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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Ancaria already awaits you! The mighty realm of the Highelves lies in ruins. The raging war for control over the T-Energy wears down the land and lures its denizens into fear and chaos. The world calls for a hero to end this war. Accompany six characters through the mystic - technological universe of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. Dwell on dreary paths or follow the ways of the light. The decision is yours alone, but be aware this decision will change the world. [Ascaron Entertainment]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3035
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Company / Developer
Atari , Atari SA / Ascaron Entertainment GmbH, Ascaron Entertainment

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel reviews ( 7 )

WorthPlaying, May 7, 2009

If you're a Diablo clone fan, this is a must play. A bit different than the first, but with the same wide-open game world to fool around in. As of May 2009, almost all bugs have been eliminated, so if you were frustrated by earlier play, or were warned off by reviewers, give it another try.

AaronBiegalski, Nov 14, 2008

As a big fan of the first game, I am quite impressed by Sacred 2. It takes many of the strengths of the first game and makes them much more accessible. The UI is much improved from it's earlier iteration, and the graphics are certainly some of the most beautiful I have seen. The skills are expanded and improved upon. The sound design is also a big improvement. The one other thing to consider is the speed with which they are patching the game: So far Ascaron and Deep Silver are showing a lot of interest in supporting the game, which will only ensure that the game gets even better. Of course, there are a few minor problems with the game. The 3D camera can be annoying on occasion, as it's exact angle is not controllable. Game options cannot be altered in-game, the player must exit to the menu before making any graphic tweaks. But overall, the minor problems are just that... minor. I highly recommend Sacred 2 to any fans of the genre.

ZsheezorB, Dec 20, 2008

Yep, this game was released pre-maturely. That is it's biggest flaw that hurt it initially. The Devs have been hard at work and have fixed hundreds of bugs and already better balanced the game and fixed exploits within 60 days of the products retail release. The latest v2.34 Patch is great. Even so, that patch was delivered initially with problems - so what. The devs fixed the majority of the problems within 72 hours of releasing the patch. Other game companies seem to not give a flying care about things like that - quickly, recently in this industry. While some would rather that criticize this games minor flaws and drone on and on about it's frustrating initial problems, here's the bottom line: The Developers genuinely desire to make things right by their fans/customers and so far, in 60 days after release they have done that. If you LOVE Action-RPG's like the Diablo and Titans Quest series and you can handle a moderately deep, yet simple and powerful character development system you will really enjoy Sacred 2. It plays differently than the above listed ARPGs I mentioned and it does it wonderfully if you take a few extra moments to read and follow the in-game tutorial hints. The tooltip instructions are pretty good in the game too. There is a reason why this game got "Best International Game of the year" in Europe. Try the demo. If you like it, you will like the game. If you want the English version of the game, purchase the International English Collectors edition (UK collectors - Deep Silver) - its not much more than the regular english edition and works in all international english speaking countries like the USA and Canada and the UK. Do you like mounts in ARPG's? Sacred 2 has them, and unique ones at that. Plus you can fight on your mount in combat. How about humor? Sacred 2 has a lot of that too. Some might even complain that Sacred 2 uses SecuROM - well yes it does. What others don't investigate is that the version that they use allows you to have it installed and not have the DVD in the drive. They even inform you of this on the box on the European editions. It was the US distro-houses that tend to hide that fact. You can even have it installed on two PC's with the same installation key and play on your own home network and not have to buy two copies of the game - legally. The exception to that is that if both people on both PCs with the same key want to play multiplayer-online at the same time, they cannot. Multiplayer online only - requires a key for each PC/account. If you uninstall the game, this version of SecuROM releases your key back to the master servers. Not a big deal compared to more aggressive versions. If you have problems with your key or activations its pretty easy to solve via a simple email or telephone call. Ascaron has done a pretty good job of balancing DRM and customer service issues, imo. Try the demo, read the reviews, buy the English UK editions for the best-sourced-distribution if interested. I live in the USA and have both versions, UK and USA. I like the UK distro best (Deep Silver), they gave more to the fans for almost the same price as the US versions and more specifics and better explanations of the game. If you love ARPGs you will love Sacred 2, just do your research before you buy.

RémyLLx, Oct 10, 2008

A nice Hack'n'Slash game, not as powerful or deep as the old Diablo 2, or even the great Titan Quest, but really fun, with good-looking graphics, and lots of silly dialogs, and huour. The World is wide, and you can go anywhere you want, there's no predifined path / story. That's quite enjoyable to do what you want. As far as gameplay is concerned, it is average, and fights aren't as precise and tactical as I would like. Anyway, there's hours of fun, and tons of respawning monsters !

BarryG, Oct 14, 2008

This game is awful ;/ Just bought it and installed the same day . Maaaan it looks bad and it works bad . Deep Silver logo is on the box ( just like in gothic 3 , which works badly too but its a good game tho). I started the game and I didnt liked it from the beggining . The way my character was moving was annoying and stupid. All the characters in this game look bad. It's hard to play this game , Sacred 1 was wayyy better. The camera angle is bad in a 3D game. Wasted money on's like 25gb on hard drive , long installation... Don't buy this , wait for Diablo 3 :)

guruFTW, Aug 2, 2013

I had this game on my ps3 because a friend gifted it to me, after 1 hour of really boring and confusing play I just dropped it and never played it again. I lost it and didn't even care. A few days ago I bought the Humble Bundle, and I was quite surprised to see this game again, and after buying it I thought I could give it another try. This is horrible. I mean, okay, it was released in 2008, but did the developers re-released it again in 2012 without even adding Big Picture support even if they already had everything set up from the console versions? How lazy is that? And they even have the courage to actually sell a 2008 game that's not only poorly done but doesn't even try to bring something new or fun for 20€? I honestly can't see why they would release the same exact game after 4 years as a "Gold Edition" just to add one DLC. Also, no multiplayer on a game meant and advertised to be better in co-op, and since these incompetents didn't make it Big Picture compatible you can't play co-op locally with two controllers. Bonus: The game has no achievements despite having Trophies and Achievements on both Ps3 and Xbox and also has no picture for the store, and i looks like crap on my profile. ( This is so bad I don't have words to describe it. If you bought this game at full price you should be ashamed of yourself for supporting people that just want to steal money from you. At least I know the money I spent was used for charity. I'd give the original Sacred a 6-7 for the time it was released, the gold edition is much, much worse.

JimmyB, Dec 7, 2008

this game is buggy even after 1.1 gig of patches. Moreover, it introduces new bugs every day. Currently it impossible for the majority of the online population to CREATE A GAME, and they are therefore stuck to play on public ascaron server, also unable to progress their online campaign status. The enemies are also bugged, they will disappear underground, and you will not be able to target them unless using AoE attacks, if your class has one. Amazingly, this happens also with bosses that are 20 times bigger than standard enemies, they will get stuck underground, they will not attack you, and it will take 30 minutes to kill them with AoE attacks. This still happens after the latest patch changing what should be a thrilling fight into a snorefest. Be careful; this game may look pretty at the start, and it takes a good 20 hours of game to realise how many flaws and bugs there are. You will lose items, your stash once filled with precious equipment will inexplicably become empty without nobody touching it, and countless other problems. Currently there is a bug that completely wipes your inventory. This game is, as of today, effectively unplayable online by a large part of its customers, and there has been zero support from the devs. They do not know what is causing the bug and are not doing anything to improve the problem. Save your money for another game, even if you find at 20$ this game is not worth the stress and frustration it will cause you.