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Shad'O Shad'O is a unique Tower defense game that will immerse you in the story of William, a 9-year-old boy lost in his own mind, fighting to save his memory. He will get help from his luminous companions in his struggle to remember what happened to him.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 70 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1462
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, General, Defense
Company / Developer
Okugi Studio / Okugi Studio
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Shad'O reviews ( 7 )

depegamer, Oct 4, 2012

excellent, this game blew me away, superb graphics, great game-play and storyline! but a crazy scenario! I loved the 3 different endings! it's huge! play and replay for different purposes!

Fideous, Sep 23, 2012

Shad'o is a wonderful tower defense game created by Okugi studios. The game play is based around William, a nine year old boy whose memories have been lost and its up to you to recover them. The story unfolds as bits and pieces of his memory return to him. The storyline is intriguing as you continue to find out about William's past. William's 'friends' you summon are upgradable in game, as well as 'spells' which you learn cause global effects to change game play. The sound track is outstanding and the visual graphics I've seen are very nice. I like the fact that you can re-challenge a level in 'nightmare' mode and there are mini games inside the game which change up the style in which the game is played. I truly appreciate the fact that the developers who are located in France have done an excellent job in providing both a French and English version of the game. I find the higher levels are appropriately challenging as far as tower defense game play is concerned, although for hardcore gamers, they may be too easy. What I would have liked to have seen is the ability to change the difficulty level at the Main Menu. Easy if you wanted to have your children play, Normal for most folks like me and Hard if you are an experienced tower defense fanatic. I appreciate the fact that the developers are interactive with the public and overall, the game appears to be free from glitches. Which means that the team spent a large amount of time making sure everything was in order -- which is good. With that said, a limited beta test at the beginning would have helped overcome the Quicktime installation issue that so many users encountered on launch -- which is bad. First impressions are important, but willingness to help if something does go wrong is equally important. I don't feel as if the game offers anything new to the tower defense style of game, other than an excellent storyline surrounding the mystery of William's disappearing memories and the gradual unfolding of the elements therein. It's noteworthy. It's a refreshing change of pace which doesn't cater to the teen and tween crowd of over-popularized mega violence and gore. The money is well spent and I am a true fan of the game. A solid 9 because its a great game, simply fun to play and deserves to be in your library of games. It's perfect for those young or young-at-heart!

littemarilou, Sep 21, 2012

I downloaded Shad'O out of curiosity, and have enjoyed it thoroughly! Especially as it's been developed by an independent studio, which we all need to encourage. I find the balance between price and playability totally favorable, love the backgrounds and aesthetics, sound effects; and the music is great! While playing other games, I usually turn the music off, but I here found myself keeping it on. It

Kamidutten, Sep 9, 2012

This is a very basic tower defense game, the only real differance between this and vanilla TDs is the "fog of war" mechanic where the playing field is engulfed in this nightmasrish-fog that you need to get rid of in order to build. The basic premise, and tactic, of this game seems to be just to zerg out towers, which is sort of the problem with the game. You can upgrade your towers, but why would you? Just zerg out a bunch of towers and you will be fine. One of my biggest greifs with this game is that it fails to tell you in a clear way where the enemies are coming, and what enemies you will encounter on the level. Since most mobs are very tower specific it would be nice to have a little info box at the start of each level telling you what monsters will come so you can prepare, its one of those "you-need-to-die-your-way-thru-the-level-to-know-where-enemies-come-so-you-know-how-to-build" type of TDs. Just a small not on the story, its pretty good, not that common with a TD that has a good story, but the voice acting and the grammar in the game is, well, atrocious to say the least. Graphics are also nice. If you are a TD fan this is a must play, but dont expect anything indepth here, its very casual, even thou it can be very frustrating at times.

DRiVER_helsinki, Jun 19, 2014

okay , fineish graphics, but SPOOKY game as hell. no bugging stuff, untill you go to sleep after 1 day of playing Shad'O and u get the worst nightmares ever in your life. , But no i dont want towerdefence in thsi creepy format :D . 6

Lordnine, Apr 28, 2013

The visuals and general idea behind Shad??�O are excellent but the game play is merely average and while is the story is compelling enough to keep you playing it features some of the worst voice acting I??�ve ever heard. I have to wonder if the voice actors knew English or were just giving a script and asked to read what was on the page.

HerrJoebob, Dec 20, 2012

Garbage. Uses Apple Quicktime and if you don't have the magic elixir of whatever _exact_ version is required it just won't work (I was never able to get it to run over the course of a couple months' trying so I can't say what the elixir was). Whether the fault is the developer's or Apple it's just junk software.