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Sacred Citadel Sacred Citadel lets you and your friends join the resistance in order to defeat the evil Ashen empire that has enslaved its population and is using the orc-like Grimmoc to wipe out the Seraphim, who swore to protect it.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 63 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1492
Genre Action, Beat-'Em-Up, 2D
Company / Developer
Deep Silver / Southend Interactive

Sacred Citadel reviews ( 7 )

ibitato, Sep 12, 2013

It's a fun casual hack and slash. The only way to play this is with an xbox controller. I do understand those saying the game is bad because PC controls are broken, but i seriusly think you should not buy these type of games if it is not for playing with gamepads on your TV, It gets better with a friend in local co-op Now, the combat: it's bad. A.I aside, the strong attack combos are way too slow, slower than they should making impossible to use a 3 combo strong attack with more than 1 enemy close to you. Than breaks a lot of your choices, making them ,much more smaller. the art style is nice

dimitrii_ss2, Apr 18, 2013

Just finished it last night and i can say it's trully amazing i hope that Sacred 3 will this much fun to. And i was just saying i want MORE of this i see someone writing about a dlc, when it appears on steam i'm so buying it. MUSIC, ART STYLE is great to, i love how it goes during boss fights like in those old good days on ps1/ps2. Gameplay involves a bit of strategy you can block some attacks but you will need to avoid /interrupt the real powerfull attacks. **** THIS GAME IS GREAT, CAUSE I LIKE SAYING TO THOSE GUYS THAT DON'T LIKE IT

FFxLocke, Apr 19, 2013

More side-scrolling hack and slash? hell yea, this is is pretty fun when playing with people especially with some friends over fighting over loot. I was a kid in the 90s, growing up with tmnt in time, dbl dragon, final fight, etc so this game brings back alot of memories of a time where all you have to do was eat play and sleep.

nnn852, Apr 18, 2013

As a kid I used to play games as Double Dragon on the Game Boy. For some reason this game reminds me of those sort of games. Sacred Citadel brings such a beat em up with simple combo's, action RPG elements such as loot (gold/weapons/armor/potions/food for health), leveling up, potions and temporary for example +6 attack, +6 defense adding christals. The game has a bit of comic book like look to it and the humor is similair to that of Overlord. The game is divided in 4 acts with each about 5 levels and keeps up a score resulting in bronze or silver or gold (there are leaderboards). You play as a warrior or ranger or seraphim mage or shaman. The basic attack is dual weapons and special/power attacks depends on which class you chose. You mostly roll away to evade attacks forwards or backwards or up or down. I did not experience problems due to lag as some mention. You have to be a bit tactical defeating the foes because either there a lot of them and/or your battling a level boss. The flying attack is used to knockdown flying opponents. You can play this game co op with max 3 players. If you don't mind some button bashing and simple combo's. If you like the idea of a beat em up combined with action RPG elements wrapped up in bit of comic book like graphics and Overlord humor. Then I would consider buying this game or play at least the demo available on the official website. This game costs 15,- and your expections should be according the price tag.

MacTyson, Apr 18, 2013

This game can be fun if you have X360 controller, keyboard controls for this game are broken, combat is boring, combo is not fun at all the game looks like castle crashers with 3D graphic, but seriously.. Castle crashers did better than this. playing this game alone is boring as hell, invite your friend to play coop is slightly better

CloudwalkerOP, Apr 17, 2013

Poor control, limited combos, artificial intelligence often fails too many times. repetitive gameplay maybe it could be fun to play with a friend on coop mode, else this game is not worth it

poepx, Aug 16, 2013

Horrible port, Deep Silver is too lazy to look at the controls for the PC. Game play is super repetitive!!!, just mash attack and the enemies will run into you. combos are useless, you just push them away. dumb AI. please, avoid at all cost!