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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII For 30 years, the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series have taken players into the world based on the beloved Chinese novel of the same name; to be a part of one of the most tumultuous times of history and privy to the political machinations between power-hungry factions makes for a perfect strategic experience, especially when each iteration of the game brings about new additions to the grand scheme of unifying 2nd century China. Regardless of their familiarity with the source material, any fan of the strategy genre will appreciate the vast nuances in Koei Tecmo's historical opus; a challenging and rewarding mix of historically accurate warfare and deep gameplay, players will find themselves blissfully taken aback by all the options available in this timeless tale come game. In a macro and micro sense, cites can be built and developed, alliances maintained or betrayed, and armies - that which features a wide variety spanning from infantry, cavalry, artillery, and even navy - can be done via conscription or recruitment. Diplomacy and intrigue also offer a multitude of choices, with historical characters retaining their quirks and personalities, and can be facilitated through bribery, coercion, flattery, and more. With already a huge wealth of content, even if a player sticks to the default Campaign mode, a mode where players follow the events of the novel, with Hero mode, replayability becomes just as inviting as all the aforementioned features. Hero mode allows players to create their own destiny within this pivotal time, and gives them the chance to play out an alternate path of history to their choosing. Of course, like all Romance of the Three Kingdom games that feature many of the characters from the novels, in XIII, there are over 700 historical characters including mainstay fan-favorites like Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Zhao Yun, and more; if you're like us though, you'd create your own unique character and build up your own version of the Middle Kingdom.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 63 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1373
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, 4X
Company / Developer
Koei Tecmo Games / Koei Tecmo Games

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII reviews ( 7 )

Tallestdavid, Aug 9, 2016

Best in the series. Brought back old festures And added new features. Any low reviews are from the people who complain about wanting new but cry when rhey get new. Personally i love all rotk Favorite is 10.

Unicron35, Feb 21, 2017

ROTK 13 is a excellent RTS strategy game by Koei. It's definitely the best one in the series I've played so far. The strategy phase menu and battles are streamlined. The music soundtrack is excellent. The officer portraits are awesome. You can tell Koei put a lot of heart and dedication into this game. I have returned to change my score from a 9 to 10 for ROTK 13. It seems like Koei is listening to it's fans and released a patch to fix a lot of bugs and spelling errors in this game. ROTK 13 is a very accessible, fun, and engaging RTS game full of fan service and flair. The new RPG elements blend nicely with the gameplay adding a nice touch for the series. Thank you Koei for bringing ROTK 13 to the West with an English release.

gyc, Jan 29, 2016

correct reviews are on steam. This is a great game, GREAT game but why 9 but not 10? There a large amount of little bugs in game, that makes -0.5, the price makes -0.5. I mean, based on a Chinese famous story line, million of Chinese buyers are ready to pay for the game, but a price like 300 RMB is 1/10 of monthly salary, which is nearly unacceptable. If Koei want to make a good deal, be successful, sells a million, it is necessary that the RTK13 PK is on a better pricing, or give original buyers a little advantage. If not, we all know 80*100000=800 000, and 40*1000 000=4 000 000, it is not double !

Emphatic, Jul 8, 2016

Its a solid entry, its not without its issues, but for true fans of the series its worth a play, the deep rpg elements are a welcomed return, but somehow the city management feels a little clunky, overall a good fan entry, but most new players will probably be off put by the learning curve, thankfully hero mode serves as a nice way to get new players accustomed to the game play while delving deep into china's rich warring kingdoms period.

yzxjogja, Sep 1, 2017

I am a die hard RoTK fan, been playing this series since the RoTK II back in the 80's. I am very sorry to say RoTK XIII is a failure for me. Here's why: 1. You can't transfer troops. The idea of every city has it's own troops type that you can deploy upon research, is not a bad idea, but then to make the troops not transferable to other city is a huge mistake. In the reality, when a troops won a battle, sometimes they are station there as the permanent troops of that city. Like in history when some notorious general is given a new post, his long serving soldiers or elite troops will be brought as well to the new post. 2. If you are a ruller, you have to go visit every single of your officer one by one if you want to increase their loyalty. You can't send them gift or gold just by command, you have to travel to their home YOURSELF. This is ridiculous, because I don;t think there is any ruler that has to go door to door to beg for loyalty of his subject. 3. The battle system is ok, but still, I miss the option of challenging the opponent officer to a duel and also the option of using several tactics like setting fire, shooting fire arrows, throwing boulders, taunt, perturb, misinform, ambush, blunder, etc, like in RoTK XI. The only pro for this game is that it has better graphics than the previous series, that's all.

yosa1, Sep 24, 2016

I have no desire to go into much detail on this one; the game play is drawn out and limited, the interface and just the way you go about every interaction is awkward, limited and undescriptive. The main way to move forward in this game is to perform missions of which I seemed to only be able to do 2 at once, and man are these tediously slow. While they tick down your leader can perform independent actions, from helping the missions progress quicker to doing little side quests for small cash rewards, and on the whole its largely a slow crawl to improve you cities in its 3 domestic areas or its 3 millitaries types, its shallow and lacks interaction.

Evilserge, Feb 11, 2016

A game where Koei goes in full retard mode. Not acceptable. Overpriced, 50% of bugs etc etc. This list can long 4ever. The AI in the game is so bad. Worst game on a franchise.