Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Crack/Patch

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Get with Johnny Gat & Kinzie Kensington as you tear apart Hell in a mission to save the Boss’ soul. Historic icons, old friends, older enemies, a talking gun, a full length musical number and more shenanigans await you.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 68 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1694
Genre Action Adventure, General, Modern, Open-World
Company / Developer
Deep Silver / Volition Inc.

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell reviews ( 7 )

Bulbush, Jan 21, 2015

Let me just start of by saying that this IS a dlc. BUT IS A GREAT DLC! What did you expect a 15 hour long humerous story. Well that is no where to be found around here. What you do get is a reskin of SRIV. Sure there may be a new "demon" faction, new weapons, cars, and abilitys, but there is not enough. However I will say that this is a completionist's heaven.10/10

Captain_Chaos, Jun 22, 2016

Upon completing Saints Row IV, I said goodbye to my old, violent, purple friends, thinking it the grand finale. I am glad to say I was wrong, because Gat out of Hell is one... well, hell of a postscript. The boss of the Saints (who looks like whatever you made them look like in Saints Row IV) has been kidnapped by the devil himself, and Johnny Gat, the most dangerous man in the world and the last surviving founder of the Saints, must rescue them. You can also play as team genius Kinzie Kensington, since its her birthday. In some ways, it is the most barebones title in the series- not only are there no customization options, there aren't even any story missions save the finale- the gameplay is made up entirely of the series' staple activities, like fraud and survival, with a few new ones, such as an aerial twist on the blazing activity. Speaking of air, Gat out of Hell takes your mobility to the final frontier, adding full-on flight to your already overpowered repetoire of super powers. Your offensive abilities return with elements, such a stomp that vacuums in enemies and pickups and an aura that forces the demons of hell to bow before your Saintly presence. There's also a whole new set of super-guns (and a sword) that correspond to the seven deadly sins, each with nasty side-effects for your enemies. Gat out of Hell is the best elements of Saints Row distilled into a pure form: the mayhem, the power, the guns, the unparalleled sense of catharsis. Not even the legions of hell can stand in the way of your fun. However, it is also the shortest title in the series, though it is priced accordingly. If you've been on a ridealong with the Saints from the very beginning, like me, Gat out of Hell offers some much appriciated continuity nodding, which is remarkably one of the series' strongest points. Much as in IV, you will run into a number of old familiar faces, beginning with none other then Saints Row 2's main villain, Dane Vogel. There's plenty of collectibles and audio logs to find if you'd like to cover every square inch of the city of the damned. The Saints conquered a street, then a city, a nation, an intellerstellar empire and now hell itself, and STILL there seems to be more for the Saints to do. I hope to don the purple once again sometime in the future. If you have enjoyed ANY of the Saints Row games or crave a sandbox experience that makes you the center of all the fun, Gat out of Hell is a game for you.

Veridiano02, Jan 23, 2015

I don't know what people expect to found here. But if you have just bought a standalone DLC, then it's a very funny standalone DLC. If you have enjoyed Saint's Row The Third and specially Saints row 4, you're going to enjoy this one. I give it an 8 (which is going to be a 7, but I give it one extra poit for the stupid and absolute free negative review down there). It's a very funny DLC. Maybe too short, maybe too much based in side misions. There are some characters introduced without proper introduction, or anything instead of being there, doing nothing. Also, I loved the ending(s). No spoilers.

Dokkodo, Feb 1, 2015

Doesn't really do anything to improve on SR4 and you can burn through it in a couple hours. I also hate musical numbers and there is a long-winded one in the mix, so I might be a bit biased against it.. I also am just annoyed by Jay Mohr when he's scripted, I like him as an off-the-cuff comedian but he just sounds so unnatural and forced when he is reading a script and he is most of the game's narration. I also got trapped in walls far too many times for a game that only takes a few hours to burn through, that was a problem I also experienced in regular SR4, glad to see they didn't fix it. All-in-all it's funny, fun, it's SR4 in hell with demons instead of aliens.

noisnam, Jan 24, 2015

SRGOOH is what i call when innovation went wrong. i do not appreciate the new mechanic they introduced, it is annoying. it feels exactly like borderland pre squeal. they are trying to fix something not broken.

Thombie, Jan 21, 2015

This series has plummeted into mediocrity and worse. This iteration is no exception, it follows the same curve, straight down. Graphics are nice, as usual. Simple, yet effective and I like it but it stops there for me. Enemy spawns are so frantic that you can forget about any sort of tactics and strategy, this is a fast paced frag fest where button mashing is promoted.

Luizzrz, Sep 17, 2015

Terrible, as a huge SR2 and SR4 fan, this is just a huge disappointment: Tryhard city, terrible Story, almost no missions, blah blah blah, etc etc etc. **** game, don't play.