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Samurai Gunn Samurai Gunn is a 2-4 Player local multiplayer game. Each player is armed with a sword and gun, with only 3 bullets to a life. Both swords and bullets can be deflected with clever control and timing. Levels range from thick bamboo forests that can be hacked through, to vertically-looping cliffs and caverns which bear walls that can be sharpened to deadly points.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 80 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1604
Genre General, Action
Company / Developer
Maxistentialism / Beau Blyth

Samurai Gunn reviews ( 7 )

ScreeeScree, Jan 26, 2014

Samurai Gunn is beautiful, slick, and charming. I was astounded! This is a incredibly slick take on local co-op. We've run almost 20 hours worth of it so far at parties, and it's been a smash hit.

Trylobot, Jan 29, 2014

It's not possible to play this game and not like it. The only negative I've heard thrown around is "lack of an online multiplayer." But the game simply *would not work* online. Even a little bit of lag would ruin the game from the inside out. I *prefer* local multiplayer for a game like this. Teknopants has taken a somewhat controversial stance on this, for his game, consistent with his design for what the player should experience, and I support it 100%. It wasn't a decision made lightly, and there is no solution short of speeding up the internet as a whole to the point where average pings are at the level of LAN play, and are as consistent. But that rather goes without saying, doesn't it? So, assuming you're convinced that the local-only nature of this game is not the fault of the developer, you should be asking, "Are there any other problems, negatives or downsides?" No. F*cking buy this game, right f*cking now. It is amaze-balls. If you have at least one friend, you *will* have the time of your life cutting each others' faces off. Guaranteed.

tjgiannhs8es, Dec 30, 2013

This game is a must if you have a brother or sister. You each (and up to 4 players totally) pick a samurai armed with a katana and a 3 bullet pistol and face off in a stage using your reflexes and your super jumping ability. The match is over pretty quickly when a player reaches 10 kills with dying by traps costing him one kill, but you'll definitely want to play again immediately. The art style and the sound are both great and controls are really easy to learn. My only problem with the game is that it lacks a menu for mach preferences(like custom time limit, custom kills limit...)

the_Slugman, Aug 24, 2015

This game is fast, furious, and full of blood splatter. This game is best played 1v1 with a friend of competing gaming skills – it truly is one of the best duel platforms out there. If you've played Towerfall before and liked it, you'll probably dig Samurai Gunn as well (thought the aesthetics and controllers are quite different). Let's be honest, slashing a bullet out of the air into your buddy's brain is the ultimate in gaming satisfaction. The fun in this game truly comes from finding a worthy opponent; most of the people I've played this against are turned off, but those who prove themselves to be skilled enough to compete will see the light.

Benni, Jan 8, 2018

I've edited this from a 7. It's become a staple in our house and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes fighting games in general. It's really stylish, and the sword/gun/jumping interactions are so well balanced that fighting people really feels like exciting and skillful. It hides a lot of depth too, not just in the inputs but in the level mechanics and hidden features. All of the above relates to playing this game with others. This game is sweet when you're playing with friends, but not so much when you're on your own. I regret my early review of the game, I don't think it was fair, because this is an exceptional local multiplayer game.

kavinh, Jan 14, 2014

the game has a solid and fun combat system however for 15 dollars it should have much more then just that. aside from the visuals the gameplay never changes and is literally the same gameplay repeated with different stages without any real progression or change. The lack of online multiplayer aside, there's nothing to keep you interested in the game and it's definitely not worth 15 dollars as alot of gamers will be easily bored after an hour or two session of the game.

Xextreem, Jan 15, 2014

Way too expensive for the content it has. Here's a list of the stuff that should be in the game but somehow isn't: - replays - an option to base spawning on the proximity of the enemy, so that you won't spawn near players and be able to instakill them just because you got lucky. - tournament mode in which you choose how many matches you want to play and the winner will be the one who wins the most. There could be some stats shown between each match. You could choose which levels you want to play or have the game randomise them. - an option to play continuously, without being thrown to main menu after the match. - an option to choose whether I want to see the menu instantly or wait for it to fade in (the former, the effect is cool the first time but it's tedious to wait for the menu to pop up after being thrown to it after a finished match). I can't recommend getting the game at it's basic price. It's really fun and has a great soundtrack but at the same time it feels like an early beta at this point. Wait for a sale.