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Rock of Ages This game is the newest title by Atlus.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2102
Genre Action, Miscellaneous, General
Company / Developer
Atlus / ACE Team
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Rock of Ages reviews ( 7 )

NKTH, May 10, 2013

I think this is best racing game for family. Not too easy, not too hard. Easy to learn how to play. (Just build some obstacle for enemy and Go race!) Play best with 2 Xbox360 Controller. Can play "Local Co-op" (splitscreen) Good to play with girlfriend.

IvanOvalle, Sep 20, 2011

We all know that there is a lot of people complaining about the defense system, but they really need to know that the game have a completely nice defense system in the versus match and in works if you know where to place your units, because in case you place all of your defenses you'll fail instantly and that would become a boulder race to the gates.The story was extremely fun and with an amazing artwork, the cut scenes are hilarious and the historical events were chosen correctly.ACE team managed to create a game completely unique. Same as Zeno Clash. If they are making another one, i would probably pre ordered it instantly.10/10 because it was bloody hilarious and the multiplayer is so intense in ways that i can't even describe.Totally worth the 9.99 dollars on Steam.

JonesR, Mar 7, 2012

Half tower defense...half reverse tower defense. I love games where you get to destroy stuff and this one fills my destructive appetite. The cut scenes are great--extremely funny. Perfect game for an XBOX controller. Has multiplayer too. A rock solid production!

Firefly_Forever, Sep 18, 2011

I thought this game was unique and awesome. There's something about the combination of physics based object rolling/destruction, tactical defensive construction, and gibberish spewing old men (and sometimes women, zombies....goats... etc.) screaming like little girls, that just never gets old for me. One thing I think worth mentioning is that I've seen reviewers complaining about the maps and tactics becoming stale, or that the only real strategy is to just make sure you roll your rock as fast as possible. While that may be partially true, certainly in the beginning, the more I played the game - and the better I got at it - the more I realized that if you plan correctly, there are ways to totally shut down your opponent, even if they got a head start. Essentially, the tactical side of the game is really only as good as the people playing. At first I didn't think it was possible, but by the time I'd reached the end of the game, there were maps where I was able to build defenses that would completely destroy the enemy's boulder, and if careful planning can accomplish that - then there's definitely some great potential for match variety. Besides, all strategy aside, it's still pretty darn fun - even if you and your opponent's defenses utterly fail, and it does simply turn into a mad boulder race to the finish :P.

HoosTrax, Jan 6, 2012

The gameplay doesn't live up to the incredibly creative and polished artistic design. The gameplay experience can be likened to negotiating a semi truck around a hairpin curve with random obstacles strewn about the road.

L_S_T, Oct 1, 2013

This game was surprisingly entertaining. The single player was lacking a bit, with the AI never really learning your strategy so there is really never a large difficulty curve. It also gets very repetitive about half way through, so the biggest draw is playing it with a friend for me. The online is fun, with multiple game types.

fartheststar, Apr 18, 2014

I played it 54 minutes before I uninstalled from my system. Seems like it could've been fun, but I'm having trouble finding it. You drive a ball down a hill trying to destroy the opponent's gates. There are obstacles to avoid, things to destroy along the way. You place obstacles to try to thwart the person attacking you. I never could beat the first "real" level after the tutorial and was quickly losing interest in trying. I found it frustrating not understanding what I needed to do, and rolling down the hill repeatedly gets old fast. So bottom line: I found no fun. I was bad at the game and lost patience. Whatever the reason, my backlog is too large to fuss with an uncompelling title. Sorry - just didn't like it.