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Sea of Thieves Be The Pirate You Want To Be - With musket loaded and grog in hand, the freedom of the pirate life awaits. What will your legend be? An epic multiplayer adventure. Crew up and set sail on memorable voyages. Make and break your pirates' code on the Sea of Thieves. A treacherous shared world. Plot your course and set sail for hidden riches. Navigate the perils of a fantastical world and the danger of rival crews.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 70 / 100
User rating
Downloads 4183
Genre Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Microsoft Game Studios / Rare Ltd.

Sea of Thieves reviews ( 6 )

Mamosha, Mar 20, 2018

The best multiplayer experience I ever had. The great sandbox game. Very funny and excited playing with friends. Beautiful graphic and very good optimization. I hope this project will get more new features and content for many years. Strongly recomended for good evenigs with yours friends!

Tyzis, Mar 21, 2018

Sea of Thieves, the game I have been waiting for, for a pretty long time. It's a beautiful game which is very different then other games you might have played and even though the content in it now is a bit shallow, the developers are working on monthly+/- updates and are very open about all the process they are going through and sharing that with the players. It is a great game to play with friends but sometimes sailing those seas alone can be rewarding as well. Sit back relax and just let the sea sink you in. This game is not about the rewards, it's about the adventure you had to get to it. Also it has been out for 2 days don't bash it so much because overall it is doing a really good job as an mmo.

Brandondwn, Mar 22, 2018

The very poor launch aside(server issues & no gold for items turned in). The good? For the time you want to spend here it’s a laugh riot WITH other people IF you can also find other people while in the world. Roughly Three hours in and I’ve only seen one other person while playing solo or with friends. The game is gorgeous, however on higher settings has a pretty bad frame rate on PC. I’ve never seen water look this good honestly. The bad for me is how simple this game is & I do mean simple. There are 3 factions and each one gives you fetch quests to go and get something to bring back to them. Each time you do it you will get a faction number to rise which unlocks a cosmetic, exclusive to that faction while getting some gold. You then use the gold to buy skins for your character(that you don’t get to create), your weapons and ship. That’s it. There’s no story, there’s no other quest elements. All of the gear is cosmetic and plays the same as what you start out with. There are chests worth more and some do stuff like fill up your boat randomly with water if it’s a cursed chest. Overall it feels like a game still in beta and maybe one that was gonna use the loot box algorithm. I’m really disappointed in Rare & for the millionth time this gen, Microsoft. It’s not worth $60 and I felt like the $35 I put into it was too much also. I’d have paid maybe $15 for it, if anything honestly. This is very much the “Destiny” of pirate games and what I mean by that is another sixty dollar title has little content, a very buggy launch and is very repetitive. It is far worse in that sense than Destiny, but so people know where im coming from that is what I mean. I don't see this making it very far even with some changes due to the slew of games coming out this year, including what looks like a more ambitious pirate themed video game.

Ireland914, Mar 23, 2018

A fun small scale "indie" type of game hyped up and marketed as a triple A title. Mildly amusing for a while with a full crew but offers little in the way of content and replayability. Grind just to get the higher tier cosmetic items? No thanks. One map, four weapons, only one type of enemy?! Oh, and then there was the shipwreck of a launch. Absolutely brutal. Maybe check this out when it's on sale for $15. I tried it with the gamepass for free and would have been very disappointed if I had actually paid for it.


Beware massively hyped games. This is what big companies do when they know their investment is doomed for failure. For whatever reason, the dev's didn't get the work done and just like No Man's Sky, they used their corporate leverage to trick as many uninformed consumers as possible into buying an unfinished game. What to do? Don't buy any game new when it first comes out. ESPECIALLY if there is a big hype train.

cr207, Apr 6, 2018

The game simply doesn't work. Over a dozen fixes applied, some official, some from players with the same issues. So there's that. Managed to play briefly on a work computer. Aspects of the game are beautiful. Content is shallow, and the game loop is headache-inducingly empty. The concept itself is brilliant, but the execution is shallow. I don't know what else to say. I simply can't in good conscience recommend this. Perhaps with one exception: if you're fortunate enough to get it to work, and have 2-3 good friends, this could be great for a laugh potentially. If all the stars align for you: the game works, you have friends who can find fun together in this, the game works for them, and you all have time. Otherwise the only word that sums up how I feel about this purchase is 'robbed'.