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Road Redemption Road Redemption takes place in a nightmare version of the American midwest. You play a recently-paroled felon. After 8 years in federal prison, you must work your way back up from the bottom of your old motorcycle club. As you rise in the ranks, it becomes clear that not all of your brothers are acting in the best interests of the club, and may even be responsible for your incarceration. You must play a pivotal role in the resulting power struggle, with multiple outcomes depending on your actions. Eventually, you can lead your own faction and fight to control territory and drug distribution routes in a war for survival and supremacy.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1509
Genre Simulation, Driving, Car Combat, Combat, Vehicle
Company / Developer
Dark Seas Games / Dark Seas Games

Road Redemption reviews ( 7 )

Eats, Oct 8, 2017

This game brought me back in time, back when my bladder was strong and my games were still on a disc. This is a grate homage to Road Rash, anyone who played it should give this a "spin". It was like i could feel a great maschine vibrating in my pants, even thou i wasn't actually sitting on a Motorcycle. I could feel something poke into my back when chat was riding backseat gaming. Lots of replayability with the experience and lots of insta gratification with the campaign currency.

Anieezeus, Oct 6, 2017

The Game is indeed an Spiritual Successor of Road Rash and if you are an old school road rash / Arcade gamer, this ones for you! I really liked the hard work the designers put in to make this game light and great arcade action rather than those bulky head-lifted games with 30 gigs of data and graphical power needed to run those; This one's Really great experience and a light weighted game with good graphics and the best thing is the multiplayer scenario which seems to be depleting from gaming these days. A Real two thumbs up to its co-op mode and Appreciate the Franchise of Road Redemption

dhffasd, Oct 7, 2017

this game is freakin awesome. ride a bike, kill other players, race, crash, all at the same time. what more do you want? i hope this developer keeps making more of this. looking forward to it!

Nickolababaiko, Mar 18, 2018

Наследница великой и ужасной Road Rash!!! Мотоциклетного мочилова!)) В игре очень весело бить соперникам по голове различными битами, трубами, лопатами!)) И еще можно пострелять маленько!)) Очень динамичный экшен! Приятная графика! Из минусов :к физике мотоциклов надо привыкать...ибо по началу аж бесит! Сюжет полный отстой, да и ладно!)) На популярность Road Rash не претендует но фанатов порадует да и новым игрокам будет поугарать!)) На данный момент ничего подобного(годного) Нет! Есть еще в продаже свежая Road Rage но она ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥О СОБАЧЬЕ! за 1999рублей говнище полное!

TenchuuKhan, Oct 21, 2017

Perfect Arcade game. Ride your bike, beat the crap out of your opponents, try to reach the final boss. If you fail, back to start. Though you gain XP and can buy permanent perks after you die so it's not that frustrating as you make progress with each try. Controls are great, and it's super satisfying.

CBH, Oct 10, 2017

This game is a mess, in both terms of fun and design. The first thing you will notice is that it is extremely glitchy. In just the first level, I suffered two crashes, and one time where my bike stopped turning, drove through obstacles and ended up mysteriously at the finish line, immediately winning. These issues should have been ironed out in early access, however they seem only MORE numerous. The spiritual successor angle they were going for reeks of marketing and not a reflection of actual gameplay, much like another recent title, Strafe. The rubber banded combat (enemies stick to you until you kill them, rather than attacking when it is strategically viable and racing ahead otherwise) feels boring, forced and lifeless, unlike the extra layer of gameplay that it provided in Road Rash. Beyond that, the feeling of progression found in the original Road Rash trilogy is completely absent here, with the game acting more like an arcade game than even the originals. Additionally, the multiplayer pales in comparison to its supposed predecessor, despite the fact that it is older than some of the fans of this game. In the end, Road Redemption feels less like a spiritual successor to Road Rash, and more like a cousin of Ride to Hell: Retribution. The only thing it shares with the former is motorcycles and combat, but it shares the glitches, poor design choices, bad voice acting and incredibly repetitive gameplay of the latter. This is not worth twenty United States dollars, not even ten dollars. The only time I think this could be acceptable is as a four dollar phone game.

lhmtgame, Oct 7, 2017

My personal opinion, the game is not OK. - Graphics is like CS:Source. It's not beautiful but take too much system resource while running. - Gameplay, item... are poor. - Physics simulation is terrible. In conclusion, the first RR is better!