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Shadows of Adam A legendary hero, Orazio has disappeared, leaving behind a son and adopted daughter. With darkness looming, Kellan and Asrael set off on an epic journey to save their homeland and uncover the truth behind their father’s abrupt disappearance.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 80 / 100
User rating
Downloads 970
Genre Role-Playing, Japanese-Style
Company / Developer
Something Classic Games LLC / Something Classic Games LLC

Shadows of Adam reviews ( 2 )

excalibur9543, Feb 24, 2017

I'm a Kickstarter backer and was VERY reluctant to back this after being burned in the past (I'm looking at you Soul Saga...). The devs ran a very professional campaign and kept all of their promises, with the exception of the 'Players Guide' I paid for. They shared screenshots of the guide, so I am excited they are working on it, just disappointed it got delayed :(. Regarding the game: It's a solid jRPG with a stellar battle system. Definitely suggest you get it!

BigBossManXXXX, Sep 20, 2017

Hi all, Let me say a little something about Shadow of Adam: This lovely game really deserves to get more attention and people who like to play and purchase old school feel, retro snes type games. It's a basic old school rts that's not telling a compellingly deep story, but it's still good to follow through nonetheless. The graphics i personally think are very well done and really add to that classic feeling from the past. The game is not that lengthy (9-12h) depending on your playstyle it could be a bit more, but the developers are including new dlcs as we speak (Oct. 2nd 2017) which will add to the overall enjoyability and length of the game including new features and whatnot. The sound/music is overall enjoyable too, but please also note it's similar to those scores and sounds from way back in the snes/Super Nintendo days.. So they've basically kept it all as real as possible which to me just adds to the whole as a retro game should be in the end. (But i know it will not fancy everyone who isn't yet as old als me) ^_^ To conclude, it's a very enjoyable game guys but keep in mind that this game offers nothing spectacular, however what if does offer works very well together as a whole and it's very stable on whatever system you like running it on. The developers are all very nice and responsive to feedback and offer help as soon as they can, which is always a really nice way to support the future projects for this developing team. There's still more to say about this game obviously, but i'm not a man of many hints or spoilers so i can only advice others to check out the game (it's also offering regular discounts etc) and it's not expensive to get at all considering what you get in return. Give it a try guys, and thumbs up if you like it and if not well refund it for something else (Steam). Cheers!