

Rise of The Triad is a very broken game, but it has some fun included in it. It's pretty mixed, so I'll give my two cents. Pros: Fun, fast gameplay. Neat level design Cool weapons, like the Firebomb Great remastered soundtrack Quicksaves, finally. Cons: Multiplayer is empty. And I mean empty. Multiplayer also feels kinda tacked on. Performance issues. even with the patches, game is still laggy. A.I is dumb as bricks. Enemies blend in with the backgrounds, making it annoying to kill them. SP and MP both horribly unbalanced. Final boss battle glitches too often, makes the game almost unbeatable. Overall, this game can be fun, but there are so many poor design choices, which you'll see. It makes me wonder sometimes, how some things could be screwed up so badly. Wait for a sale on this one.

quakke, Jul 3, 2014

I would not do this ever but i have to do it. It's been almost a year now and they still have not patched this HORRIBLE performance issue. I re-installed this game to see if it finally would work without me having to manually mess with the .ini files to get good performance but no. I dropped everything to Low on that game launcher and it did just as terribly as if i had the settings on Ludicrious. I cannot beleive this and that is why i quit and uninstalled it. Rise of the Triad is exaclty the kind of game i would want, but i cannot beleive how they don't bother to freakin fix the game. it's great how we have lierally zero Arcade FPS nowadays, and this one that is actually Arcade FPS, wont be fixed. I cannot do anything else but give a zero to this game because i am so furious right now.