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Savage 2: A Tortured Soul From the same core team that conceptualized and created Savage, Savage 2: A Tortured Soul transports PC gamers to the next level in multiplayer gaming. The sequel features enhanced character models, higher quality animations, bump mapping, realistic, reflective water effects, dynamic shadows, point lighting, and an enhanced particle/spell effect system. Gameplay is greatly superior as well due to a vastly improved melee system, an enhanced, officer-based battle grouping system, 20 unit class based system, FPS fast action paced gameplay for certain types of characters, third person RPG slower paced gameplay for others, better items with more RPG elements, and an improved spell casting system. The game also features a comprehensive single-player tutorial/training – something that many Savage fans requested and S2 Games feels is necessary in order to shorten the learning curve of a detailed game such as this. [S2 Games]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1939
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Fantasy, Arcade
Players Massively Multiplayer
Company / Developer
S2 Games / S2 Games
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Savage 2: A Tortured Soul reviews ( 7 )

Rob, Dec 10, 2009

It's exactly what I was looking as a 64 bit Linux user. The game reminds me of Rune but a lot much better. The developers went far and beyond for the Linux user. I love the game, we just have to continue spreading the news and experience. You've raised the bar. Kudos and thanks a lot!

Sebastian, Sep 17, 2008

Savage 2 is a complex game with a steep learning curve which makes improving that much more rewarding. Teamwork is at the heart of the game and there are plenty of clans to join. Look for Savage 2 - A Tortured Soul Trailer on youtube for an idea of what it's like.

KP, Mar 18, 2008

Finally a melee based game where you actually have to do something. Some people say it's too luck based and that the melee fighting is too fast to react effectively. But that is not completely true. When you start playing it might seem like that but with some practice you can really become better. Of course if you charge at your enemies and start clicking mouse buttons at random you don't stand a chance, but if you don't panic and wait for your enemy to do something, you can react effectively. The fact that some players kick my ass while other players barely put up a fight proves that it's not random. Also a player who is playing for 20 minutes in a game has not a big advantage over a player that plays for 3 minutes. Some classes cost more than others, but they are not overpowering. Two Shape Shifters can bring down a Legionnaire if they use spells and teamwork. It's not just a graphic improvement of Savage 1. The units are better balanced (as I already mentioned), the melee system is vastly improved, ranged weapons have become less important (which was really annoying in Savage 1: if a group of people attacked with ranged units melee combat was impossible), thanks to the automated steam mines and mine groves you don't have to mine yourself anymore, Stamina system is better (more stamina with faster reload but attacking costs stamina too, predifined classes (some consider this bad but I think it's a good thing because a legionnaire with a markman's bow was somewhat overpowering, now you have classes made for archery, made for melee combat, etc). I guess you hate the game or you love the game (you can see it at the scores people give), but I really love it.

ChrisP, Nov 29, 2009

So original and addictive, even after 6 months i can't seem to stop playing this hybrid game. It's not the game engine, the graphics or even the effects that draw you to this game, its the people and respect you earn along the way that really compels you to improve.

SumanituW., Feb 13, 2008

Savage 2 is an incredibly fun teams based fps that has a few bugs that still need worked out. The development team is doing a good job of fixing bugs and the game is already well worth the 30 dollar price of admission.

sethb, Jun 25, 2008

I think this is a great mixing of genre's. Although, it's a jack of all trades, a master of none. The FPS part is slower than many fps games and is weaker weapon wise, the rpg element is pretty strong although the customization is limited to chosing your unit, buying items, and uping 4 stats. The RTS part lacks micro for the commander as he just order's units and acts like a scout/buffer. The fighting part is fast paced although rock paper scisor oriented. However these lesser parts add up to a solid whole. So it can't be compared to any one game as well it'll fall sort in that games catagory so it's in it's own field. It's a great game if you like team work. The only problem is the small community. So spread the word!

STARSBarry, Jan 13, 2008

im sorry but this game is baraily playable, being a fan of the last game i was hoping for so much, what i got was a horrible laggy unstable peace of trash on a woefull engine that eats resources likes it crysis but displays graphics akin to doom 2.5 iv seen single man mod teams do better in 2 weeks