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Rogue Trooper Redux A tactical shooter and comic book adaptation, Rogue Trooper is back, remastered in high definition. Experience combat and third person action in this tale of betrayal and revenge at the far reaches of the galaxy. You are the last Genetic Infantryman (GI). Bred for war and betrayed by your superiors at the Quartz Zone Massacre, you stalk the battlefield as a one-man squad, carrying the sentient biochips of three fallen soldiers in your rifle, pack and helmet. Your mission? Fight your way across the chemical-blasted wastes of Nu-Earth -- a planet ravaged by an endless apocalyptic war in search of the Traitor General and payback.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 62 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1194
Genre Action, Shooter, Third-Person, Arcade
Company / Developer
Rebellion / TickTock Games

Rogue Trooper Redux reviews ( 2 )

SuperkenGaming, Oct 17, 2017

Rogue Trooper Redux Repetitive and Dated Rogue Troop Redux is a remake of an Xbox and ps2 game Rogue Trooper from 2006 And while there are some good part of this 3rd person shooter… Even considering its initial release... this shooter feels dated… Rogue Trooper Redux contains a 6 hour long story mode and a cooperative online mode where you’re either choosing your loadout and doing a co-op mission or a defense mission with ammo around the map instead of crafted like in story… Online is a pretty mediocre experience and pretty dead even on launch day.. Thankfully you’re not missing much... The better part of this game Is easily its story mode where you play as Rogue, a genetically engineered soldier designed to fight in a war on this now toxic planet The idea of this game is a decently cool one.. You have 2 soldiers attached to you in the form of chips that will talk to you and make the occasionally joke while you play through this games campaign, really giving the game some personality... but more importantly... they bring life to your equipment as one is attached to your gun and the other to your helmet… The helmet is used to hack doors.. And your other chip does basically everything else... you can use them to create a hologram to distract enemies and snipe them out, or you can set down an infinite turret to distract enemies and actually kill them while you do some hacking… Really making the gameplay of this otherwise bland game feel alive and varied And you can craft new guns as they become available as you progress the story… This game is highly focused on crafting.. Though the crafting here is very light... Basically instead of ammo enemies will drop salvage… Salvage is what’s used to craft everything in the game from med packs, to ammo, weapons, and grenades… you get bonus salvage if you take enemies out stealthily.. Though good luck as their detection is ridiculous... and there are piles hidden around the map… if you’re running low on ammo you can spend a large amount refilling your clips or you can just swap weapons, and if all run out because you’re saving for a new upgrade, you can just switch to your pistol which has infinite ammo… though weapon switching in this game is painfully slow and this slow swapping can make some moments feel frustrating as you feel stuck in a death cycle trying to get your favorite weapon back out… speaking of slow.. This entire game feels sluggish and clunky... and at times feel unresponsive when throwing grenades or using a medpack... leading to frustrating deaths in the heat of battle… And there a lot of them… As this game will throw annoying heat seeking bombs and turrets into the mix that can only be taken out with sniper rifles.. or finding a way to sneak behind The level design here is pretty uninspired, aside from one level I enjoyed towards the middle… it’s a lot of getting from point a to point b with the occasional climbing and the constant shooting in areas that hardly look different from one another… The scenery gets old fast, occasionally interrupted with some on rails shooting…. Rogue Trooper isn’t really an interesting game… It’s the very definition of just okay... There’s weapon variety, but the game leaves the overall gameplay variety up to the player... if you don’t actively think outside of the box this is a just a very dull third person shooter with unresponsive controls that feel from the stone age I give Rogue Trooper Redux a 6/10

dandalis, Nov 13, 2017

Terribly optimized game on PC, its actually quite ridiculous. From a decent looking 2006 PS2 title remastered into a average looking PS3 game at best, YET, f*cking YET it runs worse than leagues ahead more impressive looking games. Ok, GTX 650 in 2017 doesnt mean much, but come on, when something like Battlefield 1 in 720p runs at 50 fps, even Prey 2017 in 720p is very playable or Crysis 3 in 1050p at 40 - 50 fps on my card while Rogue Trooper Redux in 720p barely sits at 30 fps with many drops below 20 fps, something is horribly wrong with the game's port. People with modern graphics cards probably wouldnt notice this, cuz pure graphics power would easily deliver 60+ fps, but its people with low end stuff who can really reveal such horrid crappy ports. By no means its an awful looking game, i noticed good texture work and some nice lighting in places, but overall by 2017 standards its a pretty low budget looking game that simply makes good use of what it has, sadly foegetting it has to run well. Aside from that bollocks, game's fairly OK from gameplay standpoint, but felt pretty dated. It hasnt got that good of controls, they feel clunky and movement hasnt got precision cuz you cant lead your movement with mouse, just keyboard, tho they are still serviceable. Enemy AI doesnt pose much threat, they usualy stand in open waiting for you to headshot them with sniper rifle. Theres few bit annoying on rails sequences. Story was lets just say generic, with just your trooper buddies bantering making for some fun dialogue. At times there's few nice vistas in background. If it wasnt for such horrendous unoptimized port on PC, it would've been an above average OKish action shooter.