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RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 takes the series to new heights with brand new features including 3-D graphics, giving players complete control of views around the park, and a front seat to the action with a new Coaster Cam feature that allows players to ride the roller coasters. RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 also features new gameplay elements that fans have been asking for - including diversity of guests, added group behavior and improved guest AI - and many other new features which build upon the fun and addictive nature of the original game. [Atari]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 4310
Genre Strategy, Tycoon, Management, Business / Tycoon
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Atari , Atari SA / Frontier Developments
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RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 reviews ( 6 )

Mcgillacuddy, Aug 11, 2016

A 4.9? What the hell you guys are so full of crap! This game was very well-made. There's a lot of customization options and you can build really epic parks.

B, Jul 10, 2008

with the soaked and wild expansion packs this game is awesome! pretty much everything is customizable by you and in a fun and interesting way too not a boring 'oh i have to do this and repeat it 1000 times' way - theres just so much cool stuff - same feel as RCT2 but awesomer! :D

JohnT., Dec 8, 2004

This game is awesome, but it has a few flaws. Main point was the 3d card u hafta buy with it. It costs about 200$, so u end up spendin a hell of alot of money juss for a game. The graphics r awesome but a couple of bugs. Riding the rides are pretty kewl. Besides the chip and the bugs, overall good game.

asjklasjklas, May 16, 2014

Atari buying the RollerCoaster Tycoon franchise has been its grandest downfall since the glory days under Chris Sawyer's ownership, especially when the company makes you wait more than a decade for a sequel, only to be overwhelmingly disappointed. But in 2004 and with the release of RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, everyone saw potential, especially after how surprisingly well it transitioned into the world of 3D graphics. But despite having a number of bugs that take more than one hand to count, RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 was an excellent entry for a game that's significantly unequal to its older siblings. Pros: Excellent new features, such as a sandbox mode that allows accessibility to casual players; excellent creative modes; variety of coasters, rides, shops, and scenery to build, not including its expansion packs; charming -- and surprisingly comical -- sense of humor; the 3D graphics are overall pleasant to look at; 10 years later, it's still an addictive and enjoyable experience for a wide variety of players. Cons: The cost of transitioning RollerCoaster Tycoon into the 3D realm is the buggy mechanics, extensive loading screens, and frequent slow downs or freeze ups; in sacrificing itself by distancing the franchise from Chris Sawyer and the Six Flags brand makes for an indescribable lack of charisma in comparison to the superior predecessors; hasn't aged QUITE as well as its predecessors have, despite having some significant improvements.

Tech, Jul 14, 2006

Graphics are great. The peeps AI needs more work on since most of them are stuck in specific areas. If everyone would spread around in the whole area of park would be great like in the other 2 roller coaster games.

GregM., Dec 5, 2004

This is bullsh!t. I wasted $40.00 on this game to only find out that you need a nVidia or ATI 3D game card....Why was that not listed on the system requirements on the INTERNET??? I knew when Atari bought this franchise that would be the end of this game. This version will never have the soul like the first 2 did, because they weren't worried about making the most state of the art game, which required HARDWARE that 85% of the country DOES NOT HAVE!!