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RONIN Ronin is stylish a turn-based action platformer following the exploits of a vengeful heroine determined to strike down five prominent figures of a powerful corporation.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 72 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1240
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, General
Company / Developer
Devolver Digital / Tomasz Waclawek

RONIN reviews ( 7 )

SolembumZzz, Jul 9, 2015

Though I think it would be better if it were longer, harder and the boss should be stronger. This game is really awesome. I've ever like an action game before until they put the turn-based battle system into this.

alekskras, Jul 21, 2015

Combine gunpoint, risk of rain and a bit of hardline miami and you get this brilliant game. Could not believe how this game got me hooked for hours. Give it a try!

CYJAN3K, Oct 27, 2016

Great game but sadly only with 5 chapter, 3 missions in every. It tooks a lot of time but mostly because you think what to do and fail. This is the biggest problem. On the beginning it is hard to "feel" how to move during fight, but when you get it - it is great, easy and fast. Missions are harder with every next (harder and longer - you have bigger places and more things to do). Every chapter have some surprises and new things, it is not like every is same, repetetive. You have also skills, which you unlock with skills point that you get for doing all objectives during mission (sometimes it is why game is so hard). I have to say this is not stealth game because you have to kill all soliders to get skill point, not always you can do this stealth. But sometimes you can beat game without open fight. I give 1 point less for lenght and next one less because of some faults like not always stealth or and just because it is good but not on 10. It gives 8. I give 9 because of demo. You can try out game before you buy it, know if you like it or not (demo is easy but have first chapter with all skills). Very helpful thing, worth 1 point more to final rate

Indrigis, Jul 11, 2015

As long as you aren't "in combat", RONIN is a very fluid and entertaining experience. You can hop around slicing through enemies, throw your sword or sneak along the ceiling and score stealthy kills. Unfortunately, as soon as you enter turn-based combat, the game becomes a lot clunkier, with limited controls (you can't walk, climb edges or instantly pull yourself to a grapple point) and artificial hurdles in the form of the lockdown mechanic. Thus, despite the hint that tells you "It's not a stealth game. Just kill everyone" RONIN's best experienced while "cheating" the mechanics and abusing your movement without getting noticed by the enemy. Hold Space to issue commands instantly. The controls aren't changeable and there are quite a few glitches leaving the heroine getting stuck in the walls, but the game's pretty unique in its genre and as long as you can avoid getting stuck in turn-based, RONIN delivers.

CapitanIndie, Jul 1, 2015

A very stylish action-stealth game with a lot of personality with a very innovative turn based battle system that plays out as a puzzle. I know that's a complicated sentence, but I truly recommend you to play this game that isn't Gunpoint at all, but a fresh and greatly crafted idea.

Yohann, Jul 25, 2015

Ronin is a very well made game. You can feel the polish that was put into the development of it while you abuse the simple combat mechanics. For what it is, It is a near perfect game made by three people. It'll definitely keep you entertained for a few hours at least. However, This game uses a blatantly ripped off style from gunpoint, and the story, or lack thereof, was basically kill bill. Seriously a samurai sword wielding blonde chick in a motorcycle outfit getting revenge on random dudes? Kill Bill. Despite its lack of originality in style, the gameplay is fun, with the turn based system being unique, though a bit broken. This game would probably be better as a tablet game.

Ted_Tris, Jul 11, 2015

Ezt a játék egy nagy rakás szar. Bugos mert minden pályán ki lehet libbeni a játektérből az ajtók mellet. Kibaszott nehéz. Átgonodolatlan, szemét a gameplay. Akkor kapok skill ha 100%ra tolom a pályát? Rákényszeríti a skill pontokkal a játékost, hogy kétszer menyjen végig a legtöbb pályán mikor meg 1* is olyan mint ha kaktuszt szarna az ember? A demoban lévő pár pálya meg játszható nehézségű, de a többi már oylan idegesítően nehéz, hogy az az élvezhetőség rovására megy. Ez a vásárló atbaszása. Jóbarát te tehetségtelen vagy mint a sár. Remélem az anyád temetésére költöd el a 9.99 eurómat te szemét rohadék... Non stealth gamplay Unplayable difficult Fight system is gambling Bugs This big zero