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Shadow of Destiny A murder has been committed... your own! Travel back in time to solve thought provoking puzzles as you unravel the mystery of your death. See how your actions in the past change the course of events in the future. You have the power to prevent your death, identify your killer, and change your destiny. Use it wisely. [Konami]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1299
Genre Adventure, 3D, Fantasy, Third-Person
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Konami / Runecraft
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Shadow of Destiny reviews ( 4 )

GameplayCrush, Dec 12, 2011

In my expirience this is one of the most under-rated games, with an unforunate launch date and other big releases launched around that time, it never did take off to great.This game is very original in gameplay, a great story wich doesnt bore you, intresting puzzles but nothing too brainbreaking. Trough the game youll get to know the characters, and get a conection with them.This game is without a doubt on my list of "best games ever played" Its an adventure you dont want to miss.

Esteban0612, Nov 26, 2013

Es uno de los mejores juegos que he jugado, la trama me encanta y es para investigar y tienes que tener un poco de lógica, le doy un 10, más que merecido.

Formedras, Dec 2, 2011

One professional review suggested that Shadow of Memories (as it's known outside of America) has no "actual gameplay." With a story this good, who cares, as long as the presentation's serviceable. And it is. You play as a German man named Eike. The first thing that happens? You die. Stabbed to death. But you get brought back to life by a person called Homunculus. (Depending on your anime preferences, you now know the MacGuffin of the game.) He gives you the Digipad, a time machine. Now you have two objectives related to each other. 1: Keep yourself from getting murdered. (You'll have to do this one a few times. Someone IS out to get you.) 2: Do Homunculus a favor. Things happen, and the story splits off into 6 or 8 depending on point of view. Of course, you can only get one per playthrough and the save file holds your prior endings, not a System File save. (Of course, by the time you want to split your save, the branch choices have probably already been made anyway.) This was an early PS2 game, most likely made with a PS1 "Not everyone has a DualShock controller" mentality. And this is the PC version. So the controls are even worse than that. There is no combat. Don't expect any. You're investigating your own murder, not avenging it. Let me guess: TL;DR. Ok, then. Skip the rest, get to the point. The Bad: Bad controls, 2001 PS2 graphics, no System File keeping track of separate playthroughs. The Neutral: No combat. The Good: Multiple endings; all are noticeably different from one another. The entire story. Final: If you can find a copy on PS2 or PC, get it. It's what? 5 bucks now? Seriously, you can slog through the gameplay for the story for that much. And I'm pretty sure it'll run even on netbooks now.

dwhee, Dec 13, 2011

Really forgettable. Aside from the premise it really wasn't much more than a puzzle solver. It's original, but I just found it boring. The only Adventure games I ever liked were Grim Fandango and Full Throttle though.