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Sacred 3 After decades of peace a new shadow is cast over the world of Ancaria. Only if the clans from across the lands combine their skills the glimmer of hope left within the resistance will ignite a fierce battle for peace.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 59 / 100
User rating
Downloads 4808
Genre Action RPG, Role-Playing
Company / Developer
Deep Silver / Deep Silver

Sacred 3 reviews ( 7 )

Wurgh, Aug 1, 2014

Only thing why people hate this game is that it is so much different from old ones. People just cant handle it. I loved old ones and now i really love this one. It is different, but who carez ?!

Freaksy, Aug 2, 2014

First couple of hours, this game is definetly different then it's predecessors. But in a good way in my opinion. It focuses on action and hack'n slash rather than endless grinding. Mosr people will not like this idea, but I love it. I don't have as much time as I used to have, this game packs a punch in little amounts of time. The voice overs are nicely done. The game has a good sense of humor. Graphics, physics and animations are slick and smooth. There is another thing that might bother most people. This game is designed for consoles. Meaning it's better played with a controller. But I have one, I finished D3 on x360 so I had no problem getting used to controlls. What I understand is this game is not open world. It's more like an action game where you go thru chapters rather than running all the time around. This might again upset a lot of people, but I don't mind the change. Hype of the action takes all the attention, I realised I don't want another running simulator. I might update my review since I didn't finish the game yet. But for now my score is 7 out of 10. It's definetly a great game, but if you were expecting huge grinds, it seems you won't find it here. This game is more like an action game, rather than an rpg. An action-rpg wtith action side coming forward.

Ninja7Everin, Aug 3, 2014

The Sacred series in the past contained rpg elements, open world, and tons of loot and missions. Sacred 3 has none of these. Not even remotely close. This looks more like Sacred Citadel 2, and I can only assume the company decided to base Sacred 3 off of Sacred Citadel rather than the Sacred series. This is a pathetic attempt of a game and they should be ashamed of what they TRULY did: trick us into thinking they made another Sacred title for the sake of GREED.

14Sponger, Jun 29, 2015

Basta,dpo aver acquistato questo mi sento pronto ad impiccarmi oppure crocifissarmi insieme ai creatori di questo gioco è bello comprare i critici per farti fare pubbicità eh???

BetaSparkUK, Aug 7, 2014

Very bad game, clearly not put any efffort into it. Insulting all of us gamers. This should not even exist, please do not make any more games like this and waste our time.

dkurjery, Aug 1, 2014

After seeing so many friends falling into the death trap of pre-ordering this game. I come here to try to save some people here. This game is charged at around USD 50. You may probably expect this would be an AAA ARPG title, considering Sacred series is a well known ARPG series, right? NO. This game is now downgraded to a poor console port game, in which its quality is only on par with an action game in tablet or smart phone. Yes, this game is no longer an ARPG. There are no character customization, stat or skill point allocation and equipment system. Instead of the open world in the Sacred series, you now play the game on a stage basis. And this game simply become an action game like those in smart phone, you have to clear one stage with limited move sets, fighting hordes of monsters, then you move on to the next stage. According to the steam store page, this smart phone game requires 25 GB harddisk space and USD 50 from you. So, please just say no to this game, in order to save your money and harddisk space.I hope everyone disappointed by this game will find some interesting games to play with in the mean time.

and0r, Aug 5, 2014

Nothing is SACRED anymore.. and these casual developers need to be taken out back and flogged with a rubber hose.......................................................................... FAIL