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Scratches This atmospheric point and click adventure game finds you cast as famed horror writer Michael Arthate just arriving at Blackwood Manor, your newly acquired Victorian home lost in the outskirts of a small English market town. Soon after your arrival, a terrible secret from the manor’s past emerges to haunt the present. Now isolated by a washed out road, you are stranded with a telephone as your only means of contact with the outside world. As the odd noises echoing throughout the walls of this mysterious mansion grow ever louder, you must set about solving your home’s long-held mystery. Examining, probing, and hunting your way through musty rooms, an overrun greenhouse, a sinister chapel, and a forbidding crypt, your investigation deepens, and you slowly become aware of one terrifying fact: you are not alone. [Got Game]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 69 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1444
Genre Adventure, General, Point-and-Click
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Got Game Entertainment / Nucleosys
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Scratches reviews ( 5 )

RemcoE., Sep 20, 2006

Masterpiece the atmosphere is very good and gripping you feel the sadness in the house of what happend you want to stay there till you finished the story and then still you wonder what really happend when you are an horror fan this is just it. ignore those critics with unfair reviews ( one review says the game is bad because it has the classic point and click system, but this game is made with the classic method in mind).

Honelith, Aug 22, 2016

An all time great. Loved the duology story, loved the music and the atmosphere is incredible. One of my favourite parts of this game were the pieces of diary notes you'd find as you explore the house and learn more about its previous owner, it's very well written and engrossing. By the end you'll have experienced one of the best horror games with a gripping story, a likable main character and a well made exploration game which you'll never forget.

KcSmiff, Apr 21, 2011

This game is NOT for people with short attention-spans or intolerance for progressive gameplay. This game starts off slow but interesting, you need to be attentive and observant to notice what you need to do next. Reading and conceiving a story is part of the game as well, it's more about being involved rather then getting some gold sparkly achievement.And when it starts getting creepy, you WILL know, Dead Space or Silent Hill can't creep/scare the crap out of you like this game when it begins sinking its teeth in. Haven't felt this creeped out since Amnesia: The Dark Decsent. I only mentioned Dead Space as a marker for certain people. Dead Space is pretty tame, the type of game that 'might' of scared me when I was 12 =pOh and yeah, I love this game! If only I had this game sooner.MUST: Play the game at night, with headphones on, with the lights off.

CaKeS, Jan 12, 2013

An absolutely enthralling storyline, and the whole setting is very atmospheric; it feels like you're in the shoes of the main character. I would've easily given this game a 10/10 if it weren't for it's disgustingly specific puzzles and the fact that you can't walk freely. As other people have said, you WILL need a walkthrough for this, unless you're either the developer of the game himself, or some kind of mastermind. The puzzles have extremely specific solutions that about 99.99% of people can't figure out, but even with a walkthrough this game is totally worth it! Now if you could walk around freely this would be so much better, I get that walking step by step may have made the game easier to make, and slowed it down so you don't rush through it, but seriously, if you could walk around it would feel so much more like you were in the character's shoes instead of watching a panoramic slideshow. The game (while using a walkthrough) is amazing, has perfect timed discoveries to keep you entertained and addicted and wanting to know more, has awesome voice acting, and can scare the hell out of you at some points. And who doesn't like a good scare? It took me about 6 hours to complete it with a walkthrough. Without one, you just have to go through countless trial and error for tens of hours and at that point it takes a lot away from the overall effect the game will have on you, if you don't just trash it and never play it again. Use a walkthrough, and immerse yourself in an atmospheric and mysterious world and discover the murder of Mrs. Blackwood. Do yourself a favor and buy this game!

kuehnau, Aug 5, 2015

I've heard people rant and rave about this "horror game". It took me a long time to track down a physical copy of this stupid game and by the time I did get one... It didn't work. The game is old enough to have compatibility issues with new versions of windows, there's also a bug that I ran into the causes the game to crash every time. Technical issues withstanding, this game is not only slowly paced, but completely uneventful. I am a huge horror fan, but I came into this expecting some sort of actual horror game, instead it's really just a writer walking around being freaked out. In the end, the game writers left it up to you to draw your own conclusion if there was actually anything paranormal or if it was all just in your character's head, which frankly, is lazy writing no matter how you try to defend it. Contrived, slow, stupid, poor writing, bad pacing, outdated. This game isn't worth any sort of time investment.