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Section 8: Prejudice Section 8: Prejudice is a sci-fi shooter featuring online team-based multiplayer.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 79 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1840
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Sci-Fi, Arcade
Company / Developer
TimeGate Studios / TimeGate Studios

Section 8: Prejudice reviews ( 7 )

Hardboiled, May 5, 2011

When I first saw the trailer for this game I thought it looked kinda good, but after seeing the price my jaw dropped. For 15$ you will get a complete game experience, an about 5-6 hour long singelplayer with a standard story but it`s still fun and it teaches you the basics of the game.You will get a multiplayer that is full of memorable moments and adrenaline filled shootouts, but don`t confuse it with the ordinary "run & gun" gameplay because this game is all about teamplay and tactics. The multiplayer battles got support for 32 players and the game mode is called Conquest. You battle for 4 control points and for dynamic objectives to win the match, it`s very much like the conquest mode in the Battlefield games but with more things happening (like dynamic objectives). The objectives can be to kill a VIP player or to kill a bunch of players, but it can also be about protecting things or attacking things like a transport. Then you got a mode called Swarm, it`s a co-op game type which you can play either by yourself with bots or with up to 3 friends, the objective is to protect a capture point from enemy AI soldiers for 15 minutes, this game mode is very fun indeed. It´s like the survival mode in Left 4 Dead but with some nice tower defense added to spice all up. When you kill enemies you gain money both in Swarm and in Conquest and with that money you can buy vehicles and turrets, it`s a very important part of the game and makes it more tactical. All in all this is a great game which you should buy if your a fan of FPS games and for just 15$ dollars you aren`t exactly taking a big risk, and i bet you will like the game when you learnt the basics. I give this game 9/10 for it`s amazing price and simply because it`s a great game!

OZxQB, Jun 18, 2011

Great fun, fast paced sci-fi shooter. It looks fantastic and feels very responsive. The single player campaign is fairly standard but the multiplayer modes are great. Well worth the $15.

lykranian, Feb 13, 2016


Mar1nE, Jun 18, 2011

very nice game considering it is only $15, a really entertaining campaign, really fun coop, and awesome multiplayer conquest and assault game types which unlockables and achievments. Sad to say not long after its release there has been a MASSIVE drop in players which is really disappointing if your looking to play conquest or assault.... you can still get a good game of coop.

Evari, May 4, 2011

I must say, I'm pretty impressed with Section 8: Prejudice. I spent about 3 hours this evening playing the conquest mode with only one hiccup, but that was Comcast's fault. I really like that there doesn't seem to be even a single worthless weapon, and that even starting out fresh at level 1, if you're a more skilled player than someone else, you will kill them regardless of what equipment they've unlocked. It's always bothered me that FPS games as of late have all prescribed to the "find or unlock the biggest insta-kill weapon with the least accuracy requirement and spam it" methodology to firefights, and I'm very pleased that this game does not do that. It rewards teamwork, strategy, and creative deployable/orbit drop placement. The lock-on feature, while present, is not overdone or overpowered, as you can only lock on to a person for a very short period of time, and there is a cooldown between uses of the lock-on feature, and you cannot be killed by hit-scan weapons (from a single person) during the amount of time that the lock-on actually holds. Sniper rifles, rockets, etc which actually have a travel time will miss even while locked on if the person is actively trying to evade your weapons fire. Vehicles and the mechs are very tough to take out on foot, but since absolutely anyone can drop deployable turrets, they can easily be brought under control.The environments and characters are pretty, but not overdone, and it seems Timegate actually figured out that a good game is good because its easy to pick up, fun to play, and hard to be great at. There was one minor issue I did find with clipping while crouching, where sometimes (not very often) if you're in extremely jagged terrain you will get "stuck", though all you have to do to free yourself is stand up and move. All in all, if you like FPS games where actual skill matters more than what weapons you have and you enjoy a good firefight where target priority and tactics are important, you wont regret buying this (unless you don't understand system requirements and have an underpowered machine, and that is your fault, not the game's)

Subby, Sep 8, 2011

I like this game but don't seem to be playing it much. It is a very good, original game and very well made. I wish I could put my finger on what it is that I don't like about it - possibly the maps are too small?

JoshKennedy, Nov 1, 2017

The people who made this game weren't good at what they did. The fact that the studio has since shut down is testament to the fact. Like it's cumbersome DRM "Games for Windows Live". This game's existance cannot be justified. Cliche'd, boring and offensively generic. Don't waste your time.