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Salt and Sanctuary Salt and Sanctuary is a 2D hardcore action RPG that blends the brutal signature combat of The Dishwasher with an unforgiving world of demons and dungeons, traps and treasure, and gallows and graveyards.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 86 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1454
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
Ska Studios / Ska Studios

Salt and Sanctuary reviews ( 7 )

I3R0K3N7FEET, May 23, 2016

As many people have described this game as Dark Souls x Metroidvania, which is pretty much spot on for the most of it, that isn't the entire story. Anyone who may have played a SKA Studios game previously will recognise the brutal and beautiful artwork and play style. So far I am 20 hours in, enjoying the exploration and challenges while still experimenting with the ability tree. You will hear people complain about level design and how unfair it is... but isn't that the point? I think people cry too hard when a game becomes too hard or unfair. I loved the difficulty of the Dishwasher games and those, hand-in-hand could arguably rival the skill timing and patience of any 3D action platformer such as the likes of DMC and NG. Mixing up that level of difficulty with the souls formula is next to genius and as someone that LOVES 2D action platformers, Salt and Sanctuary allows you to explore a more gritty and visceral world in much more depth compared to those before it. The fact that SKA Studios have laboured intensely over this game show's their commitment to creating deep, enjoyable and unique games. After this experience, I can't WAIT to see what they will bring to the 3rd instalment of the Dishwasher Series. If you like 2D platformers (Ori and the Blind Forest, Dust: an elysian tale, or of course Metroidvania) and want to experience something brutal, unforgiving that has sharp and responsive controls gritty and depressing cyberpunk/grungy artwork, churning original soundtracks (despite being criticised for being stretched thin here, you have to realise the music is made in house too!!) that has been mixed with the 'souls formula' with RPG elements. This game will blow you and your expectations away, glitches and all. If you are a fan of COD, hand holding, or generally sub PG13 rated content and have little skill with gaming generally, don't bother, you will end up being one of those people that rates this game negatively while having little tears of regret streaming from your eyes.

kasparius, Jul 14, 2017

I absolutely loved this game. Metroidvanias are my favorite kind of games, and I also love the Souls series and Bloodborne, so this game seemed right up my alley. I was a bit worried that it would just be a souls rip-off with light Metroidvania elements, but it's not at all. It's just as satisfying as a Souls game, probably not as hard, but still a decent challenge, which is rare in Metroidvania games these days. But the real surprise is that it is also a great Metroidvania game. It follows all the rules: One big unified map, areas locked behind new abilities and locked doors, backtracking, shortcuts, all of that with the combat and leveling system find in the souls game translated beautifully to a 2D platform game. The combat has that Souls heft, and weapons really do work differently. Just like Souls, you can create your heavy armored mage, or light armored heavy hammer fighter, etc... New Game + is part of the deal as well. The main game is quite long too, especially generous considering this is a game made by a small indie studio and retails for 17.99. A bargain if you asked me, because it offers really great value for that price. I know I will be revisiting this game often and it's now part of a select group of games that are for me part of the pinnacle of the Metroidvania genre: Symphony of the Night, Super Metroid, Guacamelee!, Metroid Fusion, Order of Ecclesia, and Dawn/Aria of Sorrow.

Viderberg, Sep 5, 2017

Dark Souls in 2d but with faster combat. The music is a bit lack-lusting, but it's not bad. Love this game, really fun with a friend by your side. The mixture of Dark Souls and Metroidvania is just perfect.

Lukatanemoller, Jun 26, 2016

So instead of being a mindless idiot like almost all the people in these reviews I'm going to tell you how I am going to give this game a score I will start this game off with a 5 like all of them and the game will gain extra points throughout this review. Anyways, this game was a wonderful experience, a simple story, good controls and of course, the awesome ska studios art style. The game might not be original in the mechanics, but holy **** the original art style blows me away. The dark-ish theme they have for it makes it extra scary. The bosses that you fight can be actually frightening, the gore sounds can feel satisfying as you hack and slash through those enemies. This game rightfully got my 9 out of 10 of it's brilliant creativity and shows that flash/photoshop games can still be fukkin awesome! Two more words: B U Y I T !

Romeros, Jul 24, 2016

What a great and challenging game. Not a huge fan of Dark Souls but this game blow my mind. Great gameplay, ability tree, hard but rewarding. I played 15+ h already and game still feels fresh. Recommended 9/10

jsizzle, Dec 12, 2016

Salt & Sanctuary is very different than any 2D platformer I have played previously - holding unique and familiar traits as well as rewarding and just down right frustrating elements. This indie title throws combat challenges as well as platforming puzzles at you from all angles. It's constantly changing - the player must be ready at all times, even for things you may not see. Jumping, rolling, blocking and parrying with some hidden surprises; these gameplay elements are fundamental but I could understand how some players may have a hard time catching on as there are many things to be aware of when you are traversing the areas. An example being equip load, it will affect your rolling speed and certain weapons scale way better with certain skill attributes - you really must shape your build carefully if you want to have fun early game and become more powerful for the sometimes ridiculous middle to late stages of this title. This is significantly rewarding for someone like me. Paying attention to every little detail is great when games make it worth while and this is definitely no exception. The story of S&S is where it would be at its worst but that isn't to say bad. I just don't think the character writing and item descriptions always deliver intriguing lore and depth one would hope. It seems as if the characters and lore are trying too hard to establish a connection to SoulsBorne rather than really being inspired to be completely on its own with subtle homages to the series. It doesn't really take from the game but it is something to note. I also need to point out that after you finish the final boss and select the ending you are locked into NG+. Narrative tropes and a forceful NG+ hardly bring this game down when the island is so wonderfully crafted, filled with awesome loot and well hidden secrets. The best parts are when you are trying to figure out how to reach out of reach areas and items, not necessarily lore diving. I managed to have a relatively smooth experience without getting stuck too much, that took me around 30 hours. A mass of content is to be found for a game that is $19.99 retail and constantly goes on sale. If you are a fan of dungeon crawling RPGs, do yourself the favour of trying Salt & Sanctuary.

nervengas, Apr 20, 2017

S&S is pretty much advertised as '2D Dark Souls', but it falls short of it's 3D inspiration on many accounts. The graphics are mediocre mid to upper flash game tier. Forget about feeling something like immersion in this game. The general theme of the background music, if present at all, alternates between repetitive and repetitive & annoying. Weapon and armor balance is probably S&S's weakest part. Items are tiered from 1 to 5. High tier weapons are awkwardly placed and mostly useless filler - by the time you get to craft tier 3/4 stuff you can already access tier 5, making the former pointless. Lower tier weapons are simply not worth upgrading, unlike in dark souls. Lore consists of RPG boilerplate mediocrity sprinkled with the expected DS references - same for level design. It's not bad, but nothing really stands out as innovative or memorable either. Combat.... sigh. It quickly becomes cheap and unrewarding - there is only so much you can do in this regard in a 2D engine. Total opposite to the original. There are enemies that pounce you or have some other lockdown (in some cases instant kill) mechanic if you get close, enemies that have long range melee which you need to evade between attacks ( rinse and repeat) and various projectile attacks. The parrying system is a bit easier than in DS. High HP pools on the mob side combined with limited HP and few opportunities to attack on your side feel like something in between an attempt between a ramped up version of Dark Souls difficulty. Bosses basically require learning of patterns as well as their faster alternates which trigger once the 50% HP mark is reached, making for very drawn out fights. If that's your thing, or if you enjoy spending hours just getting through one boss pretty much every single time, this might be the one thing that will give you some enjoyment in this game. But if you think ornstein and smough or manus type fights felt least rewarding about DS, chances are you wont enjoy the boss fights in S&S because 'fast and aggressive' is the common theme here. Blending out the copious boss fights there's actually pretty little content in the game. Excusable because there are only two devs from what I've heard but it's another thing that makes the game feel a bit too much like something that evolved from a cheap flash game hobby project. Which makes you wonder why you had to pay to play it.