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Rugby 2004 Choose from 20 international, all Super 12, and other domestic teams, then take your team to victory in the World Cup, Tri nations, Super 12 Series, Domestic, Master League and Friendly matches. Strap on your boots, this is World Cup Rugby at its body-ramming, bullet-passing, try-scoring best! More than 60 Teams From Around the World: Featuring every Rugby World Cup qualifying team plus international teams that did not qualify for the tournament, and every Super 12, and European Cup team. Over 1,500 Players Ready to Scrum: All the top players in the world, from Jonah Lomu to Jonny Wilkinson. With the revamped player editor, change every element of your players including height, weight, look, and playing attributes. Make a run for the cup with a wide variety of game and tournament modes including: Training Pitch, World Cup, Tri Nations, Bledisloe Cup, Super 12, European Cup, British Lions Tour, and Master League, the flagship tournament that lets you fully trade and customize your player, team, and tournament, and play through a career-style game mode. [Electronic Arts]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 57 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1363
Genre Sports, Alternative, Team, Rugby
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Electronic Arts / HB Studios Multimedia
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Rugby 2004 reviews ( 4 )

RhysC., Sep 24, 2003

I would prefer my money back!! You need a masters degree to play is game. Players have line comming from the ground, when has playing a game of rugby been so hard. Dont be surprised if you chuck the game out the window after is crashes on you every 10mins.

MarkP., Nov 21, 2003

This is a disapointment compared to MADDEN 2004 it is shocking... the graphics are bad the reaction time of the players is even worse and it is so bad i am a rugby player and sidesteppin in real life did not look anything like it did in the game.

RobW., Jan 18, 2005

This is an insult to the great game of rugby. I'm just glad I bought it very, very, very cheaply, and that I can offload it to the ignorant and gullible.

Andrew, Nov 16, 2003

First u can now download the original game only the demo second it doesn't even have the controls for it plz send me an email of the controls and i will rate it 10.