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Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI VERSUS immediately follows the events of SENRAN KAGURA Burst, revisiting the fierce rivalry between the girls of Hanz? National Academy and their sworn enemies from Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy, the latter of which have now gone underground and formed a mercenary strike team known as the Homura Crimson Squad. In addition to their old adversaries, the Hanz? girls must also face a whole new set of foes: the students of Gessen Girls’ Academy, who seek to punish them for their imperfections as shinobi warriors. Meanwhile, a new class is in session at Hebijo, and these students mean business: they oppose all three of the competing factions and will stop at nothing to be the last shinobi squad standing – even if it means leaving broken bodies and shattered dreams in their wake.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 72 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1350
Genre Action, General
Company / Developer
XSEED Games / Tamsoft, Marvelous AQL
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Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus reviews ( 7 )

faircritic, Jun 22, 2016

When I heard and see some gameplay videos I wasn´t impressed.Certainly graphs are somehow old but it´s perfectly understandable that the games was released for the Vita that is like a PS2.5 device. At first I was skeptic of what to expect. But at the end I was surprised of how entertaining it is. Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus it´s like a more simple Dinasty Warriors but with sexy girls, lulzy history and a lot of bikinis and shredder clothes. This is what to expect. Nothing less nothing more. The game it´s pretty good but if you aren´t into sexy anime girls well sorry for you. Maybe I exaggerate the score for a 9, an8 would be more realistic but taking into account how bad and scarce is the gaming industry right now, I not repent my score and I wish no more harm for it. I would wish that some site reviewers wouldn´t be as hypocrite to ask for a censored version or unclothing something.And say that they were embarrassed playing,so idiotic of them. That people don´t help out, they lack maturity to analyze this game correctly, is what it is. If they wish for an amish version or for a male homosexual simply this wouldn´t be Senran Kagura so just stop reviewing something not of your business.

Wingzzzzy, Mar 4, 2017

I have played the 3ds version and it was a fun game but the pc version is even better with keyboard. The best Moe version of Dynasty Warriors that has great characters and great plot (if you know what i meen) is all around a fantastic game even if the story is not that great but the gameplay it just great feels great using a gamepad or keyboard

Pucks, Jan 30, 2017

Durchaus Witziges Spiel passend zum Anime. Kampf-technisch jedoch nicht sehr schwer. Geeignet für Fans des Anime und Anime Spiele Liebhaber. Das DLC ist zu empfehlen.

Letiste-Gaming, Jun 6, 2016

Shinovi Versus mejora la fórmula de Senran Kagura dando mayor dinamismo en las batallas, siendo pura y llana diversión. Sí, tiene mucha carne y la ropa termina destrozada, y es muy exagerado, pero es de lo que va este juego, y esa es su gracia, lo que lo diferencia del resto

likevin96, Dec 28, 2016

Pros: - Content is abundant - Characters are fun - Hits most anime tropes, which isn't necessarily a bad thing in a game like this Cons: - Combat is boring and uninspired - Not enough enemies on the screen at the same time - Story is boring and nonsensical (in the bad way) - Too much LOLXD RANDOM - Awful port, missing many control features you would expect out of a PC game True Score: 6.6

derkonig6, Mar 14, 2017

My first game in the series.The whole anime kawaiii pantsu big boobs appeals to me so I gave it a try. Pro: Clothes rip apart and they remain in swimsuit ,kawai girls fighting,classic anime story Cons: Dull combat, no advanced graphics option(you can just change resolution)

TsukasaHiiragi, May 14, 2017

Small arenas and extremely bad camera really make Shinovi Versus more frustrating to play, which unfortunately kinder seals the fate of this game which is based on the popular anime series. The general graphics, and cut scenes are pleasure to the eyes... however the game unfortunately becomes highly repetitive and with the poor camera ruin it. Even the simple of tasks such as locking onto your enemy isn't that easy, and even that fails spectacularly when the camera becomes stuck or unable to focus on the target because it 'jumped' so you are left to mash buttons and hope you hit something.