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Serious Sam Double D Inspired by the shout-out-loud awesome adventures of Serious Sam, this title is part of the Serious Sam Indie Series -- a collection of Serious Sam games designed and developed by some of the most talented independent developers in the world. Acclaimed indie developers take the reins of the award-winning series and unleash their own brand of mayhem on carnage-craving gamers!
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 68 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1503
Genre Action, Shooter, Third-Person, Sci-Fi, Arcade
Company / Developer
Devolver Digital / Mommy's Best Games
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Serious Sam Double D reviews ( 6 )

CannibalBob, Apr 23, 2012

Serious Sam Double D surprised me by being a low price indie platformer with the same sense of humor and very similar game design as the Serious Sam games. That means you should expect tons and tons of monsters, plenty of funny secrets, powerups, traps and straight-forward adrenaline-filled action! What SSDD brings to the table are unique, hand-drawn 2D graphics, platformer gameplay and the fun, but somewhat strategic, gun-stacking feature (equip up to 5 weapons at once). While a little lackluster in the epic battles notorious to the Serious Sam games, and with some minor interface issues such as the camera making surrounding areas difficult to see, and the cursor hard to keep track, SSDD is still a great game recommended to indie action fans or to those who simply want to take a load off.

Aeryx, Dec 23, 2012

Easily the most fun I have had for $1.99 on Steam! This wonderful shoot'em up side-scroller is easily the best of the best Indie 2D shooter I have played on PC. It's pure fun and crazy. No story here just plain old craziness with guns. The Gunstacker is easily the most hillarious and innovative firearm madness invented since Contra's Spreadshot. Lots of crazy enemies in crazy quantities running around and just enjoying the explosions. Highly recommended! Please don't pirate this game and support indie development! They did a great job and you'll be glad you did!

Polantaris, Sep 2, 2011

This game is quite simply Contra/Metal Slug on drugs. You can stack guns on top of each other for a maximum of 6, and combine that with the craziest enemies you've ever seen. You have Lava monsters jumping on Pogo Sticks, and stacks of Pancakes with Trumpets and forks for legs....and anything else you haven't imagined. It's quite Lots of enemies, killing all around, and just plain chaotic at most times.Games have always been about one thing: Being fun. That's exactly what this game is. The graphics aren't exactly impressive, but when you consider the insane amounts of fun...who cares? The game is a BLAST, quite literally. It's fun making combinations of guns to mow down your enemies, and really is just what Serious Sam has always been about, hordes of enemies, and plain old fashioned fun slaughtering all of them. That's exactly what you get here. It's not trying to be the new big thing, it's trying to be what games have forgotten about

dracoblues, Dec 29, 2011

You get what you spect, a crazy KILL EVERYTHING ON SIGHT multiple gun shooter in 2D. Remembers me the old school days playing Metal Slug and Contra, but with a modern fancy style. This game is indeed a very great way to enjoy time with screens like "KILL KILL KILL!"

Michu, Oct 9, 2011

Serious Sam Double D is a bloody mess! Exactly how i like it :). This small game is full packed with guns, ridiculous enemies...and that's it. Simply Serious Sam in 2d side-scroller. Too bad there are no multiplayer option (classic coop for two players). Overall - it's a good cheap game not only for Serious Sam fans.

suneater, Jan 3, 2013

Contra clone with a "Serious Sam" skin. The gunstacker leads to really creative loadouts and I liked being able to keep presets of stacks on hotkeys. Tons of secrets and multiple paths through large levels make this one of the best contra clones I've played. However, lacking in multiplayer (what side scroller shooter doesn't have multiplayer?) is a huge letdown for me and leaves this game being just OK.