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Shadowrun: Hong Kong Shadowrun: Hong Kong is the 3rd standalone game in Harebrained Schemes’ Shadowrun cRPG series. Experience an all new crew, expanded magic and cyberware, a revamped Matrix, an upgraded Shadowrun Editor, and more.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2705
Genre Role-Playing, Western-Style
Company / Developer
Harebrained Schemes LLC / Harebrained Schemes LLC
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Shadowrun: Hong Kong reviews ( 7 )

blackdaze, Aug 24, 2015

The third iteration of the Shadowrun series of group-based cRPGs. These games are fairly light on gameplay and more narrative focused than most cRPGs. By that I mean there is an extensive amount of well-written dialogue (however, a few spelling issues/typos) and combat doesn't happen too frequently. However, the amount of combat somewhat depends on player choice of skills, how they approach a situation, and which team members they bring to the missions. There are cases where you can go through missions with minimal or no combat which is a big change from the previous games. You team selection is fairly well-rounded and good for both combat and non-combat situations. Bringing different team members usually provides you with different ways of approaching a problem. I found on my second playthrough that the missions played a bit differently based on my skills, who I brought and choices I made. I think that it adds to the replay value so it's worth playing through a second time just to see what you've missed. The missions are really well designed and have multiple ways to traverse them or find extras within the levels. As far as the story/writing, well the entire game is just absolutely loaded with dialogue, text-descriptions, menu based choices, and interaction with companions and various NPCs. If you're looking for more of an action-based game, this isn't it. If you spend your time reading through all of the dialogue and doing all of the missions available, it'll likely take you around 20 hours to beat. If you just try to beat the game as quick as possible and ignore the dialogue, it'll likely take you under 10 hours. One of the key selling points of the game is reading through the texts and finding more about the world, it's characters, and the story. One nagging downside is the story tends to halt for a bit if you're looking to do every mission. You'll have talked to everyone, have the final missions unlocked, and still have three or four optional missions left. The combat plays out well and a lot quicker paced than the previous two games with smaller bite sized battles and partially due to the fact that the AI responds faster and animations are quicker. In addition, you're able to enter battle mode if you see an encounter so you're tactically in a better place before the battle starts and you'll leave battle mode after encounters. This is a change from the previous games where it would just have entire maps full of battles. There is more of everything as far as combat options; Adepts/mages/shamans all have a few new spells and totems, there are more melee/cyberware/gun/drug/health options than before, etc. Dragonlines are one of the bigger new additions to magic. They allow mages to have their spells bounce off of nearby targets(or allies if they're in the area), allow damaging spells to heal you or simple reduce cooldown/increase effectively like the old leylines. The particular effect isnt posted so its try and see. Armor has been radically simplified in that it no longer provides bonuses but straight armor class and there are unique options from the vendors around town (mage/shaman, adept, street sam, and decker). It's purely cosmetic but helps your character look the part. The matrix has been completely overhauled from the previous games. Almost all of the matrix nodes will just have White IC (intrusion countermeasures) scour areas with set paths and vision cones. As long as you avoid them, you avoid matrix combat. However, if you blunder into them or just don't care to work around timing puzzles, you can just enter into combat with them and it's a bit more challenging but certainly doable. There is a mini-game associated with hacking firewalls to get access to datastores or matrix controls and it's fairly easy to accomplish. Those can also be destroyed brute force via combat if you're in an alert state. The aesthetics of the game have been improved from the previous two games. The colorful art style and backgrounds are still there but now there is more variety in PC/NPCs and most of the character models/animations have been redone. No more massive body trolls with stick legs. The spells have nice new effects, there is more blood and gore, and all of the weapons/spells/punches/abilities feel more impactful. The music is very atmospheric but non-descript. I found that I don't seem to remember any particular track from the game but found that it just subtly added to the mood/atmosphere. All in all, I loved the game and have played through it twice and assume I will play it again! I think it's a good sign when the game ends that you roll up a new character and start another game. The drawbacks I have for the game are mostly subjective, there are a few minor bugs/typos which will hopefully get fixed soon. However, people may not enjoy the new non-combat themed matrix, lack of combat in the missions, the story, etc etc. However, I give it a 10 because I certainly did! It's a winner in my book

swampah, Sep 16, 2015

For new would be players - Shadowrun: Hong Kong is a turn-based (the fights), story driven, RPG. This is a very good game, with some drawbacks. To begin with, there is no open world (like in all Shadowrun series). The game is pretty linear. There are dialog choices and the order in which you can take missions. This reminds me about the last third of Planescape: Torment, where you travel through big worlds, but still follow a path. Is it a bad path to follow? No! It’s a beautiful path – story, mood, music, characters, graphics - I enjoyed them a lot. Some say there is too much to read. Well, there is much to read but it is a joy. Witcher 3 was a PAIN to read, just to compare. Another gripe would be that there is very little money in this game. You can buy about half of what you want to buy. And you can’t go out and raid some bad guys for loot, this is not open world. Was I able to beat the boss? Yes, with the first attempt, without healing! But I would enjoy the game even more if I could buy some other weapons/items/magic, etc. Games should be all about fun, are not they? The devs could have given more money, but tougher enemies to compensate. Regarding replay value - I am not sure if I want to replay it. The easiest and most logical character choice is street samurai, and then you invest karma in quickness and ranged. Quickness gives you both offence AND defense. If you go for melee, you have to improve both quickness and strength, but you may not have enough karma to improve both. Also, you can get into your team a special character – a melee expert mutant, who can regenerate by chewing on enemies, big fun -) Maybe I should try a mage because there was no good mage in the team. Some similar old turn-based games to compare with? Here you go: - Planescape: Torment gives you a better story. Also it gives you more freedom where you can go in the first 2/3rds of the game. - Fallout 1 and 2 – better story, with treachery, laughter and tears (treachery and tears only in Torment). Real open world. - Jagged Alliance 2 – pretty standard story (free a country from a dictator), not much to read, no moving music… but tactics (fights) in this game are a masterpiece yet to be beaten. Every bullet counts. If you can’t send bullets full auto in the head of a bad guy by the end of the game, you suck sir, and should stay in the easy difficulty (finished it in hard yes!). This game is also open world and has a uge replay value. Well, Hong Kong will lose to the above games in some aspects, but those games are serious 10/10 items. In my opinion, it is a solid 8/10 or 9/10 game provided the player likes turn-based action, worth buying. PS Sorry for the possible mistakes, I am not a native English speaker.

NickDaWOlf, Aug 22, 2015

They've built on everything accomplished in Dragonfall and they polished and balanced what needed improving. The game once again combines an engrossing cyberpunk universe and a pristine plot with effective turn based rpg combat. Like a good book, it catches your attention right from the start with intriguing party members and surprising paths and choices that warrants it a second play through. NPC's are interesting and fleshed out, the game notably offers you many different dialogue choices who actually matter in how the situations play out. Its very flexible characters builds offer the opportunity to be anything from a Junkie sword wielding maniac, a Mr.Robot hacker who terrorizes his enemies with the environment to a half-man half machine modified sniper cyborg. To finish off I'd say this game has good value for less than 30$ you get an experience far superior to the majority of triple AAA titles. Shadowrun is a successful indie crowdfunding project. that still only has a fraction of the budget bigger gaming studios possess. They put something money can't buy into their games, which is the best of themselves and the result is amazing. Collapse

c3p, Oct 16, 2015

- If you liked the previous two shadow run games, you will like this as well if you like turnbased RPGs you will probably like it if you like RPGs with strong storys you might like it otherwise get it cheap on sale. I really really love the game and my only nitpick (beside the graphic) is the long animation time of my conjured helper in the matrix. Personally i think this is a 9.5, but let's be honest graphic and some mechanics really need an overhaul!

Magnethead, Sep 25, 2016

SRHK is the best written game in the series so far; unfortunately, the mechanics and balance aren't as solid. I recommend this game because of the storyline, the feel of the Shadowrun universe, not for its ability to challenge a turn-based strategy enthusiast. The story is altogether well done; several layers, good NPCs, enough space to define your own character through dialogues and actions. It takes it time, offers background information if you're interested, and if you paid attention to what's been said, it even has a real influence on the ending of the game. That part of the game is a clear 10/10. The problem is the game mechanics balance; new (or altered) mechanics fail and the game ends up being a roflstomp fest for the player as it nears the end (or it should at least). Some newly introduced mechanics, like the bionic arm that throws all grenades back at the attacker, are completely unbalanced and much too strong. The devs attempted to make decking/the matrix more stealthy too, and while that is an admirable idea, I don't think they succeeded. The player runs between sniffers and if you get caught by one, the trick is to take it down fast. It means you can almost completely bypass decking skills and still succeed in the Matrix which is a bit of a shame. I'm not sure how the Matrix should be represented visually or how it should work through game mechanics but I'm pretty sure this wasn't the answer. Matrix program summoning still doesn't really matter and there still isn't the feel that you're actually hacking anything - it still feels mostly like a mini-game that is eerily similar to a simplified version of regular combat. The most predominant problems is, however, that the AI seems broken at times. It handles melee combat units terribly - the enemy units often simply move around between cover and never attack anything, and if you get a melee unit close to one of the AI units, they often spend their entire turn just running around, never attacking anything either. Actually, as you near the end of the game, the AI will surprisingly often spend its turn doing absolutely nothing. Needless to say, that makes winning a combat encounter relatively easy. One feature that worked (and I'm not completely sure it's new but I think it is) is that you can now choose to enter turn-based combat mode if you see an enemy on screen, even if combat isn't initialized. This allows you to move into position and plan your attack if you have the element of surprise. That's a nice feature that I'd like to see used more in the future. In the end, this game isn't bad. It's got nice ambiance, good storytelling and great characters. You just can't have a top quality game if your basic mechanics don't function.

Troublewalking, Aug 27, 2015

It's a solid effort. Certainly worth buying if your a fan of Dragonfall or Returns. The story is about average length. As with the other titles lots of reading and turn based combat with a Shadowrun flavor. If your not a huge fan of the early games I recommend waiting until this is on sale. They tried to upgrade several areas. The Matrix, Adepts, and hand cyber weapons are what I noticed. My first run was a Decker/Rigger and for me at least the Matrix upgrade was a major disappointment. Just dodging way too many "sniffers". They added Simon and Match game mini games to unlock each data base. In the end it just forces you to slot a movement program and lessens the whole Matrix experience for me. The cyber hand weapon upgrade was a nice touch. Now you can actually get handrazors for your street samurai. But the cost was a bit prohibitive. Basically they made it a Karma cost, where you can unlock more available cyber by spending extra Karma in the Body section. The hand razors are only 1 karma and rumored to be massively OP. But when it cost essence and you have to develop other skills, I wonder why they made you pay twice in development. It gets ugly if you spend Karma for items further in the tree. I haven't played an adept yet, but they added stances and the NPC's seemed like much stronger adepts. As Decker/Rigger I was very disappointed in the new drones. Sure they added variety, but the first med drone was the same as the 3rd level one. Basically 2 weak heal kits, grenades and a grenade launcher like in the other games. Variety in healing drones would be nice. I personally would of preferred a healing drone with maybe a "heal spell" and 6 heal kits. And maybe a hold out hand gun. But no such luck. The drug mule was interesting, but it only has 4 stims per run. So it has limited pay off. Only good if your a stim freak. I was also terribly disappointed that there were still only 3 weapon slots. So as a Decker/Rigger my deck and two drones took up my weapon slots. To get around this I tried cyber weapons. Because I trained rifles, I used the Monochrome whip from the new handweapons. It cost me 10 extra karma and it's stats were based off of my 3 in rifle skill. Which means you miss a ton in later missions. I probably would of done more damage with my untrained hand to hand. I give this a 7 because they got much love on Kickstarter and I feel they wasted their efforts. The matrix itself was fine. If they added a Matrix bar and chance to hack data and weaken targets before a run. I think that would of added a ton more for deckers. I haven't seen if they upgraded the astral plane but that needed much love in other games. And considering the KS funds they got the story should of been much longer. Or they should of launched with about some DLC's that would of kept players busy until new UGC was launched. But like the other SR games in the series, it has replay value. But it is highly dependent on the player community on just how much replay value you get. Next time they should probably look to the UGC community for inspiration on what the game needs to take that next step. If they had followed their direction the game would of been much better IMO. Instead it seems they wasted most of their resources on a Matrix upgrade that actually lessened my experience. And I love Decker/Rigger characters.

crayno66, Mar 3, 2017

I was enjoying this....until I ran into the new matrix, this totally ruined the game for me. I'm done with shadowrun unless they fix the fast action/reaction part that screwed this for me