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Sengoku Sengoku is a strategy game for the PC set in 15th-century feudal Japan.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 72 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1626
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Wargame, General
Company / Developer
Paradox Interactive / Paradox Development Studio

Sengoku reviews ( 7 )

Knurrli, Sep 19, 2011

This is another great Paradox game. Offcourse this is a completely different league than the casual mainstream rts titles and it perhaps requires for once a bit thinking in order to enjoy this well made strategy game. It seems however, regarding some bad reviews, that these days strategy game players expect that the game plays "by itself" and that it has no tactical challenge but only graphical eyecatchers to offer. And frankly, I could give those kind of games, in which "a lot happens", a zero score, but I guess I wont as I don't try them in the first place.

Serdjo, Sep 17, 2011

A bit faster than the other paradox titles but still a great game.The graphic isn't really stunning but the game is complex enough and delivers so many possibilities that the graphic really gets non relevant .

holterzoff, Sep 16, 2011

Absolutely gorgeous grand strategy game, with a bit faster pace than other pardox titles and lighter on the economic site this character driven gem is absolutely addictive.You have to put some effort in learning the gameplay of course (e.g. reading the manual), thirty minutes of flying around the map won't do the job. Maybe the previous critic (andreks) should try tic tac toe (the war edition) as deep strategy is certainly not his domain..... For the serious strategy gamer sengoku is highly recommended.

FinnN, Sep 17, 2011

Great gameplay using warfare and conspiracies to unite Japan under the rule of your clan backed up by great graphics and music. The mechanics are deceptively simple (for a strategy game) but when you find yourself outnumbered and outgunned on all sides you really have to work hard to convince your neighbours to stand together or fall apart. My only significant issue with the game is that it's a bit clunky finding out who is willing to join your plots - but apparently a future patch will add a search box to make this easier.

4-6-4-9, Sep 16, 2011

It's a good strategy game, but I would be amazed if most people stuck around long enough to find that out. There is absolutely no tutorial, and the mouse over tips aren't always what you are looking for. If you haven't played any of paradox's previous games, and you don't like learning by trial and error, I would stay the hell away from this game. If you don't mind mind a steep learning curve and some frustrating, what the hell do I do know moments, I would absolutely recommend he game. Because once I actually figured out what I was doing I loved it.One more thing, while this didn't bother me personally I'll mention it anyways because I know it will disappoint some people. If you like involved combat in your strategy games stay away, as this is more or less Risk where the larger army wins and it does the dice rolling behind the scenes.

Roybison, Sep 16, 2011

Not much seems to happen, so I was a bit disappointed. Maybe I'm playing it wrong. I don't think Paradox have made a bad bit of software, I generally like them in principle, but I wouldn't really call it a game. I prefer real-time battles, or other Paradox games like Mount & Blade.

pazmacats, Sep 21, 2011

Spent YEARS playing EU2, spent MONTHS playing Vicci (ONE), spent WEEKS playing Crusader Kings, spent minutes playing this pile of junk. Please Paradox. DO NOT RELEASE THE SAME GAME OVER AND OVER AGAIN. â