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Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is a belly dancing, hair-whipping HD adventure from WayForward, makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, and Contra 4.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1487
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
WayForward / WayForward

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero reviews ( 6 )

iipotato, Sep 2, 2017

This review is a bit spoilery functionality wise, but not story wise! Soundtrack: 10/10. The music is REALLY, REALLY good. Honestly, as far as my knowledge goes, Shantae's entire series has amazing music for every game. What I really like of HGH is that the upbeat, techno soundtracks are incredibly catchy and you won't get sick of it when revisiting levels multiple times! They get stuck in my head all day, and I love it. Graphics: 10/10. The colors are various, the character portraits are sharp, and the backgrounds are painted and smooth. My particular favorite aspect of the graphics are the character sprites, as everyone is very animated (and some bounce to the music, which is a cute touch!) Difficulty: 6/10. Okay. This game really isn't too difficult at all. Enemies go by patterns, so once you notice how to defeat them, it's a breeze. There are parts where maps can get frustrating, so that's something challenging. Also, I'm just going to say that the game can be a HUGE breeze if you know how to "break" the game with items and collectibles. Mechanics: 9/10. HOWEVER. Shantae's transformation abilities have improved tremendously since RR. Transforming is MUCH more quicker, and there are new transformations added as well. The ease of access to the transformations makes it VERY fun to switch forms, which is something you already have to do often in order to get through the game. Story: 7/10. The story isn't really the strongest point of HGH, but it's there! I do like the interactions and dialogues throughout the story though! The humor is cute and lighthearted, and nothing ever made me cringe or feel childish. Completing one play through is fairly short, as many can complete it between 6-11 hours (for me, it was 10). But the time spent playing is unforgettable. Shantae HGH is the first game I've ever 100%ed, because the mechanics, graphics, and music hooked me in to repeat levels over and over to collect everything! If you like a game that focuses less on the story and more on the adventure, or a game that isn't hard but still fun and fast paced, Shantae HGH is perfect! Shantae is a intricate metroidvania game, and a platformer that won't pull unfair deaths on you for sure.

Mandulum, Apr 13, 2017

Five Word Review: Truly excellent side scrolling platformer. Favorite Thing: The animations are so good. Case in point: Rottytop's idle. Least Favorite Thing: Some of the transformations were rather pointless. I'm looking at you bat. Completion Date: 2017-04-03 Playtime: ~ 11h Enjoyment: 9/10 Recommendation: Most definitely.

Captain_Chaos, Jan 15, 2017

I am proud to have backed Shantae: 1/2 Genie Hero, and along with games like Shovel Knight stands as evidence to the usefulness of Kickstarter in delivering the game developers wanted to make to the players who wanted to play it. From the onset to the credits, its a delightfully colorful and vibrant platformer, that happens to be well written and funny on top of its mechanical excellence. I consider it a treat for returning fans and I'm sure, for newcomers as well. As the first title in the series built for home consoles and PC, the graphical improvements are immediately apparent. We have come a long way from Game Boy Color, with vastly more fluid sprite animations over pleasing 3D backgrounds. It has notably lost none of the magic of its predecessors, as well as its reputation for charmingly attractive character designs that have just enough appeal to not be tacky. The controls are spot on, and should be familiar to anyone to has played SNES or Genesis era titles with a keyboard. I must give special consideration to the soundtrack, which I coughed up extra for during the Kickstarter. If you're at all familiar with Jake "Virt" Kaufman and his work on the previous Shantae games, Shovel Knight, Contra 4, Scurge: Hive and many other projects, you'll know what to expect. He's really outdone himself this time. The transformation dances that are a hallmark of the series return, including at least once dance that hasn't been seen since the very first game. This one has by far the most dances and other upgrades, enough that collecting all of them makes you virtually indestructible, in particular making the final boss fight rather trivial. This would require you to actually FIND everything, but it's not the hardest Metroidvania to explore. In fact, it's structured more like the Megaman X games. It also has some harder platforming segments then Pirate's Curse. The few negative reviews of the game all talk about the difficulty, or rather, the lack of it, and the afforementioned backtracking. At no point in the game did I find either of these things aggrivating. Having recently completed a solo playthrough of Bloodborne, I can tell you that there are hard games out there. And there are cheap ones, overhyped ones, and ones that value leaderboard scores over anything resembling fun. Shantae: 1/2 Genie Hero is none of those things, and that is fine. What it is, is a diamond in the rough, a game that made me feel good just to be alive to play it. I think it will do the same for you, and in the end, that's what gaming is really about.

SuperkenGaming, Dec 20, 2016

Shantae Half Genie Hero Shampoo simulator. The game starts with a cryptic message from the genie realm. There’s a dark force wanting to use the genie magic for evil. And naturally it’s up to you, Shantae to save the day. This is a metroidvania styled 2d platformer… But unfortunately the emphasis is on the metroidvania part and not the platforming this was my first Shantae game and it immediately made a great impression… The game doesn’t take itself seriously it all… It’s hilarious... I was laughing throughout my journey You’re first tasked with going to save this village being attacked by pirates and it’s a fairly enjoyable experience.. A great tutorial level... Learning your willow smith styled combat whipping your hair back and forth, collecting gems along your way to spend at shops for new attacks like fireballs... and taking out your first boss… Then you get back to town with the stolen blueprints.. Your uncle works on this machine to stop this dark force and in the meantime you go help the town’s people… Don’t let the colorful, happy first level fool you… This is when the game really starts... This is a fetch quest trade Item a for item b and then item b for item c and item c for item you get the point… You trade items for other items you need to progress through the story and build this machine… The search for these items will take you to different levels in the world… and sadly there are only 6.. yet reaching the end is going to take you around 7 hours… Because this game forces a rinse and repeat gameplay loop… There’s an insane difficulty spike from level one to level 2.. Its brutal… Explore these levels for new upgrades and new magic forms to reach new areas of the other levels… The game relies on this to offer any bit of substance… It wants the player to revisit each of the 6 levels numerous times and it isn’t as simple as waiting until you hit a hard boss or level and going to explore for something to help you… No, the items requested in these trade deals are in a level you already beat in an area previously inaccessible… but is now accessible thanks to your new transformation its basically get ability in level 1 to reach an ability in level 2 Use level 2s ability to reach an ability in level 1 to get to an ability in level 3 that you need to get to an item in level 2… Its constant back and forth between the same 4 levels. None of which are fun to re explore… And only 1 being fun the first time... that being level 1 with the pirates… That isn’t to take away from the gameplay though... its fun… There’s a variety of forms shantae can switch into like a monkey to climb walls, and a mermaid to swim under water…. And there are a handful of moments where you have to switch through these forms platforming and attacking… These are the best moments in the game… But getting from checkpoint to checkpoint isn’t so fun…. the checkpoints are extremely inconsistent and frustrating… Their placements make 0 sense. There are very challenging moments in this game with no checkpoints in sight that if you slip up once you’re going to have to redo.. While the simplest and shortest platforming sections will be sandwiched in between 2… I’d much rather have a shovel knight system where the checkpoint is placed randomly in level rather than when you exit an area… Especially in the volcano level there’s an extremely cheap spot in that level that will definitely test your patience as it seems illogical to the games mechanics and feels like something you’ll need to get lucky with to pass Shantae the half Genie heroes is a charming game, it’s an addictive and fun game… But it’s a shallow experience padded with forced replays. I Give Shantae Half Genie Hero a 6.5/10

LifeHistory, Nov 29, 2017

Shantae and the Pirates Curse was my first game in this series and it was really fun to play. This one is very repetitive all the stages are almost identical. The only differences is that they have different type of weather or design but the concept is exactly the same even the same enemies. Jump here and there try not to fall all the way. It gives nothing new or unique at all. Many games does that but if a game does it in a unique way then its totally cool. Unlike this one its so damn boring. I had kinda fun the first 3 bosses then sadly it only got repetitive. And the way its trying to be hard is just not at point... Its a waste because the game has really good graphics and music but thats the only good thing. After playing and finishing the masterpiece Ori and The Blind Forest. This feels pure garbage to be honest.

Danielcub5874, Nov 6, 2017

Soundtrack: 10/10. The music is REALLY, REALLY good. Honestly, as far as my knowledge goes, Shantae's entire series has amazing music for every game. What I really like of HGH is that the upbeat, techno soundtracks are incredibly catchy and you won't get sick of it when revisiting levels multiple times! They get stuck…