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Rise & Shine Welcome to Gamearth, a once peaceful planet now threatened by the warmongering Space grunts of Nexgen. In the aftermath of their devastating first strike a child named Rise is forced to take on the sacred gun Shine - and with it the fate of his world.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 66 / 100
User rating
Downloads 799
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
Adult Swim / Super Mega Team, Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team

Rise & Shine reviews ( 7 )

Fred_GameOnBatt, Feb 13, 2017

From start to finish, Rise & Shine references other popular video game series, especially The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros., and Gears of War. The problem is about the duration of this game, really short. It is a shame that the gameplay and story can't match up to the wonderful soundtrack and art style. The smooth and colorful animations are adorable and desktop-background worthy, while the soundtrack is better than it has any right to be, with memorable orchestrated tracks including vocals and piano reminiscent of Halo and Gears of War fodder. Seriously, I love this soundtrack.

Boombaztic, Jan 13, 2017

Rise & Shine combines arcade shooting, bullet hell and puzzle platforming to create a unique game experience in a beautiful drawn game world with a nice story, humor and a lot of easter eggs. You play as a boy named Rise who got a living gun (named Shine) from the fallen legendary hero, who looks quite similar to Link (The Legend of Zelda). And now it is your job to save Gamearth from the Space Grunt invasion. On your way you will meet many different characters and it’s clear that some of them are inspired by other famous video game characters. Starting with small things like the Flappy Bird flying in the air to… guess who’s the King of Gamearth? It’s a me, M…King of Gamearth! Yeah, the game intentionally copied some video game characters but changed small details in their appearance and, of course, gave them other names (obviously due to copyright). The whole game makes fun of many game clichés, stereotypes and surreal things in games like respawns, flying objects and others. The dialogues offer some jokes, and there is even black humor in the game (some dead bodies hanging next to other decorations on a tree). The gameplay is a mix of shooting and solving puzzles. One moment you are jumping around, dashing left and right, shooting your enemies and hiding behind objects, the other moment you are staying still, thinking how to solve a puzzle and then leading your bullet on its way to a lever or button or an enemy’s head, making a mess all over the floor. But the real action comes when you have to do both at the same time. Shooting some drones that are defending a boss and then staying still and controlling the movement of your bullet while this boss is throwing grenades at you. The game offer you to choose from different ammo types and types of shooting and you have to choose the right combination for each moment. Killing some grunts? Take the usual bullets and do it! Choose the electric shots for taking out mechanical enemies. Homing missiles to solve most puzzles and the grenade to boom up places you can’t reach with direct shots. I really enjoyed every moment of the gameplay but you have to get used to the dead angle of your gun not letting you shoot any way you want. The game has controller support but I gave up playing it with the gamepad after I met my first enemies. I think it’s impossible to win this game by playing it with a controller. You constantly have to aim very precisely and I could do it only with my mouse. (Maybe some people want a real “challenge”. Plug in your controller and play.) The game is quite difficult, even though you have unlimited respawns and ammo and I died quite a lot before I understood what I had to do in specific moments. But after your first playthrough you can try to play on a harder difficulty level, in case the game was too easy for you. I really like the art style of the game and it made a big accent to it. Wherever you go you will meet new unique drawings, pieces of landscape and other stuff. While playing I even died sometimes, because I was busy looking at that lovely world (and looking out for easter eggs. By the way, I think the most unnoticeable of them were references to Solid Snake and Black Mesa). Each piece of the story telling is made of different pictures with speech bubbles. For some unknown reason the game does not offer voice dialogues, so we have to read the whole story bubble by bubble, like a comic book. At least the music is pleasant and doesn’t distract you from reading and understanding the plot. But the story as a whole is very captivating and making you want more of it. Sometimes you can find secrets (a round target) by doing things that you could miss sometimes, e.g. shooting the ghosts flying out of dead grunts or killing a duck, which is flying by while you are under attack. But I don’t know if you need these secrets for something other than the achievement. Let’s sum up. Positive: + interesting combined gameplay + awesome art works and level design + many easter eggs + video game humor + captivating story + controller support Negative: - no voice dialogues - shooting has a dead angle This is a great game and I had much fun with the gameplay and while reading the story. I also enjoyed the whole game design, easter eggs and how the game made fun of video game stereotypes. This is something everybody should try! 9/10

NotJustAgamer, Jan 13, 2017

I have huge problem with the Editors that Write reviews. In general, not for this one only. This is a game that does what it promises excellent. It has no flaws, no bugs, no problems. Beautiful scenery. Excellent sound, amazing gameplay. So.... I'm a bit troubled that the reviews on the other side are mediocre. And this is a 'trend' nowadays. We have for example a game that has 60% bugs like bloodborne, but we tend to praise (the sun) it because of its other excellent features. Such a game, because of its complexity gets best reviews and 10's. Although I found it frustrating, rather unpolished graphically, with a lot of framedrops and clunky controls. I liked it, but I'm just trying to make a point here. Press Reviewers have double standards. And this is just Sad. Rise and shine has ZERO problems, plays excellent, it is FUN and unique. A very nice game. So they have to really search and find that 'they don't like this method of controls' or 'the script' or 'the story' or something VAGUE that is not objective but rather subjective. So the reviews in my opinion are not accurate. Graphics : It reminds of Metal Slug , and as we know this is the best game out there in that category so I'd say graphically it is very very well done. Sound : Not a problem there. Gameplay : Solid, playful, challenging, unique, great. Difiiculty : Medium - Medium high. Super meat boy was far more challenging Story : Sometimes funny, sometimes confusing, but really, what is the story of Metal slug? do you even remember? does it really matter? Length: 14 chapters , some bosses, fun overall 4 hours max for an experienced player. So... Dear fellas, I see nothing wrong with this game BUT I see everything wrong with your aspirations and your subjectivity. Get your things together and try to write better reviews for the people. This is a game that doesn't take its self seriously so why you take it seriously like it had to have an epic tale or atmosphere? In its category it is the best, so probably a 9 rather than a 7 (unless you can name a better game that does the same gameplay). Peace out. Games used to be fun. Don't turn it in to a 'business' or try to act like a professional. This is plain SAD.

PunchCoco, Aug 15, 2017

+ nice handmade drawings +good die and retry +nice gameplay specially how the differents kind of alternitive shoots are used in the game + nice easter eggs and funny scenario - finished the game in 5h hours

Yegwen, Jan 23, 2017

Loved the gameplay, the art, the difficulty and all the references to other games. However, 15 euro for a platformer you finish in 2 hours is a rip-off.

FGM, Jan 2, 2018

PROS: Amazing art style. Decent graphics - it's a cartoon. Nice music. O.K. Sound. Interesting mini puzzles & games. Good nerdy humor. Interesting, challenging gun-play. Responsive controls. CONS: Crappy level design, apart the puzzles and a tiny bit of platforming, you just keep running in one direction for most of the time. It get's boring real quick. Enemies are so, so. But the greatest FLAW of the game is its VERY SHORT PLAYTIME. Is sort of like the Devs did run out of steam. It took me about 3 HOURS to beat.

Stefarooh, Jan 17, 2017

Rise & Shine is sadly just not very good. If you are looking for similar styled platformer with more flair, and content, and also featuring a normally inanimate object that talks and is equally as visually impressive then grab Rad Rogers: World One instead as this one is bargain bin basement stuff that you should not be encouraging by spending full price on it.