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Rocksmith Featuring gameplay that automatically adjusts to the player's skill level and innovative game design that makes reading music visually fun and intuitive, Rocksmith engages experienced musicians and those who are picking up a guitar for the first time. The game includes a sizeable library of music from classic rock bands to current artists, such as The Animals, The Black Keys, David Bowie, Interpol, Nirvana and The Rolling Stones.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 80 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1626
Genre Music, Action, Miscellaneous, Rhythm
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / Ubisoft
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Rocksmith reviews ( 7 )

kring, Oct 25, 2012

Game of the Year! Finally a game that translates into real-world benefits. While it might not make you a rockstar outside the game, it's teaching you all about the fundamentals, movements and coordination in a very fun way, I took guitar lessons 10 years ago and after 6 months I didn't feel like progress was made so I quite. In just 4 hours of Rocksmith play, I feel like I know more about Guitar then in those 6 months of lessons. I'm a firm believer that music education should NOT start with theory, music lessons, reading music... that's an excellent way to bore someone to death... Start with just playing, keep them interested and then learn/refine your skills years down the road. Rocksmith delivers on this perfectly. A+ on the dynamic difficulty and track selection. I'd like to ding a point for cost of downloadable content ($3 per song) but I've got months or work to do before I master the decent sized library already. I have zero lag and the guitar tuning, effects and overall sound is fantastic... I'm impressed and the last time that happened with a PC game was probably Valve's original Portal game 10 years ago.

Fuzzking, Jan 23, 2013

I bought this great Game to have fun with a friend i play with in a band. It´s absolute fantastic, you have to use a real guitar/bass and the songs are great. We almost play Rocksmith when our band meetings are cancelled or one member is missing.

Justiful, Jan 19, 2013

I bought this game to finally learn guitar. Well I been playing it for a two months and can already play some songs. I tied once before to learn, but always go bored and quit. This game makes practice more like gaming. I practice probably 4 hours a day on the game, and only 30 min or so doing other things. After my first month I felt good enough about my progress I started taking lessons. Been 4 weeks since I started that. Honestly if you are playing this game and using the net on free guitar sites you are likely golden. If you can't learn guitar with this game, you just can't learn. It makes even ADHD people get into it. They need to make this for all instruments, I mean really it is an amazing concept. I won't give it less than a 10. Because it is the first game in the world to do this. If you play guitar, or want to learn this IMO is a priority to buy second only to a guitar. It is the best game like it in the world, because literally no other game in the world is like it. Amazing.

Maudster, Nov 29, 2012

Has Re-Kindled my interest in Playing Guitar after years of my prized Fender T sitting in its case unused Having played and enjoyed the fakeness off Guitar Hero it is refreshing to enjoy something where I feel my time is put to greater use. A game I never thought was possible so very impressed. Cant wait for the Song Catalogue to expand.

keefbaker, Oct 24, 2012

I've been a guitarist for a long time on and off and I was indeed one of the people who complained about guitar hero saying it doesn't actually teach you the right techniques and completely punishes you for trying to put a groove in place. So imagine how vindicated I felt when Rocksmith appeared. And then imagine how happy I was when this thing not only delivered but it delivered in spades! Great for both learning and fun. There are tools to get you a better player, minigames to improve your playing and it manages to pull all this off without managing to feel like work. Time will disappear... your playing will improve... you will get scored on the standard of playing.... This has rekindled my interest in the guitar. I would have loved to give this a 10 out of 10 but sadly the tracking accuracy isn't 100%, it's really good in-game but occasionally fails on some of the minigames like ducks and scale runner as you batter the requested note in frustration. So I will have to knock a number off due to this minor imperfection.

Atomicage, Nov 1, 2012

First: if you are considering buying this game, make sure your computer can run it. Second: If you want to learn guitar and want it to be fun Buy This Game. Ok, now that those are out of the way. Here is my opinion. Loading this game takes forever and that's a long time. it is 13gb of data that i assume are not on the disk. I have a decently fast internet at 20mbps and it still took a couple hours to download it all off steam. As for steam, if you buy this game you have to use it. If you don't have an internet connection do not buy this game because steam requires it. FYI i have been playing guitar for 21 years, and bass for 6. I did experience lag while playing which is annoying but most of it is gone after i read the pdf manual and tweaked the games settings. There are a lot of songs in the library some i have not heard, but are gems, some are annoying and you will do your best to learn enough of them to be able to master other ones that rock. They did a fantastic job on getting multiple effects in the game. They did not make it user friendly to get out of this game, the first time took me probably 5 min to figure out. You cant just hit the esc. key and exit. you need to be in the main screen and side scroll all the way to the right. There are some other minor annoyances that I encountered but overall it is a solid buy.

murphyj, May 5, 2013

This game had potential, but ultimately, it's a waste of money. The game is so riddled with bugs that it's unplayable. Good luck trying to complete songs and advance onto new levels, as the game will suddenly and randomly stop registering notes, even though you can hear your guitar through the game and absolutely no indication (like an arrow pointing to a different string if you're playing the wrong one, for example) that you're playing anything at all. Sure, the game ensures that your guitar is in tune at the beginning of each song, but that doesn't matter because the input processing in this game decides to cut out whenever it feels like it. Want to play a mini game to improve your playing technique? Well, I hope you don't plan on advancing too much because you'll only get a few minutes before the game decides, "hey, that sound isn't even a guitar, is it?" And that's just the software side of things. As if the sloppy software wasn't enough, you're also required to buy an overpriced, $30 proprietary USB cable in order to play the game. Surely, a one-time fee of $30 isn't bad for a game that will help you learn to play guitar, right? Well, I'd agree with that, except that these cables are extremely prone to failure and you'll have to keep shelling out $30 every few days, weeks or month to keep playing this broken game. So not only does the software randomly cut out and stop working, but the physical cords also just randomly die for no apparent reason. Don't believe me? Look up some Amazon reviews and take a look at their support forum. This is a known problem and has never been addressed. They simply don't care about this game. It's pretty sad how many paid reviews there are for this game. If you don't want to get ripped off, avoid this game AT ALL COSTS.