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Shardlight Amy Wellard is dying. Twenty years after a cataclysmic disaster leveled her city, Green Lung is wiping out the population at an alarming rate and vaccine is in short supply, rationed by a government that favors the rich. Amy may not have money or status, but she has something more important: hope. And if there's a cure out there, she's going to find it. Step into Amy's worn shoes to explore a dying city, navigate its social hierarchy, and expose the secrets that plague a community still suffering from the devastation of war. Shardlight is from the studio behind the Blackwell mysteries, A Golden Wake, and many other indie adventures released over the past ten years.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1079
Genre Adventure, Point-and-Click
Company / Developer
Wadjet Eye Games / Wadjet Eye Games

Shardlight reviews ( 7 )

CharlyPlayman, Mar 16, 2016

Another good adventure game from Wadjet Eye Game this time set in a post-apocalyptic future. If you like their previous games i'm sure you'll like it although i think this one is easier.

BSim500, May 10, 2016

Another hit from Wadjet Eye. The post-apocalyptic environment and general atmospheric feel that Wadjet manages to consistently nail down is present. The puzzles may be slightly easy but they are logical, fit the plot and there's no "moon logic" here. (There's also no rule that states every adventure game 'must' contain increasingly convoluted puzzled just for the sake of it). Some adventure games are puzzle heavy and some are mostly story driven. This is one of the latter, and it's done pretty well. The voice acting is well done and the piano/guitar combo soundtrack is good. There are a choice of three endings (determined at the end so if you want to see all three, you can save before-hand and view them easily). Keep 'em coming Wadjet!

Rachaque, Dec 24, 2017

Well, first of all I would like to indicate that unlike some previous games of Wadjet (e.g. Gemini Rue) I have not encountered any technical difficulties with this game on steam. Second of all - Shardlight is definietly worth buying and is a terrific adventure game. The setup itself, considering it's a post-apocalyptic theme - speaks for itself for those who like that kind of thing (like i do). The story is good. Not great however like in Primordia or Gemini Rue. The music also did not stun me (it's ok, not great like in Gemini Rue for that matter). Nevertheless, while I was somewhat dissapointed with Technobabylon which at some point bored me and I have never finished it - this one kept me engaged until the very end. The ending may be perceived as a little naive but besides that you should not be dissapointed with the overall quality of the game. It is definietly worth checking out. My score is 8/10.

Devivre, Mar 12, 2016

Setting and characters are wonderfully done. Story is nice and the puzzles are solid. I had a good time with this point and click game. Especially the first half is awesome

Mandulum, Oct 10, 2016

Five Word Review: Still fan of Wadget Eye. Favorite Thing: It's all about the story with this type of game and I rather like the world that has been created. Least Favorite Thing: Graphics. It has its stylistic appeal but I'm still not sold on the look. Playtime: ~ 5h Enjoyment: 7/10 Recommendation: Yeah, it's a solid adventure game.

Thilus, Mar 30, 2016

Not as good as some of the other Wadjet Eye games, but still worth the $15 asking price, especially that there is a real draught in the point-n-click adventures niche. Though the game may have been a little too easy and the story overall was lacking, the premises and setting were interesting enough to keep me entertained for 8 hours of gameplay. Pretty recommendable.

aaabbbccc, Mar 9, 2016

This is a midlevel Wadget Eye title from the guys that made A Golden Wake. Its better than A Gold Wake but not as good as other stuff they've made. Too bad villain never said "Let them eat cake" or "sacre blue," but I guess you never go full ancien regime.