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RoboBlitz RoboBlitz is a humorous, physics-driven action game full of inventive gizmos, weapons, and environments. Players take on the role of Blitz, a multi-talented robot who must activate an aging Space Cannon to save his world from a band of maladjusted space pirates. Set in seven distinct environments, RoboBlitz features 19 levels of puzzle-solving and high-intensity action. [Naked Sky Entertainment]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 675
Genre Action, Shooter, Third-Person, Sci-Fi, Arcade
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Naked Sky Entertainment / Naked Sky Entertainment

RoboBlitz reviews ( 6 )

QuintonR., Jan 4, 2007

This game is awesome! It's better than a lot of games out on the shelves. You have to be crazy not to snag this one up for 15 bucks. I love attaching baddies to the wall or each other. Can't wait till a multiplayer comes out.

JeffL., Nov 16, 2006

Pretty amazing. The first game that I've seen that's completely physics based, so that you can actually do anything you want in it - I saw this firsthand, and was blown away- pretty amazing that it's all done on the fly. Check it out!

ArtyFishal, Nov 10, 2006

An addictive old-school puzzle/platformer with brilliant visuals and sounds and a charmingly silly and shallow story delivered in a a stylized manner that perfectly fits the production design. Fun, if easy, puzzles, and decent run-and gun action are enhanced by a well designed physics engine. It may be easy, it may not be revolutionary, but at this rock-bottom price, it's way more than you suspect. Buy it for its effects and play it for the nostalgia of old-school game design and story-sensibility .

WilliamG., Nov 22, 2006

Impressive use of physics engine resulting in a more "real" feel to movement and interactions with environment. Good puzzle set ups requiring analysis and thoguht.

cambria, Dec 6, 2011

A great AA title for a budget indie developed price. Uses unreal engine but isn't brown, a nice plus. Short campaign but a lot of fun, I don't think they ever implemented the promised multiplayer, but I more than got my money's worth out of a steam sale of like $3. Give this smooth physics puzzler a try!

tech-noir, May 3, 2012

The ideas behind RoboBlitz are not original nor interesting in any way. Despite this, it is a slightly fun game. The puzzles are intuitive, and they are similar to the puzzles found in other story driven first or third person shooters. They do not get in the way of enjoying the overall experience, and they do not seem to be annoying chores that one is forced to complete in order to advance. Given the context of the storyline, it all falls into place adequately, and feels natural. The camerawork is terrible though. You will often move your head by instinct in an attempt to keep the robot's view in perspective so that you may move about the game world and perform various tasks. The camera problems do get in the way, and there is simply no getting used to its shortcomings. While the graphical options allow for full screen display, it forces the image into a letterbox format that I have not seen in any other game I've played in recent memory. This presentation is unnatural, awkward, and strange, but after some time, one adapts to this odd design choice. The music is generic but okay, and the sound effects are fitting of your character's robotic build while sounding a bit cartoony. All levels appear to be well designed and they remain challenging and mildly interesting to the player. The gun play mechanics are satisfactory, but because of the camera troubles, timing your aiming with the firing action can be problematic. RoboBlitz provides ample chances for the player to complete each level by means of unlimited lives/continues and liberal save points. There is also a hints system in place that is well implemented and does not remove any of the fun from realizing how to go about your way to accomplish various tasks. This makes the overall experience more enjoyable, as the game is not exactly easy. The difficulty is adequate in all aspects. There are some upgrades to be obtained as you progress and collect enough points. They range from jump enhancements to armor, and the ever handy weapon advancements. These upgrades are all quite useful and fun to equip, and sometimes your lab partner will provide you with some free breakthroughs in robotic technology that you may put to use. RoboBlitz is prone to crashing during startup or while selecting certain menu options, and this can occur quite often. With all of that said, RoboBlitz has some serious game breaking problems that are directly related to the boss fights. There seems to be some kind of bug that prevents the game from recognizing that the boss is being hit and damaged. This means that certain bosses are invincible and cannot be killed in any way. Many other people have reported similar problems in the Steam forum for RoboBlitz, and the developers have not responded nor addressed these game breaking issues in any way at all. This means that RoboBlitz has been abandoned in an unplayable state, as you will not be able to proceed past certain parts. Developers such as these should be penalized for releasing software that is clearly not in working condition while charging a high amount for it. It is a real shame, as the premise and idea behind RoboBlitz seemed promising. If it only were actually complete, and if it only actually worked, it could have been a decent game.