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Secret World Legends Fight a secret war of the supernatural. Where will you stand in the secret war between good and evil as supernatural forces threaten the modern-day world? Use a wide range of weapons and superhuman abilities to destroy the sinister evils that are threatening humanity’s existence.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1515
Genre Role-Playing, Action Adventure, General, Massively Multiplayer
Company / Developer
/ Funcom
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Secret World Legends reviews ( 7 )

flappycat55, Jul 17, 2017

just try the game out for yourself, it's free. All the 0's are just people on the hate train or disgruntled old TSW players. Some seem like they didn't play the game past 30 minutes with some of the statements they made. Or are just pissed that a F2P game has microtransactions - shocker. The only legit thing I've seen is that the customer service was bad for the first week but now it's fine and a week after launch they had a huge patch addressing 90% of the concerns of the playerbase.

diardi, Jul 31, 2017

Obviously some angry veteran TSW players have given this reboot a undeserved low score. There was a lot of booing when the relaunch was announced. This is the developer's way of giving their beloved game a prolonged life, so they can continue to tell the story. And what a story it is, just wow, it's obvious they put a lot of heart into making it. I'm a new player in SWL and I think it is a wonderful game! If you like story driven MMOs, and want to try one with a mature and modern setting, this game is for you! It's F2P! All content is F2P! (and there's a lot of content!). People who say there's pay wall everywhere is full of ****, you can play through the entire storyline and reach max level without paying a single dime. It just takes a little more time that's all. The storyline is fantastic and so is the atmosphere; creepy and dark. Brilliant voice acting and the cutscenes are very often humourous. I love what they did with combat, the reticule targeting is awesome and does not take long to get used to. The number of available attacks are limited though, and you have to chose your setup of active and passive abilities carefully. I sometimes wish I had one or two more available action buttons though, as I find myself wanting to use more skills than there's room for on the action bar. The Patron system looks fair, for 12.99$ you get one free cache key per day for opening loot caches that starts dropping when you reach lvl 15, bonus xp, bonus in-game currency when completing missions and bonus skillpoints for opening up weapons and their accompanying skills. Give it a try, it's free after all ;)

HarveyHallow, Jul 6, 2017

Secret World Legends is an MMO with an original theme and great story, filled with cutscenes. Besides combat focused quests it also offers stealth and puzzle/ARG style mystery quests. While it’s character designs are laughable in 2017, it’s environment can be stunning. SWL is an MMO that you should play slowly rather than racing towards end game content. If you like the month of October you’ll like this game. Old game comparison Secret World Legends is a relaunch that aims to reach a larger audience than its original version. In doing so Funcom both improved things, like it’s combat system, but also dumbed down the game immensely. It’s original leveless progression system and unlinair open world have been turned into a “This is where you should go now.” type game for the sake of accessibility. I’m pretty sure it’s easier now to pick up for a certain type of players, “MMO Nomads” I call them. They need games that are easy to pick up because they like to pick up and drop an MMO every month or week, and if said MMO doesn’t follow their formula it will not even be given a chance. It hurts to see some of this game’s character wasted in an effort to appeal to these UnGreATFuLL mORtaLs… Its F2P payment system I’m happy to say SWL isn’t a pay to win game. Nothing is locked away behind a paywall and there is no exclusive overpower gear. The game does allow you to pay for faster progression and weapon upgrades. You can buy inventory space and extra travel speed with both ingame earned and premium cash. And the game features a monthly subscription with some benefits like extra dungeon keys and faster repeatable quest cooldowns.

meru, Aug 5, 2017

Same game as "Secret World", this time as a cash grab. Endless grind (or endless payments). Were the many problems of Secret World fixed? LOL, no - what are you thinking. Realistic evaluation of a beta player:

crisoliv, Jul 12, 2017

Story/Lore: Good General PvE (missions): Ok Dungeons: Mediocre Raids: So far none OR Mediocre (if SWL receives the same raids from TSW) PvP: Terrible (only 1 lackluster minigame) Graphics: Outdated/Bad Combat: Bad F2P Model: Bad (paywalls everywhere + lackluster premium option) Customer Service: Bad The game can be worth just to check its story and missions, ONCE. Everything else is wasting of time.

mikecraz, Jul 31, 2017

This game is a chop off release of The Secret World. They basically took the original 2012 version which was working on an ancient game engine (and still does lol), polished it a bit without even optimizing the game (expect 2-3 crashes on average per day) and then they try to monetize everything. I'm not gonna talk about p2w here cause competition isn't like in any other MMORPG you've experienced so far but improving gameplay and quality of life sadly needs a ton of bucks to be spent. You also get next to nothing by buying a monthly subscription..

Oldbastage, Sep 12, 2017

"It's literally the same game as TSW watered down to accommodate the lowest common denominator and void of just about everything that made the originals gameplay fun and unique. Gone are the cool synergies and the make your own character play style by mixing around different weapons passives, replaced with a Guild Warsish system and even more 'scales' to balance. Great!" "Much of the content has been stripped out and much of it will not be returning. The grind is based on exponential increases (every time you upgrade something, the next upgrade takes twice as many resources/time/money/effort)... it's so bad that it would make a Korean MMO blush. You have to level up every item by feeding it similar items, and once it hits the max level for its current quality, you have to level up an identical item to the same point and then combine them. You have to repeat this process for each quality increase. To get the highest quality item, you will have to level up 16 matching items, and to get it to max level will take approximately 70,000 items worth of experience. The F2P model is oppressive, and even subscribers hit arbitrary pay walls. Veterans are being asked to pay for things they've already paid for before. Customer service is a 3 to 4 week long wait just for them to say "you're ♥♥♥♥ed, if there is anything else we can't help you with, do not hesitate to wait another month for the same reply". Many aspects of the game have been completely dumbed down, such as the the new ability and skill system which has stripped away the ability to really experiment, and is no longer based on synergy.. it now based purely on "pick this skill to augment this one specific ability" and "your secondary weapon is only there to give you one extra ability and something else to grind for". They have also reduced the number of abilities you can have to six, further limiting the amount of variety of experimenting you can do. Even character creation has been dumbed down, with all the various customization sliders being combined into presets (you can't have *this* nose unless you also take *this* chin, cheeks, lips, and eye shape). Everything is monetized. Monsters only drop lockboxes as loot. Itemization is horrible. If you get an item from a dungeon chest that would be an upgrade for you, you have to spend a considerable amount of time and resources leveling that item up before you can use it without it being a downgrade. At level 50, the majority of the items you get as a reward from missions will be the exact same items you got as mission rewards at level 1. A character level system was added for the sole purpose of making you outlevel earlier content so that you can no longer return to the earlier parts of the game and still make progress on your character. At max level, experience requirements increase dramatically and to progress you have to grind a very limited amount of content. Everyone knows that the game's story is its strongest aspect, and the level system has made it so repeating the story gains you nothing. Be prepared to do nothing but grind a few dungeons and a few select missions once you reach a certain point." The above quotes best describe the current game experience.