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Rise of Venice Rise of Venice drops players in the Renaissance era, where they start out as a young merchant, looking to make his mark and build a trading empire. Begin with a meager group of trading ships and build them into a mercantile fleet that will make your enemies and friends alike green with jealousy as you fill your coffers with gold! Rise of Venice is much more than trading, however, as Renaissance Europe was filled with treachery and political machinations of all sorts - which you must take part in if you plan to succeed!

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 68 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1509
Genre Strategy, General
Company / Developer
Kalypso / Kalypso

Rise of Venice reviews ( 7 )

TJarnold92, Sep 27, 2013

This game does what it is meant to do, simulate trade during a period, perfectly. If you are expecting something else, than you will be disappointed, but if you are looking for a deep simulation and are a history nerd in general, there is really no alternative.

Scritty, Nov 20, 2013

While I do have rose tinted specs regarding Patrician 2 and 3 this is probably better than both of those. It's as good as if not better than Port Royale and better IMO than PR2 and 3. The plot/politics side is greatly enhanced from the previous games and trading has been smoothed (but not nerfed) The need to keep a pen and paper handy just to see if a route is profitable or not is no longer required. That was always annoying. There you are, in front of a £1500 PC, using a calculator to work out whether buying bricks from Barbados and selling them at St Kitts was worth it or not. It didn't really add to the game. Well that's all fixed now. The GFX are good, the combat is optional (good as I have no interest in it) the gmae is a solid deep trading and strategy game. Some of the reviews pro and player seem a little annoyed that it isn't a pirates and swashbuckling game and review it as if it SHOULD have been. Guess they don't understand the real pleasure of a deep logistics and trading strategy game and maybe next time the pro game review sites are handed a game like this to review and the editor is working out who to give it to then some of those who have reviewed this should just own up and say "You know what I just don't 'get' this sort of game maybe give the review to someone who does" Would they give the next CoD or Battlefield game to someone like me to review someone who can't stand FPS's? I don't think so.

Bumbajack, Sep 27, 2013

I am a fan of strategy games and have also played the prequel Patrician IV. Whilst I was a little overwhelmed by the massive feature set and a very marginal tutorial in Patrician, Rise of Venice does everything right for a fan of complex strategy simulations like myself. Loads of features, a really smart AI and a great tutorial with a lot of helps. Also the new engine looks great and the mood of the Renaissance times in Venice is transported very well and atmospheric.

AlienWired, Oct 5, 2013

This game is very under-rated and EXTREMELY addictive. If you're into trading games of this sort. I've owned Patrician since it first came out, Patrician 4 is nice, however, it pales in comparison to this, which plays nearly identical, however, it's just "more", I wished Patrician 4 was like this game in most ways. Being able to place my own buildings where I wanted would have been nice, for example. Not sure if the road networking has been implemented in Rise of Venice, if not, it should have been, like in Patrician, even though in Patrician 4 getting to the road network seemed a bit hard(for me, still not there yet, started playing RoV instead.) 8.3 would be more realistic and still even then a bit under-rated.

carlgt1, Sep 28, 2013

It's a good solid game in the Patrician & Port Royale tradition sort of a cross of both. I'm keener on the trading side of things and not the "pirate battle" stuff which I get sick of pretty quick. I find the map a little hard to see; supposedly there are things marked on it (pieces of treasure maps) but I'm having a hard time seeing them. Overall it's a solid trading game.

Cyraga, Jan 3, 2014

I really do enjoy this game. I wish I could love it, I do. The trade is fun, creation of trade routes is fairly easy and intelligent. Maybe I was just bad at Patrician 3 but I found trying to maintain a production line was torturous and literally caused me a few sleepless nights as my brain refused to shut down after a 5+ solid hours of fun each day. Rise of Venice takes most of that stress from you with a solid system that allow you to delegate managing how many resources are needed by your business assuming your trades go off unhindered. Very handy. The genuine disappointment with this game is the campaign. I've just given up on it after for the 4th (ish) time I've been given a quest along the lines of "assemble a super strong fleet and arm it to the teeth by yesterday as I have something much stronger than you to kill by this afternoon". Then when you inevitably fail you're punted back to your latest save to try and work a miracle recovery. It doesn't add anything to the campaign except an eye-roll and a groan knowing that I may actually be physically unable to progress. Also the game often fails to register your completion of goals within missions. I had a mission to sell 80 things of wine from Syracuse to Venice. I did just that and saved, figuring I could wait out the clock. Wrong, the trigger failed and then I failed the mission, getting punted back to my save with 2 days to accomplish a 6-day objective. Fail. I was quite fortunate as when I went back to Syracuse and bought 80 things of wine the trigger only THEN registered. A potentially great game torn down by an awful campaign. Sure most of the joy to be had is probably sandbox, but for the fairly time starved like myself I personally look primarily to the campaign for the game experience. Could be great, but is instead adequate.

Uzumakitony, Oct 8, 2013

There are games that make you smile, and those that make you cry. Terrible graphics, terrible strategies, terrible waters. Just terrible. A Simply woeful game