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Rocket Arena Welcome to a world where the rules are written in rocket fuel. Rockets control everything in Rocket Arena, an explosive 3v3 shooter where you’re never out of the action. Master your hero’s unique rockets and abilities to rule the arena and become a champion.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 87
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Arcade
Players Up to 6
Company / Developer
Electronic Arts / Final Strike Games
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Rocket Arena reviews ( 4 )

CatBlacksmith, Jul 28, 2020

Actual gem of a game. The heroes are all so fun and unique that I play every hero and it feels different every time. The mix of no hit-scan, getting quickly back into the action and well-timed dodges make a fair and entertaining game.

MLGxPro, Jul 27, 2020

Rocket Arena is extremely fun and addictive. i believe that Rocket Arena is the new fortnite. If any of you parents have any kids / grandchildren please buy them this game now they will like this better than fortnite trust me the maps is so beautiful the characters is awesome and has different unique abilities you can use. This game has everything and did everything right and better than fortnite and most games i give this game a 10/10 recognition that it deserves

Dattebayo, Jul 21, 2020

Mas um jogo genérico e bem bosta kakakakakskskskskakakak não comprem vai ser um desperdício daqueles o felixo feto só fez um vídeo dele porque foi patrocinado

Lcs0110, Jul 21, 2020

O pior jogo shooter arena do mundo, genérico, graficos merdas, personagens bostas, essa porra custa 150 reais sendo que vc podia jogar um jogo melhor com esse preço, feito pela EA Games, PayToWin.Resumindo:UM CU