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Satellite Reign A real-time, class-based strategy game through which you control a team of four agents, each with distinct and unique abilities, collectively battling for control of a simulated, living cyberpunk city.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2100
Genre Sci-Fi, Strategy, Real-Time, General
Company / Developer
5 Lives Studios / 5 Lives Studios

Satellite Reign reviews ( 7 )

Kraam, Sep 3, 2015

Возвращение игры, которая стояла у истоков своего жанра. Diablo и иже подобное - лишь моды к оригиналу. Синдикат. Это то перерождение, что очень, очень близко стоит с тем, что было. Фактически младший брат. Есть различия, но так и должно быть. У создателей не было в планах делать полноценный клон. И получилось очень даже хорошо. Вновь мы видим город будущего. Чётко выделены зоны влияния больших корпораций. Свои правила и своя собственная гвардия в каждом дистрикте. Четвёрка бойцов, уже далеко не людей, но ещё и не роботов. Киборги - вот что в итоге получается при прохождении сюжета. Можно модифицировать, как тела своих пехотинцев, так и оружие. Модификаторов не много, но и не сказать, что их не хватает. Каждый боец уникален и это ещё больше разнообразит прохождение миссий. Обадовало то, что при больших и мощных перестрелках можно повредить здания, деревья, лестницы. Класс ) И ещё. Не бойтесь отсутупить, перевооружиться, выучить новые технологии и вернуться добить врагов. Иначе победа всегда будет выскользать из рук.

Creamysmooth, Nov 1, 2015

An absolute gem of a game, and one of my favourite games of 2015. It is fantastic in this day and age thanks to Kick-starter and the indie scene we can get awesome games like this being created, I couldn't be happier that I backed it. Awesome graphics and atmosphere that really enhance the cyberpunk setting, challenging yet highly enjoyable real time squad based strategy that doesn't hold your hand yet enables you to customise your squad to allow you to focus on the way you want to play, stealth and combat are both satisfying and don't penalise you for when things go wrong, I cant honestly find much to fault with it. The AI path-finding might be the only occasional hiccup but to me just suits the chaotic nature of the game.

details_matter, Sep 2, 2015

This is a lovingly-crafted homage to Syndicate and Syndicate Wars. It places you in command, via a satellite-linked simulated reality interface, of four agents in a sprawling sandbox of a city. The setting is a dystopian cyberpunk future, and a cabal of effectively immortal humans are in control of practically everything. As expected, they are corrupt, and you and your agents set out to stop them. There's a lot of emergent gameplay here, as you guide your little band around the pedestrian-filled streets alleyways and plazas. The visuals are great, the weapon effects sharp and satisfying. You can tell the developer was passionate about the source material. The writing is competent and does a good job of fostering immersion. And the gradual accumulation of new gadgets and weapons gives a strong sense of progression. I have run into a few bugs here and there, but nothing major. The save system is built to prevent "save spamming", so be prepared to steer your agents with caution any time you have them in combat or an area they are not authorized to be in. Have an escpae plan already in mind, and use it if things go all sideways on you. Worst case, you just spend some credits to quickly re-clone them at the nearest drop zone. If you can't afford that, you can re-clone them with a small experience penalty. There is no manual, which was a little regrettable, but I haven't found it too tough to learn the systems. The in-game tutorial is adequate to get you the basics. On the whole, a fantastic game.

intrepidis, Feb 7, 2016

I played the original Syndicate on the Amiga, and then Syndicate Wars on PlayStation. My favorite was the original isometric game. That being said, Satellite Reign brings back a lot of good memories, and adds a whole lot more into the mix. The first mission/tutorial really eases you into the gameplay and the game flows nicely from then on out. The story is great actually, some nice futuristic ideas (just standard sci-fi stuff really) which pull the missions together and keep the interest high. I have a fairly decent PC (can play Skyrim at 1080p no hassle) but for this game I have to set the quality low to get a bearable framerate. It would have been nice to be able to turn off a few more of the effects. Anyway, it still look and plays good, but then I'm not too fussy with graphics. Overall I really enjoyed this and hope a sequel is released on PS4.

agurczuk, Jun 20, 2017

A game praying on nostalgia to deliver a Syndicate like experience that turns out to be not a bad game - although with what i felt a lot of potential wasted somewhere between the lines. First of - I remember somewhat the original Syndicate Wars - enough to feel nostalgic about it but not enough to draw a direct comparison between the two. Might be for the better or worse for a game review but this is how it is. Satellite Reign is a real time squad based game set in a cyberpunk world of the future. The giant companies control the world and it's up to you and your squad to take the worst offender down. The story is simple and doesn't get much more complicated throughout the game. Most of the text is presented in writing and it's easier to just skim the text for important bits regarding the mission rather than trying to understand the story which seems a bit generic. Mechanically this is a squad based real time strategy game. You control four members of your squad in a pretty standard set up - soldier/heavy, support/medic, hacker and infiltrator/sniper. Each of those come with a special set of skills you can upgrade with experience gained. Those are pretty cool and useful - some more than other - but generally you do feel like you're making a choice by selecting what to upgrade and it does impact the way you play later on. Apart from the standard upgradeable skills you get to manage your squad load-out meaning guns, gear and implants. All of these feel pretty varied and provide an impact on the way you take on a mission. Some loud-outs are in fact better suited for certain missions than other - all depending on the mission type and facilities you're breaching, and your preffered game play. The amount of customisation here was pretty cool. There is also a cloning layer - a place where you take people and by assigning them to your squad members you enhance their abilities - but I found it pretty much useless - didn't understand the concept to well and ignored it entirely. It felt wonky and combined with often dying and loosing the bonuses felt like just too much work for little gain. Visually it's quite nice. The cyberbpunk atmosphere is there and looks really good. Although seems to be very power hungry. Sure, you can zoom in pretty close and it still lookes good but it's unplayable while zoomed in. So I was completly zoomed out the entire time. The camera for whatever artistic reason is constantly bobbing slightly left and right - didn't make me feel nauseous but I imagine it could make some people. Overall it felt like totally unnecessary thing with no way of turning it off. The graphic in general was looking good - very neon like - and fitting the setting. The game has a bit strange paste to it. It's slow at first - you're always under equiped with low tier guns, and no money. The enemies are also a bit hard at first in comparison to your setup. This leads to tackling the first mission very stealthy - luckily the game allows for such approach and you still get experience from doing things without causing mayhem. It gets better over time and things start balancing out and stealth stops being the only viable option. I'm glad I've stuck through the beginning part as the game picked up somewhere along mid-game and starts getting interesting. The mid and end game is far more interesting as you're much better equipped and have a lot more room for taking different approaches to each mission. The thing this begs for is an active pause though. It would change the game significantly and i feel for the better. As things stand right now there is no other way than just move your squad as a whole. There is just to little time for any flanking or other clever maneuvering. The slow-down time ability is there for the hacker but it has almost no meaningful impact on the game play. Overall in the end I found the game to be enjoyable despite a bit repetitive and not giving a lot of control of the action when things get spicy. I have a feeling that making small changes to the game play would make the game much more enjoyable than it is but as it stands it's still worth picking up and trying out yourself.

Flaka, Aug 31, 2015

This game sadly failed to equal Syndicate whose it's inspirated despite its intention to give it a new youth. It swapped the good action, dynamism and mecanics of Syndicate for an infiltration gameplay that a lot of infiltration games does better.

i76, Nov 18, 2017

No drivable cars, no environmental destruction, no 'weird/crazy' weapons/gadgets like Syndicate, semi personalised characters, no 'world' domination... group feels like petty armed thugs running around the streets killing and stealing with no purpose, no home base (do they camp out on the streets?) not some organised, professional group fighting for or bringing down mega corps.... etc etc. - AI is horrible and frustrating. - Weapons are boring and simple and seriously lack diversity. - Augmentations are weak in terms of diversity/types. - Cities feel hollow and dead with 'things moving around (its not a living city) - My 'agents' have personality which is not what a cyborg should be, it should be a stock base for me to build on not some pre defined archetype that I can edit in a limited way. I want to love it but imo SR badly missed the mark.