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Risen An epic story in an authentic world hand-crafted with an eye for detail and populated by "real", plausible characters. A Mysterious Volcanic Island The heavy tremors on the island bode ill for its inhabitants. Ancient temples have risen from the ground recently, bizarre creatures are terrorising the area. Fear and terror is spreading among the population. The End of All Hope? A group of powerful men who call themselves "The Inquisitors" have taken it upon them-selves to put an end to these events. They send an exhibition to this remote island, but a storm takes hold of the ship and destroys it at sea. A Hero Will Come - As if by a miracle, the player survives the shipwreck and is stranded on the volcanic island alone. He finds himself amidst a chaos of rebellion, tyranny and mystic rituals. He must now decide to which side the pendulum of fate will swing. [Deep Silver]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 79 / 100
User rating
Downloads 6861
Genre Role-Playing, General
Company / Developer
Deep Silver / Piranha Bytes
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Risen reviews ( 7 )

SeanF, Oct 27, 2009

Let me start this review by saying that I've never played any of the Gothic games. Or Oblivion. Or pretty much any RPG that has been released (for PC or consoles) in the last 8-or-so years. I lost interest in gaming a long while back, after a marriage, kids and work took up all of my time. I bought a new computer last week, and figured I'd take a look on Metacritic and see which RPGs were well-received -- I used to love the genre, and have played many of the classics (Wizardry series up to 7, Ultima Underworld, Betrayal at Krondor, etc.) and figured that I'd pick up a title to play for an hour or two in the evenings before bed. After considering a few, I decided on Risen and purchased it from an online retailer. I had no idea what I was in for! I have scarcely done anything but sit in my computer chair, jaw gaping for the last 4 days. This game is just incredible... the world is so fully realized it's almost shocking. People go about their daily lives, the days and nights cycle and weather changes, the world has very lived-in feel and a real sense of history. It is so easy to get lost in it, especially due to all of the distractions that the game offers you: collecting animal trophies, crafting swords and jewelery, mining... the list goes on and on. Should you decide to focus on the main quest line, the plot is gripping and voice acting accomplished. The game has a sense of moral ambiguity throughout that's very mature and thoughtful. There is no right and wrong side -- you are left only with your own morals and instincts to decide your friends and foes. Also, characters are multi-dimensional and not always as they appear... you will often serve as a tool for someone else's ulterior motives unless you're wise enough to catch on and refuse. I am, perhaps, not the best judge of graphics since I've been out of the loop for a while, but i'd argue that Risen is indisputably gorgeous. Beams of rust-orange light poke through the swaying trees at sunset, water flows convincingly around rocks and down falls, nights are inky blackness, broken only by your torch, which casts realistic shadows from everything around you. Just wow. Don't let yourself miss this game, it is really truly a classic and has single-handedly rejuvenated my interest in video games.

Lucassmdt, Nov 16, 2015

One of the best gamer I played! The history and the realism cativate until now. The history, centrated in a misterious organization (Inquisitors) and the fate of the world and me, I lone wolf in the mid of all this. One of the best gamer ever!

mattl, Oct 8, 2009

I thinks this a great game despite being a gothic esque clone (replace "magical barrier" with "island surrounded by storms") the game pulls from you a need to explore its dark secrets and a game that compells you to play it is agreat game indeed. oh and not every game needs to push the graphical limit because not everyone is a rich fat bastard who can afford a super computer then bash lower end games made for the rest of us!

IcecreamSnowman, Mar 12, 2014

Apart from the ending, Risen is very good. The ending gives you no choice and I didn't agree with the choice being made for me: I would rather risk the lives of a handful of people to try to save the entire world than ensure that one island survives and everyone else is left to be killed by monsters. I understand in the sequel (I haven't played it) some stuff get's done but that's not made apparent in this game so my point still stands. As with other games by Piranha Bytes there's no wasted space in the game world. Paths are divided by cliffs, separating areas and making the world feel larger than it would in, say a Bethesda RPG where the whole world is one big meadow. Enemies are everywhere, around every corner, lurking in every bush. Step off the beaten path and you'll be mauled by the indigenous wildlife. Enemies don't respawn so eventually you'll kill all the indigenous wildlife and destabalise the ecosystem but that doesn't feature during the game's timeline so never mind.

Poloman, Oct 24, 2009

Best single player RPG I've played in a very long time. I don't have anything else recently released to compare it to, but I enjoyed it more than Elder Scrolls - Oblivion or Fallout 3.

ThomasJ., Oct 15, 2009

The game has it's moments, but it completely fails to provide any kind of depth seen in for example Oblivion or Morrowind by Bethesda. Risen also suffers from some over-detailing the 'shallow spots', if such a term exists. The developer is trying to create an illusion of depth where there is none. As a comparison to anything with Bethesda or Black Isle on the cover, this fails miserably - but on it's own, or even when sitting next to the Gothic games, it's well above 'nice'. Unspectacular, kind of shallow but fans of the genre shouldn't miss it.

WadeG, Oct 8, 2009

This game was flawed in every way I could think of. The graphics are way too dark. It looks like a PS2 game. Lighting in the environment pops in a random when it feel like working. There is no collision detection on various pieces of the scenery. When swing your weapon at a wall or any object other than an enemy your arms simply go through the walls. The voice acting seems like it was ripped out of Troma movie. The difficulty is set way too high and the controls are horribly laid out. This game makes Two Worlds look like game of the year and thats saying something.