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Ryse: Son of Rome Fight as a soldier. Lead as a general. Rise as a legend. Ryse is an action game that draws gamers into the epic times of the Roman Empire.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 63 / 100
User rating
Downloads 5652
Genre Action Adventure, General, Fantasy
Company / Developer
Crytek / Crytek

Ryse: Son of Rome reviews ( 7 )

Alan1254, Oct 11, 2014

Love this game, something different from usual FPS and 3rd person game. Most games have same/similar story and can be boring. People do say that Ryse is repetitive but are not all the other games repetitive? E.G shooting enemies in different maps. People are annoyed because of short campaign but like all of the crytek games have short campaigns.

Longshots, Nov 12, 2015

Story is great and unexpected. Graphics are WOW Gameplay is Fun and Cool .

Rems, Oct 31, 2016

Ive red some of the reviews and I think people forgot that this is a slasher... They expect some miracles in the field of combat which is anyway pretty good. Story line its interesting and graphics are beautiful although FPS drops happens so thats -1 from the perfect 10. Its a good SLASHER game.

regimechange, Dec 27, 2014

A Solid 7. It was a fun little game with absolutely amazing graphics. I wouldn't say they really focused on anything else, but I enjoyed it. Full of action, very simple. It NEEDS a better third person camera, and maybe a better combo system. That would immediately and easily make it a better game. Its what you would expect from Crytek, a game that's essentially a benchmark/benchtest. You should have known what you were getting into.

clarky, Oct 20, 2014

It really pains me to write this review. It was a great (maybe the best) looking game, and the combat system is difficult to master when playing on hard. I enjoyed it. However, they committed the unforgivable sin of not being able to skip cut scenes and as with all other games that do this, they have ruined the game with this choice. I keep hitting a cutscene and having to press ALT+F4 because I simply cannot be bothered with the cut scene and powerless to skip it. Why do this??????.

AbeMC, Jun 14, 2016

Hack. Slash. Shield bash. Repeat. That's Ryse: Son of Rome in a nutshell. The more I tried to objectively assemble a list of positives and negatives, the more I realized that Ryse has little unique to offer (those graphics, though!). However, there is real promise in several areas, and I had fun in an arcade-y way (hence the recommendation). Ryse is worth a purchase at 75% off or more, but certainly not at full price. What's to like: + The graphics for sure. If you have a killer rig and want an awesome-looking game to showcase your hardware, this is your game. The developers didn't phone in the backdrops, either: the vistas are huge, the backdrops extensive. The undergrowth in Britain is deep, detailed and lush. The water looks like real water, not shiny, shifting, reflective plastic. Character detail is superb, though facial animations still look just a bit stiff. + The voice acting is great, and carries the game at many points. Everyone delivers a superb performance (player-character Marius and npc Vitallion are both stand-outs). + The story has emotional impact, though if you're at all a fan of the time-period, the careless mixing of old and new legends will probably annoy instead of satisfy. Still, it's enough to keep you moving forward. + The soundtrack is a decent emulation of Zimmer's Gladiator score (not surprising). + The combat is slick and swift, and easy for newcomers. + A lot of effort clearly went into designing the two-player co-operative multiplayer; there are at least a dozen maps and four game modes. It's a lot of fun to team up with someone and slay enemies in the arena, but matchmaking is not that good at the moment, if a match can be found at all. + Well-optimized (for Radeon, anyway). In an era of increasingly shoddy PC ports, Ryse ran great on my moderate hardware (A10 6800k + 2GB R7 260X); I averaged around 50fps @1080p Medium settings. And now, the not-so-awesome stuff. - Linear as heck. Rome may look awesome in the distance, but you can't go there. - While the story works, even the slightest bit of historical research will reveal there is nothing even approaching “accuracy”. If you were hoping for a cool Roman-era hack'n slash, you'll get it. Historically accurate? Nope. Just a mix of the cool stuff. - No real large-scale payoff to the story. Marius has closure, no question. But the larger implications – including that he was somehow an instrument of the gods – are never addressed. We just get these god-figures who appear at the end (and are glimpsed throughout) with some decent speeches about purpose, rules, and Rome, and that's it. - Combat is limited and repetitive. Hack, slash, shield-bash, repeat. Maybe dodge here and there. It definitely bored me by the sixth chapter (out of eight). A missed opportunity to maybe dual-wield swords, or have a spear and shield, but nope. A sword and shield the entire game. - Staying with combat for a minute, finishing moves are a QTE-fest. I don't mean every few minutes; every other second you're performing some kind of QTE. I suppose this was easier than programming more complicated forms of combat. - I loved some of the contextual battle choices – where to deploy your archers, advancing on a line of archers in the testudo formation. But these are under-used, and offer little variation. - Upgrade skills are ridiculously cheap. I've played enough of the Batman Arkham games to be able to string together a 35-hit combo without much trouble. A big enough combo and correctly-completed QTEs grants tons of “honor” points that are used to level up. If the game were harder, upgrading would have meant more... - ...perhaps. Aside from new execution animations, the upgrades didn't seem to have much effect. Ryse: Son of Rome is a linear hack'n slash that will satisfy in short bursts, but anyone looking for deep gameplay and any customization will be disappointed. The potential is there to be something truly great, but sadly that potential remains unrealized.

bkmz1212, Sep 25, 2016

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