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Shadow Warrior Shadow Warrior is reimagining of 3D Realms' cult classic shooter from developer Flying Wild Hog (Hard Reset) and independent game label Devolver Digital (Serious Sam 3: BFE, Hotline Miami, LUFTRAUSERS) for PC and next-gen consoles. Blending the viciously over-the-top gunplay of its predecessor with the elegant precision of the powerful katana, Shadow Warrior promises to be an imaginative take on the classic arcade-style shooter.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 6767
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Fantasy, Arcade
Company / Developer
Devolver Digital / Flying Wild Hog
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Shadow Warrior reviews ( 7 )

Shasow, Oct 5, 2013

This game is simply amazing. Lots of blood, and lots of fun. Great story, EXCELLENT graphics, amazing melee and FPS gameplay, many, many references/easter eggs, and lots of humor. If you haven't played this game yet, do yourself a favor and get it. This is the kind of game I can play FOREVER.

Gravengrav, Sep 26, 2013

Good times and a cheap price. Fun gun/swordplay and fast paced action with exploration elements. Upgradeable weapons and sliceable enemies. Looking forward to more games from this developer.

ASVP_Flawless, Jun 13, 2014

This game is extremely good ,however this is not your typical fps. It leans more towards rewarding exploration so if you do not want to explore and find all the money and secrets...TURN AWAY because you will not last long. Weapons that are not the katana are weak at first but once you get upgrades then you will be able to use the weapons more frequently. Also don't make your rig look more powerful than it is because if you run this game on too high of settings you will get extreme frame drop issues. Not so difficult of a game , ALSO if you treat this game like COD then you are going to die multiple times. It is a very good game but compared to painkiller or Serious Sam this is the inferior game, but for the price on steam it is worth the money. Enjoy and also ignore the negative scores because the issues that are brought up are by: the game runs bad (thinking their computer is better than it is) , Hard difficultly (playing it like its cod on a difficulty for players who have beaten it many times) or the simple fact that they say its gets boring and the guns are not that good which these are both true in the first hour. so don't let that turn you away. I suggest playing the demo to see if its your cup of tea or not because everyone's entitled to their own opinion Unless the opinion is illogical. thought I would clear up these scores. ENJOY!

kyosuke69, Sep 29, 2013

As someone who expected a pile of trash from this game, I have been completely blown away by what is probably one of the year's best games. The game is devastatingly beautiful, filled with memorable and unique characters and corny to the correct degree. This game is BETTER than the original Shadow Warrior could have ever hoped to be, and the sort of remake DUKE 3D deserves. I strongly recommend this game, and suggest you buy it immediately.

AvallacS, Dec 5, 2017

Analysis: Shadow Warrior Shadow Warrior is a game that surprised me. I won a Humble Bundle promotion for free and great was my surprise to start the game. One word perfectly defines: T-H-R-I-L-L-I-N-G. Gameplay: Excellent! Game in first person, with plenty of action and excellent gameplay. The way the developer found to facilitate the use of the most varied abilities was very interesting, since they were able to add a variety of skill in simple commands. The game is fluid and without any bug; Note: 9.5 Graphics: Good. Nothing impressive. Fits well with the role. Note: 8.0 History: Complicated. I particularly had a hard time understanding the story behind each character and the main reason why the main character is behind gathering the parts of the katana. I found all the characters very superficial, except the main one, in which, due to the narrative, you begin to identify. Note: 7.0 Final grade: 8.2 Summary: It's a game that surprised me and held me for many hours. It's a lot of fun and makes you want to play more and more. Worth buying the game.

dougfur, Sep 27, 2013

Not a bad game. Looks very nice maxed out, gameplay is pretty spot on I feel not being able to jump while sprinting hinders the game and also how jumping is implemented just feels weird for me). Using the katana is very satisfying once unlocking more moves. Although not expensive, I still feel it is more a game worth a lower price. It does have a few humorous comments (some not so funny). If you just want a run and gun, simplistic game this is great.

quakke, Jul 10, 2015

Generic much? This game is extremely forgettable and just takes itself way too seriously. Makes lo wang actually turn in his grave due to how terrible this one is. Didn't anyone learn anything from Blood Dragon? If a game even has bad modern gameplay mechanics, it still can be good if the style of the game is right this is just another calladoody.