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Scrapland (Also known as "American McGee's Scrapland") Scrapland is a third-person 3-D action-adventure game set in a futuristic robotic world where humans are feared and frowned upon. The game delivers a solidly engaging, sometimes humorous adventure narrative that combines a unique blend of combat and racing. Players take on the role of D-Tritus, an intergalactic traveler who finds himself involved in a series of mysterious murders committed in a world where death had been previously unheard of. With the ability to transform into any of 15 character types each with their own unique powers and the skill to pilot hundreds of gunships found in the game, D-Tritus attempts to solve this murderous conspiracy plaguing the city of Chimera. Control hundreds of ships, each with their own variation in handling depending on weight, power and aerodynamics. Create your own fleet and build customized gunships based on plans found in the game. [Enlight Software]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1363
Genre Action, Action Adventure, General, Sci-Fi
Players 16 Online
Company / Developer
Enlight Software / Mercury Steam
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Scrapland reviews ( 3 )

THE-Wind, Dec 4, 2012

Very solid game. I have played this on old systems and new systems and it always looks good. Stunning map-design as well as ship/character models. The mini-games may annoy some but they make you appreciate the top-shelf arcade racing and combat. The most thrilling hover-sled combat ever done in games. Turbo- boosts, boost-pads and tractor-beams make for chaotic 'bouy-races' and if that doesn't work...try your cannons. Good story mixed with wild free-play...just make your own fun. Awesome visuals with excellent race-elements.

KevinC., Feb 15, 2005

This game is excellent. GTA it is not, but that's called copyright infringement... This game takes some of the best ideas from GTA, mainly free roaming, lots of vehicle types, multiple mission paths, and plenty of weapons to create a very new and original system that works very well. I love the idea of actually turing into other robots, taking all of their money, weapons, looks and security clearance with them. The only reason I gave the game a 9 instead of 10 is due to the missions. Single player missions get a bit repetitive. It seems to follow a "Sure I'll help you, but first you have to do these 5 things for me" type of story. But there are so many different ways of completing the same task, that you don't really begin to mind after too long, because you can try something new. Overall, very strong graphics and storyline. Music is a bit lacking, but overall good. Characters are good, and so is difficulty. This game is highly underrated and unknown. I highly recommend picking it up.

Ekaton, Jul 28, 2012

Really great game with pretty good story behind it. I still remember the time I played it for the first time and I plan to come back and play it again anytime soon!