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Rogue State Take control of a Middle Eastern country recovering from a violent revolution. It is up to you: Forge alliances, grow your economy, invade your neighbors, or pacify your population. Rogue State is a geopolitical strategy game that forces you to always stay one step ahead of your rivals to survive.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 68 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1223
Genre Strategy, Management, Government
Company / Developer
Black Shell Games / LRDGames, Inc.

Rogue State reviews ( 2 )

Absydion, Oct 16, 2015

I received an early copy of Rogue State and have been playing it (primarily off Steam) for a while now. The game is a turn-based strategy simulator of a middle-eastern dictatorship with deep, interconnecting mechanics. Each session of the game is very different: your neighbors, the distribution of goods, your ministers, and most importantly the events that will occur are randomized, and this has made each play-through very different and interesting. The graphics in the game are, admittedly, retro, but the artwork is very well done and the animations are clean. For a turn-based strategy game, it does the trick. The writing of the game is often funny, and the voice acting is very good (and everything is voiced). Rogue State is admittedly very challenging, but I like a challenge. Managing the support of the four factions in your country, managing your budget, and managing the production of infrastructure and special projects is a tricky balancing act, and early on, I lost often. However, when I won, I felt like I really earned it! I found that I could get further and further on each play-through as I figured out how to better keep everyone (or everyone that mattered) happy without going totally broke. This game has that "one more turn" compulsion that I get with Civ. I recommend it!

BuzzSkill, Oct 16, 2015

Just bought this. Rouge State takes on subject material few others dare to tread, and puts you in the hands of a Middle Eastern despot who has to keep his country together while facing both internal and external obstacles. The animation is mediocre, and it's not perfectly polished, but it is TONS OF FUN. The game is perfectly priced right now, and you get real-world situations thrown at you, and you've gotta constantly making tough choices with no obvious answers. I have yet to win, but every time I lose I want to come back and try again. Every time I think I get it there is a new surprise -- like a chicken dictator, or a sneak attack on my hospital, or a plague and I have to make rapid changes to my strategy to stay alive. This game is for TRUE strategy buffs who also happen to like roguelikes. The game won't hold your hand through everything though, so RTFM before diving in.