Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo Crack/Patch

Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo is an off-road racing game experience that teams players with the greatest racer in Rally history: Se?bastien Loeb.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 69 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1415
Genre Racing, General
Company / Developer
Milestone S.r.l / Milestone S.r.l

Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo reviews ( 7 )

department, Feb 1, 2016

A few mistakes but finally rally game where you do not need to combine with keeping the car on a straight road! I turned off the sync. I play with the camera in the cockpit and speed is breathtaking. I hope for a patch that fixes several things. A pleasant surprise. For me, better than Dirt Rally, because I do not have to bother to car going straight ahead. Physics also is better, and the tracks are excellent. Oh yes! routes are strongest point of this game. The game is not a technological pioneer, but its cohesion-as a whole is at the highest level. Thank you, Sebastien Loeb, that you believed in Milestone. I once doubted.

IrisIris, Feb 20, 2016

I'm not really an hard gamer: I play only the games that are the best, at least in my opinion. This was a gift to me and, since I started playing, I never stop :-) Higly reccommended !

mphilanthropist, Jan 31, 2016

I play gamepad with a camera from the cockpit, 1280x800 screen resolution all extra settings off, only blur on. The game looks fantastic. Before someone says I'm crazy, I have a HD monitor and play other games in HD. Gameplay is great. The special stages are finally just as we ride for 30 years by car. A large number of high-speed corners. Much you can see the contribution of Sebastien Loeb. Very good vertical movements of the camera in the foreground relative to the other. Milestone surprised me. Sounds at first seemed absurd. However interfere only when watching the replay. That may actually be better. The career mode! This is finally it! If you do not think he's better than the master steering Sebastien Loeb, the game will be your best racing experience. I am very positively surprised. I did not like the WRC series in the execution of Milestone. I expected another "hare". You did great! I give eight for the excellent physics, It also can be seen in replays, stunning visuals and a sense of speed, a piece of great history, routes, and cars that do not exist in other games. Minus two for sound and for the fact that the Polish language version guy reads in career mode pretending to Sebastien Loeb. He should speak Sebastien subtitles only Polish.

VolvoRallyGuy, Feb 9, 2016

Milestone does it again. Promises a lot, call their game a simulator, then released bug filled garbage. Input Lag,and a feeling that is simply Arcade, a few people seem to be crying that this game is the best thing ever since sliced bread, but their names and locations are usually found to be Italian, which makes me wonder who really is trying to hype this junk. Just go watch videos on you tube, even when people get great frame rates the stutter is ridiculous. No in depth graphics options either. No support, and a company that is known to never patch their games. Its a shame, it had potential it looks ok and for an arcade game it could have been decent. I5 4690k Two R9390x's and the game stutters. Family share: Does the same on I5 4690k and a 970. Poor title and not worth the money they are asking Updated review: My 144hz Panel is a part of the issue and milestones poor vsync. Changed rating to reflect what is turning out to be a pretty decent game.

Carles, Feb 20, 2017

Good rally experience with a wheel, and there are a lot of available cars. For me the main problem is the graphics, because they look outdated, and even worse, sound, totally unrealistic. I just spend 10 euros, so in my case it's totally worth it. From my point of view, WRC 6 is far better, and even better option is Dirt Rally (with less options though).

MustisTheCat, Feb 9, 2017

In my opinion the best Milestone game yet. Nice graphics, good physics, pretty big content - wise. Weakest I`d say are the sounds but they`re bearable. Unfortunately the game has technical problems that make it unplayable for some PC users, and without the dev support it doesn`t look any of them are going to get fixed. What use is a great game if one third of its PC install base can`t play it because of the bugs? For me it works ok but the lack of post release support brings down the score to 7.

Jazoray, Jan 29, 2016

First of all, this game is unplayable. It has this modern game mechanic of "wheel simulation", which slows down the car's response to your input. what it really is is steering dampening. the steering wheels turn so atrociously slowly that it takes almost a full second for them to go from centered to full right. This is the first game where the steering dampening is worse than Dirt:Rally Second, the roads in the game are all flat. sure, there are hills and crests, but even the dirt roads look and feel like someone simply painted a gravel wallpaper on a perfectly maintained tarmac road. third, this game is absolutely unomtimized. fps slows down for NO REASON AT ALL fourth, the camera is broken. in corners, it jerks wildly from side to side. fifth, this is actually "listen to some bloke talk"-simulator. this guy's voice samples constantly come on and go on and on about some nonsense like you've never seen a car before.