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Serious Sam II The second generation Serious Engine allows Croteam to create characters with over 100 times more detail than the last Serious Sam iteration and allowed developers to create huge, lush environments and even crazier enemies than before, without having to scale back the gameplay in any way. With the capabilities of the new engine, Croteam will surpass the record set with the first Serious Sam for the most enemies on screen at one time. [2K Games]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2297
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Sci-Fi, Arcade
Players 16 Online
Company / Developer
2K Games / Croteam
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Serious Sam II reviews ( 5 )

Eon, Jan 18, 2008

[Real score 92/100] It has some things that I think game industrys is seriously lacking, like creative level design and lots of humor. This is game is so serious it kept me laughing or smiling throughout entire playthrough. Gameplay may seem monotonous, but who cares if you are having so much fun. It kept reminding me of Psychonauts with it's humor. Recommended for everyone that don't take games too seriously.

Joe, Nov 15, 2005

This game looks sweet, even with my only decent system. My friend has a top spec pc & on that it just looks awesome. It looks like this game scales really well depending on the pc you have. I had heaps of fun playing this game. Th enemies can be really funny & the action just doesnt stop for the most part.Also there is the biggest baddest level bosses any game has ever seen here. All in all its a 2005 game of the year contender, for those who like non-stop shooter fun.

Wardelson, Feb 29, 2016

One of those "cool" games Serious Sam 2 goes beyond its genre and provide us with lots of shooting and colorful views. You may feel sick afterwards. Still worth a try.

Warmonger, Oct 15, 2005

Pretty mediocre stuff!... I found it fun and frustrating all rolled into one. I think that they could have accomplished so much more (graphically) after three years, and because of this, it does not compare to the original or look that much better in fact! What a shame!! your $$$.

ghostD0C, Jun 9, 2013

An insult to the original games. Slow, boring, unsatisfying. Can't belive this was made by the same studio. Lost all of the original flair and in comparison the enemy hordes are tiny, unthreatening and well... cuddly.