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Senran Kagura: Bon Appetit! - Full Course Many speak of it, but rarely have human mouths ever tasted it: the pinnacle of culinary perfectionthe Super Dish. Few shinobi have ever been able to prepare a dish so exquisite, but legendary shinobi and sushi chef Hanzo thinks that perhaps his students and their rivals are up to the task. He holds a contest to see which of the girls can hone her Ninja Arts best for cooking as opposed to combat. The competition is fierce; the one who presents the old shinobi master with the Super Dish will obtain a Secret Ninja Art Scroll that will make real her most fervent desire. Whosoever can prove her knife to be as suitable for cooking as for combat will emerge the victor, while all her friends and rivals wind up as mere dessert... A rhythm spin-off of the ninja busty brawler series, SENRAN KAGURA, Bon Appetit! features cooking battles rather than shinobi showdowns, with emphasis on outrageous humor, delicious food, and gratuitous images of the series lovely ladies. This culinary warfare is carried out through an array of rhythm battles, where tapping the correct buttons in time with the beat will rack up combos and determine the size and quality of the resulting dish. The soundtrack consists of a variety of catchy tunes encompassing all genres from jazz to classical, with special Japanese vocal tracks sung by the leader of each faction. This Full Course edition includes all DLC and 22 buxom ninja between the two original PlayStation Vita releases, rewarding players who can overcome the challenge of creating the ultimate Super Dish with a special feast for the eyes as well. KEY FEATURES: * Rhythm spin-off of the popular SENRAN KAGURA series The infamous, voluptuous ninja series ventures into a new genre as all of the bouncy babes from SENRAN KAGURA Burst and SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI VERSUS return, taking a break from physical combat to make culinary war instead in this tasty yet truly tasteless adventure. * The Dressing Room returns with even more stylish options Like other SENRAN KAGURA titles, the Dressing Room makes another appearance with multiple ways to customize characters outfitsbut be careful! Peep too much and you risk the wrath of a full-fledged shinobi * Three different modes of play plus online leaderboards Story Mode progresses through the main game, Free Mode allows for customized cooking showdowns, and Arcade Mode includes comprehensive online leaderboards to see how you stack up against your already pretty stacked competition. * Includes original Hanzo x Crimson Squad, additional Gessen x Hebijo pack, and all additional DLC Includes both games which were released separately on PlayStation(r)Vita, as well as all DLC in between, now in 1080p resolution and running at 60fps.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 64 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1169
Genre Action, Rhythm, Music
Company / Developer
XSEED Games / Meteorise
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Letiste-Gaming, Nov 14, 2016

Si eres de mente abierta y quieres ver pechugas unido a un humor absurdo en el que prima en todo momento el "doble sentido", le vas a sacar partido a SENRAN KAGURA Bon Appétit!, aunque eso sí, no es la mejor entrega de la saga ni por asomo y si quieres iniciarte en esta te recomendaríamos que jugaras primero a Estival Versus o Shinobi Versus (este último también esta en PC). No es un mal juego, y el paso a juego de ritmo le ha sentado sorprendentemente bien. Pero peca de una evidente falta de contenido y variedad (a pesar de contar con todos sus DLCs) y su presentación es muy pobre. Un multijugador online o local le hubiera venido de perlas al título. Pero como spin-off cumple, y estoy seguro de que los fans de esta peculiar saga de ninjas pechugonas le encontraran su atractivo. -Lee el análisis completo en Letiste Gaming!!-