Shadow Ops: Red Mercury Crack/Patch

Shadow Ops: Red Mercury Race against time and terrorism as a member of the elite Delta Force in this all-out first person shooter. From the hostile streets of the middle-east, where danger can come from any direction, to the landmarks of a major European city. Your duty is to hunt down a terrorist overlord carrying a nuclear device before untold disaster is unleashed. The most realistic, immersive, shell-shocked battlefield experience ever. Modes include: plant the bomb, VIP escort, capture the flag and more. Take a seat in military vehicles to speed your way to victory (also available in multiplayer mode). Mix all-out assault with stealth infiltration in your mission to prevent disaster. Incredible plot that sees YOU on the trail of lethal terrorists. Join forces with other elite fighting units from the USA and Europe. Makes use of enhanced Unreal engine technology for unparalleled graphical realism. Places and sounds modeled on real-world locations for total immersion. Hollywood production values ? music, sound and scanning technology as used by the biggest blockbusters. Motion capture moves provided by ex-Special Forces operatives. [Atari]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 63 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1299
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Modern, Arcade
Players 1-32
Company / Developer
Atari , Atari SA / Zombie Studios

Shadow Ops: Red Mercury reviews ( 2 )

jambo98, Nov 7, 2016

this game is so action packed the guns are good levels are just long enough this game is just so fun to play i can play this game over and over and over again this game is just a blast every first person shooter fan must play this game and if you like call of duty then you should play this game too because it is so smiliar to call of duty i just cant praise this game enough THIS GAME IS A MUST BUY for shooter fans this one of the best games in the whole mankind this game should get remastered version on ps4 xbo and pc it is seriously that good this is the best fps of 2004 hands down and you get to shoot hundreds of enemy soldier with various different guns and you blow up tanks and walls just like in call of duty THIS GAME IS **** BEST BEST EVERY HUMAN IN THE PLANET MUST PLAY THIS OR IT IS A CRIME IF THEY DONT this game should have had a sequel PLAY THIS GAME GUYS AND GIRLS CMON this game is like a good action movie this game is easy and so relaxing if you just want to chill out play this game no stupid puzzles or anything just pure fps action fun BUY THIS GAME EVERYBODY PLEASE YOU ALL NEED TO PLAY THIS GAME BEFORE YOU ALL DIE this is a MUST OWN GAME

SamF., Apr 19, 2006

In the gaming World where First person shooter are in abundance, many people give a game a bad review because of just a few flaws. This can be the difference of it's Success or Failure. Shadow Ops:Red Mercury is your basic FPS Where you must Stop a Backpack Nuke from getting in the wrong hands and being used. Your Met with Fierce aggression and many perhaps too many enemies that pop out of nowhere at times. But this games Cinematic feels keeps you immersed in the action ducking to find cover and figure out where the hostiles are. You Team does a good job of helping take out some of the Enemies but you feel out numbered 5-1 at times. Your firefights are immense with exploding drums and grenades making it feel your in the middle of a real mission. This is No Call of Duty, But the action is intense. With Details such as breakable and movable objects thrown in the Game Comes alive with action. With all these Postives there is one major drawback which is no Quick saves along the way. So if you die during a mission you must start that level over. This can get frustrating but makes you proceed with caution next time which brings me to another negative, the enemies spawn in exact same areas, so its not hard to know whats coming and from where next time you play the level. This is no Blood or gore such as in Far Cry Or Doom3 But a pretty immersive FPS That will entertain the casual player for hours .