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Rune A third-person game of action and adventure steeped in Norse mythology and high fantasy. Use your brains and massive brawn to survive as you explore the 3-D game world fighting off creatures from Norse legend and the fertile minds of the Human Head staff with their array of swords, axes, and magical devices. [Gathering of Developers]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1655
Genre Action Adventure, Fantasy, General
Players 1-16
Company / Developer
Gathering / Human Head Studios
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Rune reviews ( 5 )

pokrishka, Dec 24, 2015

This is one of my favorite game from my childhood days. I remember playing it on LAN at the gaming club with my friends, I remember playing in from home on 30kbps Dial Up all weekend nights with pings around 300. This is by far the best multiplayer melee game I have played. These days there are great alternatives like Chivalry, but this 3rd person game mechanics are just so well done that I can't help but compare everything else to it. The dodging coming from it's Unreal Engine coupled with precise hit detection makes it the most skill based melee combat I've seen, without crazy combos you have to remember and be quick enough to perform - you just need to swing your weapon through your opponent's body and try to avoid their blade. And you can also throw a huge hammer at their heads. These days I suggest Rune Classic re-release on Steam, but Rune Gold from the old days is also great. That is due to Halls of Valhalla multiplayer expansion which is, in my opinion, better in terms of fighting mechanics, than the original and they are not compatible (Rune Classic is compatible with both versions and incorporates both mechanics, you should really get it, preferably with your friends to play together as player base is pretty small these days).

anarky321, Mar 12, 2016

this game left a very positive impression on me playing it as a well it stood the test of time...hard to tell...but it was great fun..single and multi

escograu, Dec 13, 2015

When I was young I was amazed by that game, especially by multiplayer mode. Atmosphere of Norse mythology is great, so if you are interested in this kind of things, definitely check it out. Gameplay is just very simple, you just go foward and kill your enemies, that's all.

Nucleus, Sep 10, 2005

Reeks of averageness all around. Overly simplified arcade-like controls and player movement, very stupid enemy AI, basic visuals and simple "pull the lever"-puzzles. It didn't keep me insterested for long.

sadosamurai, Sep 18, 2012

Rune is just a decent action game. There is nothing special about it. The graphics are average, so is the fighting system. The above doesn't mean the game does not provide entertainment. See more here