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Shattered Skies Explore a massive persistent open world shooter MMO featuring full loot drop and dynamic objectives for both coop and solo play. Learn to survive and fight other players as well as hellish creatures hunting remaining human survivors. Find epic loot and gear up to survive the world of Shattered Skies.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 58 / 100
User rating
Downloads 985
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Arcade
Company / Developer
Free Reign Entertainment / Free Reign Entertainment

Shattered Skies reviews ( 5 )

ItsLoweee, Jul 31, 2016

Do not listen to the people saying it's a "Pay to Win" just because it gives you XP, yea you can use higher level guns faster but good luck finding those guns quickly. The XP does absolutely nothing besides give you permission to use higher level guns it doesn't give them to you, it doesn't make them easier to find, it does make you kill faster or tankier. I have 350 hours on the game and I bought starter edition, I didn't upgrade to gold until I was level 22 because I was running out of space in my Global Inventory and that was a choice I made you don't have to upgrade for more space I just wanted to so that I could collect more things without throwing more away or using things I didn't absolutely need to. The rating system in the game is called PK (Player Kill Rating) which when you first start is at 500, in 350+ hours with starter edition I more than doubled that 500 going up to 1150 PK. Also keep in mind 200+ of my hours are solo so its also not a "who has the bigger group" like WarZ or who has the better gun which was also like WarZ. People need to stop comparing the games because there completely different games. So please give the game a try and stop listening to the reviews that kids are making based on the companies past video games.

RRieX, Aug 14, 2016

The game developed by Free Reign Entertainment but this time created by Artemis Knives. The game Graphic is Good the optimalization is fine, not good but fine. The new PVE features like now you need to fight whit aliens and not just one shot kill like whit zombies, are awesome. PVP is hard couse mostly need 20-30. 25 is little overpriced little

Demoncraze, Jul 31, 2016

Except for the really obvious elements of the game (shooting, looting and surviving) the game has quite the rpg mixture in it, making it possible to customize your character and to level up. Action is highly appreciated and gameplay feels smooth. Pretty much everything you want from a post apocalyptic game.

Apone, Jul 27, 2016

Shattered Skies Developer Free Reign Entertainment under CEO Sergey Titov Arktos Entertainment Group. Mr Titov should be recognisable for the complete and utter failure of WarZ and its off spring. Mr Titov now bring us his new game, Shattered Skies (he`s not got a great part to play in it). Learning from previous mistakes, Mr Titov has learnt that micro transactions would not be a clever way to go. You could milk that cash cow for a number of months but wouldn`t that be silly. This time it`s different. Now you can buy the starter edition £21.99, the Gold £31.99, Platinum £51.99 or top dog the ULTIMATE edition for a measly £72.99. Whats that I hear you say, not P2W, well how it works is you buy the starter, meaning you start at level1 you can only use level 1 weapons and armour. You can gain experince points to increase your level by killing Zomb..... Aliens (sorry wrong game) or players. But why waste time on all that jazz when you can buy the ultimate and have access straight away to the more powerful level guns and armour because the other editions, Gold/Plat/Ultimate give you increased experience. The game was promoted by Serey Titov "With that said I am proud to present to you Shattered Skies - an open world Looter Shooter sandbox survival game with NO monetization/microtransactions." But change that to the present and its now "hard core PVP looter with no survival or PVE elements". The fanboy and devs would like you to believe that there are no survival aspects in the game. Clearly they don`t know what survival means. You have to eat and drink in the game, collecting these resources from searching to survive. You have to also survive attacks from higher level players who at level one don`t stand a chance against. SURVIVAL is the core element in the game. If you have questions or criitcize any elements of the game/company/devs/Sergey you get banned or worse. Steam.Valve seem to be oblivious to the concerns of the paying consumer. The Dev's believe that past problems should not be mentioned and swept under the rug. The paying customers that fell for the lies and scam of WarZ don`t forget though. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. These people have been given enough chances but a fourth chance, no way. If you`ve played WarZ, Infestation: Survivor Stories, Romero`s aftermath expect the same poor graphics, gameplay, dev`s who don`t care and poor excuse for a game then don`t buy it. If you do like these games and don`t mind giving your money to a scrupulous,shady shill dealing company, good luck to you. I can`t imagine this game being around much longer. Thank you

spookyAUS, Nov 12, 2016

Theres not much to be said other then this title is as polished as a turd will ever get. Blatant cash grab Artemis Knives **** of an ego and Sergey's misleading conduct shouldn't surprise anyone here and this game should be relegated to the cesspit where it belongs. Corrupt sales practices grouped with a just as shameful refund policy means people are being ripped off. Beware of their next venture Last Man Standing.